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Old 20 Jul 18, 01:24 PM  
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Proud to wear my Ears
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Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Days 30-33

Hello everyone!

My week has been slightly disastrous so far, with the rain ruining my plans on three separate occasions causing me to waste all my time off 😔 I did, however, get to meet a couple of Dibbers whilst working last night and that just made my day!

So Monday, the plan had been to go to Typhoon Lagoon once Taylor got home from work. I'd go on my own, but I've got seriously bad eyesight and water parks aren't known for accommodating people who wear glasses, so I need someone to come with me. Firstly, Taylor was a bit later home than usual, so I ended up sitting wasting my morning waiting for her in front of the telly. Joyce arrived home first, and told me it was about to pour down, which I knew would cause the park rides to shut down. When Taylor finally got home at around 2 ish I was determined to go to Typhoon Lagoon because I'd spent so long waiting, and could have done something with my morning if it wasn't for my plans.

We arrived to find everything 101 (closed due to the weather) but by the time we had got our lockers it was open again. However, after two waves in the wave pool and a single water slide, we got to the top of another slide just for everything to go 101 again!

I suggested we get ice cream whilst we wait out the storm, and ordered my favourite, vanilla ice cream with hot fudge. But it was rubbish soft serve stuff instead of proper ice cream! Gutted.

By this point it was just after three and I was rapidly watching my day off disappear down the drain so Taylor and I decided to abandon our plans and go to a theme park. The first picture shows our messy hair and disappointed faces, just before we abandoned all plans altogether to go home and get a wash. We ended up watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, because Taylor has somehow lived 21 years and never seen them! 😂 Joyce joined us, then when Ashley got home from Publix she did too. Taylor made popcorn, I got out some Oreos and M&Ms, and the four of us sat there stuffing our faces to Harry Potter. They went to bed afterwards and it was too late in the day for me to go anywhere, so I watched Coraline, followed by Chocolat whilst doing my cross stitch.

I got woken early again the following morning so watched another couple of films before work. I love doing my sewing and it's not like I have time to go anywhere before work, because the buses take so long and everything is so spread out here!

Wednesday was another failure of a day. I'd planned to go to Cocoa Beach with a load of people from the Emporium. Again, I had to wait all morning on my day off for my plans to start, and met a guy called Josh in the car park outside Chatham. When he had offered me a lift, I was expecting a car full of people. But I was the only one. I felt so awkward, as I'd literally talked to him once before - I was really uncomfortable. We went to pick up one other guy and it was pouring with rain. We stopped for gas and I got pressured to have this frozen sugary drink thing that I really didn't want but they insisted on me having because I'm British and never had it before. It was horrible. I did however, find a white chocolate twix which I was excited to try. Even that was a disappointment, I much prefer the original!

A few minutes after setting off properly, the other guy in the car got a text saying the trip was cancelled and everyone was going back to their play board games! Safe to say I was less than impressed, it was now 1pm and I'd once again wasted all morning waiting to do something only for it to be ruined by the weather. I was NOT about to spend my precious day off playing board games! The only problem was, the people I was with live away from Disney accommodation in somewhere called Calypso Cove or something like that. And there's no buses! So I was stuck doing whatever Josh did because I didn't have a lift and was too polite to demand that he drop me off back home right that second.

We got to the apartments and I sat down away from Josh, with some girls, one of who I recognised from the Emporium, much to my relief. She's called Aurora, and her friends all made a massive fuss over me for being British! I instantly felt more comfortable simply by being in the company of girls and around someone k knew. I told them I was disappointed at my wasted day and they invited me along to Blizzard Beach with them. I flat accepted! Josh, however, was texting me from across the room asking if I wanted to leave with him and where j wanted to go. Honestly, I felt so uncomfortable. I quietly explained my discomfort to Aurora and her friends and they completely understood, and told me I could stick with them. We eventually decided to go to the Magic Kingdom instead because of the weather, and we all packed ourselves into two cars and got on our way.

I was just thankful to be on familiar soil again, as I knew I could at least get the bus home from MK if I wanted to leave.

Josh tagged along too, but I didn't mind so much since I was with a big group of girls too! I had, however, only just met them so I knew my day wasn't going to be as good as if I was with friends. I have also been to MK loads, and as much as I love it, if I had known the beach trip would be cancelled I would have gone to Hollywood Studios in the morning and spent the day there, as I've only been once so far yet this was my seventh time to MK!

We went on the Haunted Mansion, of course, and here's our group selfie in the queue!

We had a group photo in front of Bluebeard's grave on the way out, and it's such a good photo!

Not sure if you guys remember the guy from a few weeks ago that asked for my number after talking to me in the line for Big Thunder Mountain? Anyway, he had messaged me in the morning (again...) asking if I do something with him. At that point I was still going to the beach so I told him so. But we were stood in the line for the People Mover and he found us! Again, I was thankful for the female company in yet another uncomfortable situation!

Two more cast members joined us, Connor and Sydney. I got on with Sydney like a house on fire and later ended up going off with her on my own even though I'd only known her two minutes!

We went on the Astro Orbitors just as the fireworks started, which was amazing! And we managed to sneak into Space Mountain with only a 30 Minute wait! Connor had gone to watch the fireworks but I've seen them loads now, and I hear the music every night at work so me and Sydney preferred to do rides. She works at Pinocchio's, and we had gone there for lunch earlier on!

Ooooh forgot to mention, after lunch I finally tried the Peter Pan Float from Fantasyland! It was key lime pie ice cream floating on sprite, and was a tad unusual!

Anyway, Sydney and I sat behind the castle at night talking about castles and she was telling me how badly she wants to come to England. We met up with Connor again and they both have me a lift back to Chatham.

Whilst it was really not how I wanted to spend my last day off of the week, I still it ended on a good note.

So yesterday, Thursday, I wasn't starting work until 6 by some miracle so wanted to use the time to do something, especially after my failed days off! So I went to the Premium Outlets for a mooch!

I got a stripey yellow dress from some American shop I don't remember the name of, and a Haunted Mansion headband in the Disney Warehouse! Combined with my cast discount it was only $6! 😍

Now, the outlets are opposite the Commons, which is one of the Disney housing complexes. And it's literally a 5-10 minute walk from Chatham. I was about two minutes from home when the heavens opened! It was so heavy that I was struggling to keep my eyes open because it felt like I was under water! I hadn't even thought to bring a raincoat as I had only brought a handbag, not my usual backpack. I got home and Joyce and Taylor laughed at how wet I was. I couldn't have been more wet if I'd jumped in a swimming pool! I got dry and put my PJs on quickly!

We had all planned to go to the pool in the afternoon before I had to go to work, but once again, the weather had ruined things for me! I ended up watching telly for a little bit before getting ready for work.

An old friend from home has just arrived in Florida and she popped round to Chatham to drop me off some treats! I didn't know when/if she would be coming and couldn't wait around as I had to get ready and go to work. I was literally about to leave for the bus when the phone rang and security told me that Jemma was waiting for me at the entrance! I dropped my bags and ran to meet her, where she presented me with a fresh loaf of Warburton's medium white bread, and a 9 pack of crumpets. Absolute heaven! I couldn't stay to talk as my bus was literally in four minutes so I ran back home, grabbed my stuff and left for the bus stop.

Ooh, here's my Haunted Mansion headband by the way! Usually $24 so quite a bargain! It's a little bit 'extra' as people say, but I'm very extra when it comes to the Haunted Mansion, I love it!

My shift was quite short last night, I was only working from 6-12:20am. I'd literally been there 15 minutes when two guests came up to me asking if I'm the Charlotte from the Dibb! I was so pleasantly surprised, and amazed someone had actually found me as the Emporium has dozens of CMs working at any one time, and we are constantly popping backstage!

We nattered for a good few minutes! Mia, the younger girl, told me that her mum is the one with the Dibb account and she was around somewhere and would come and say hi! I really enjoyed talking with them, and it cheered me up after my miserably rainy few days! They returned a short while later with Mia's mum, who said also said hello!

The rest of my shift went quite quick. I had a cute little boy and his mum come and ask me for quarters for the penny press machine. I asked him if he wanted some shiny pennies too, and he proudly told me that his pennies were already really shiny! He showed me his, but I had just opened a pack of fresh pennies into my toll so mine were literally brand new! Was was so excited, and ran off to print his shiny collectible pennies. A few minutes later he rushed back like a little whirlwind to show me the coins he had printed and how shiny they were! He was so cute! I felt good that all I had done was swap a few dull coins for some shiny ones and I'd managed to create such excitement in a child!

Not long before the end of my shift I was on the register when a Spanish man asked me if he could open a remote control BB8 to try out before he bought it. I knew he couldn't, because if he then decided not to buy it, we wouldn't be able to sell the toy at all as it would have to go into damages. He struggled to understand me unfortunately, even after I checked with a leader. Another guest was listening nearby and told me he spoke Spanish! So he acted as my translator as I explained to the man why we couldn't open the toy. I was so grateful to him, I let his kids pick a pin from my lanyard to keep after they asked to trade.

So the Spanish guy decided to buy BB8 then test it on the spot to see if it worked! So I spent the next 20 minutes trying to open the damn thing for him and put it together! Of course, it worked perfectly, so the guest was happy and went on his way. I was just happy I wouldn't have to suffer the awkwardness of a refund, knowing we couldn't sell the toy once it had been opened!

For the entire shift I was plotting what I would do with that lovely loaf of Warburton's when I got home. Because Jemma had appeared so suddenly and I was just on my way to work, I hadn't had time to make any food to take with me so I hadn't eaten and was starving. The bus ride home seemed to take aggggesss, but when I got home, I sat down to some bread and butter, and it was the best tasting bread I think I've ever had in my life. Honestly, it was amazing. I've missed it so much.

So here I am on Friday morning, I've only had four and a half hours sleep because Delphine woke me up AGAIN! I turned round in frustration and told her to be quiet after she was banging the drawers. I feel like she's not even trying to be quiet! Yesterday morning, she got in the shower which is loud enough on it's own, but I understand is completely necessary. But she then put her music on full blast from her phone, so despite wearing earplugs to try and block out the noise, I could hear every word. It's just so I considerate I don't even know where to start in terms of confronting her. She's just such a good friend and I know isn't doing it on purpose, but seriously, I need my sleep!

Since I'm up so early I kind of want to do something, but I don't know what. I'll have to set off for work at 2 ish so I don't have a huge amount of time. I might go to Hollywood Studios for a few hours then come back. It would be good if I could take my costume with me and go straight to MK for work but the skirt and shirt is so huge and it will just crease! So I don't really have a lot of options!

Sorry this has been quite a moany Dibb post, I'm just trying to make the most of my time here and my plans keep getting foiled 😂 I hope you all have a great day, and if you're heading to WDW in the next month, come and say hi to me in the Emporium! I always work in evenings and my badge will say "Rossendale, England" on it, and I usually either have my plaits in or my hair down and curly 😁 Don't spend too much of your time looking for me though, there must be upwards of fifty people working at the Emporium at any one time, and it gets so busy in there it will be like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

Have a great day everyone, happy Dibbing! 😁

Cast Member at the Emporium, Main Street, Magic Kingdom
Summer 2018

Remember, you're the one who can fill the world with sunshine!
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Old 20 Jul 18, 02:08 PM  
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Trying for More Ears
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I love reading your entries Charlotte. It sounds like you’re having a fantastic time. I’ve been telling my daughter about your adventures. When is your final week? as DD was hoping she might be able to say ‘hi’ when we’re there.
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Old 20 Jul 18, 02:24 PM  
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New Photo Added by EvilQueen1937 - 20 Jul 18 2:24 PM.
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Old 20 Jul 18, 02:44 PM  
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Sorry you’ve had rubbish weather .Pabby- you’re needed again,she’s got another admirer

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The photo on Astro orbiters with the fireworks going off is amazing! Shame about all the rain!
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Old 20 Jul 18, 04:00 PM  
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Shame about the weather spoiling the days you had planned but you managed to salvage some of it

And hope you enjoy the crumpets and the bread
The simple things in life are sometimes the best

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Old 20 Jul 18, 05:27 PM  
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i love jack
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Shame about your spoiled plans but good that you made some more friends enjoy your bread!
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Old 20 Jul 18, 07:33 PM  
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Dizzny Momma
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Boy oh boy what bad luck on your day's off but at least you made the most of it, sorry about your unwanted admirers. It's a pity you didn't have a jar of jam to go with the bread and butter, YumYum
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Old 20 Jul 18, 08:10 PM  
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Dan's Mum
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mmmmmm crumpets...

D x
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Old 20 Jul 18, 08:29 PM  
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Hi Charlotte Mia and I loved meeting you yesterday! Dd more determined than ever to work out here one day... More rain again today - am really hoping it clears up for the weekend... have never known it quite this wet in July!
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