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Beaching It With The Poole's Day 13 August 2016

"The day of the animals"

After a night of musical beds, which actually wasn't too disturbing...we woke up at 6.30am. I decided that now would be a great time to make salad? So that's what I did in preparation for our lunch. I had a big bowl of fruit salad that my husband had prepared the day before and Grace had a yoghurt, to be honest I had no idea what anyone else had

We left for our beach trip at 7.34am and today we were off to Blind Pass, just up from Englewood. There it is in the picture, it was a lovely beach but the facilities were not as good as they were being refurbished which was a shame. They had portaloos instead. The water was a bit more vigorous than the other beaches though, there was def a current there.

There was a lady searching for sharks teeth there who we had a quick chat with and she showed us some she had found. The first animal sighting ( hence today's title) was Pelicans, closely followed by Dolphins, 3 of them and closer than the other day which was lovely Grace loved seeing them.

I promised you a picture of the turtle nests, there are just loads up and down all the beaches we have been to.

The shells were beautiful in this beach as all the others. It was over cast this morning which meant it was not so hot which was nice, but my craving for the sun to come out was high 😀

We were back by 9.30am where much of this above continued! Daddy had to really twist my arm to go out on that bike today. The sun was out now and I was happy lying n that sunbed, but he made me feel bad so we went out and to be fair I was glad I did. We did 2 circuits round, there was a little breeze it was very pleasant. It took about 20 minutes I think and it was 11.30, I like to go earlier really but with the breeze today it was ok.

We had a quick swim and then a dry off before I put the lunch on. We had chicken, fish fingers (I wonder who they were for!) garlic bread and salad with tortillas today, it was lovely.

Grace spent the whole day as usual in the pool and managed to swim the whole length today, finally 😀 and she also started to jump off the side completely unaided. We are so proud of what she has achieved in that pool this holiday, we really cannot believe it and she has really loved it.

We have been constantly watching in the river for any more gators and Daddy saw one today, not too far away this time either. He was very happy that he was the one that spotted it too.

I got out at about 3.15pm, the weather had been great and we thought it would have clouded over by now so we really made the most of it. I showered while Daddy and Grace played out there a little longer and then they got ready too.
We had decided to go up to Port Charlotte mall and see if our rings were ready on the off chance and to pop back in to Macy's.

Not content after coming inside Grace then decided to play in the bath too!

We left at 4pm and were soon pulling in to the car park. After we pulled off the drive we saw what looked like foxes about half way done the road. We drove closer at this stage there was only 1 but as we drew closer another one joined as we realised they were young Bob cats...what a treat I couldn't believe it, a shame we had to drive by and disturb them but fantastic to see.
I wanted to go back to Macy's to get a Calvin Klein dress I had tried on e week before. I had plenty of spending money left so decided to treat myself. I was a little frantic as they had changed everything round, but I found it and they had one in my size. I went up and paid, I paid $5 for a voucher that gives you 20% off so the dress was marked up at $134 and after the coupon and tax I paid $100. I was very happy with that.

Next we went to Starbucks for our usual order and whilst Daddy did that I popped to Kay's to see if our rings had arrived. They were not due in until tomorrow but they had just had a delivery and they were there so we were re united. I was very happy with the work they had done too and we were both glad to get our rings back on our fingers!

We planned just to go to Hollister next to see what they had. I just went straight to the back where all the bargains were and my goodness I found some

I got some shorts (3 pairs) all high waisted as I will not wear anything else, these suit me best and they were basically just over $7 each! I also got a denim skirt (all the shorts were denim too) for the same price. I will take some pics in the morning and add them to tomorrow's report. Daddy got a coat and a body warmer thing both $29.99. I was very very happy!
We came out and I dashed back to Macy's ahead of everyone else so I could get a little bit of Clinique I needed and then we were back in the car. It was spitting a little but we headed more or less opposite to a Walmart as Nanny wanted to get a couple of things for presents. We were in there when we could hear the heavens had opened! We paid and Daddy went and got the car as it was dipping it down.
Now Grace was quite spooked by the storm they had at home whilst Daddy and I were shopping the other night, so she was very apprehensive in the car, we had quite a down pour on the way home and to be honest it is still raining and thundering now but she coped well.

We got in just before 7.30pm, she had another yoghurt and then I put her to bed. We haven't gone outside tonight just in case Grace wakes up and can't find us so we are inside eating and drinking stuff so it doesn't go to waste, you know the random combinations you can have

So it is jus after 9 and I will sigh off for today. Tomorrow is our last day and I know we will do a beach trip in the morning and will eat at Chillis at some point so hope you can join us. Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow.

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