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Mobile Into the Unknown Ď21- pre trip report

Is it too early for a pre trip report?

Might not even get to go but letís be half full for a change.

I will update as it gets closer but since I have nothing better to do Iíll start now


Me: will be 33 😱 when we board Iona. 

Hubby: will also be 33. 

Scarlett: Will be 6 very nearly 7

Georgia: She is 5 and half.

These are my beautiful girls in Florida in 2019. 

Bodie - the mutt is old so will have to see closer to the time where he can go but I know it wonít be on this ship

The Plan

Going with P & O on the Iona for one weeks just before summer school holidays.

Cost us £1696 for one weeks for balcony cabin (kids will be on bunk beds) and includes the food (and drinks such as tea coffee and juice while in the restaurants).

We went a bit holiday mad in 2020 with cruise and Florida booked and We had decided to stick to England in 2021 for a break from abroad. P&o sent me this deal for the same fjords cruise we had to cancel when we moved house. For the same price we would have paid back then with the same balcony but on the newest ship, I really couldnít say no, could I?

Will also book parking with cps again for £95ish

The itinerary

This is a very basic itinerary. As I wonít know until we are onboard what offers are on at the restaurants, what shows will be performing and when then most days we might just be going with the flow. 
Also as the ship is new and there arenít any photos or anything out yet then I donít know enough about anything really. All I know is we are on deal 15.

17th July Day 1. 
Drive down leaving at about 9.30am. Board at Southampton 3pm ish

18th July Day 2. At sea

19th July Day 3. stravanger

20th July Day 4. Olden

21st July Day 5. Geiranger

22nd July Day 6. Haugesund

23rd July Day 7. At sea

24th July. Day 8. Dock at Southampton 10am. Drive home for about 2pm. 

Last time we were on a cruise we had Ä300 to spend and we spent nothing so thatís a bit useless now cos need nok. Aww well Iím sure Iíll find something for it. No idea how much we will take. Wonít get any till just before we leave.

I have budgeted £70 a day for our drinks. I will not buy the package as I donít think itís good value(£80 for our cabin but quite a few wines excluded) we have £210 for the holiday for specialty dinning.
£100 on petrol. £50 for in case we have food or coffee on the car journeys etc. 

So we have £850 in total to play with.Ill take a credit card in case. Will always do a running total of costs. Love knowing how much Iíve paid per day.

Unfortunately I am one of those who loves lists and spreadsheets. Drives my husband mad. 

We also donít have much of a plan.

We are just going to try and relax and sight see. But the best of all is going to be eating lots of food without me having to cook! 
Oh and actually having some date nights too. 

Costs so far

£1446 - cruise including all discounts( had £250 discounts from last cruise didnít use)

£. -spending
£. -nok

£. - parking 

Total £
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slightly serious Dibber
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How lovely to have something to look forward to, looks beautiful

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