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and now the end is near ...Skipper Canteen and MNSSHP

We arrived at MK around 2.30pm for a late lunch / early tea at Skipper Canteen before the party. We have never eaten here before so we were excited to try a new place to eat.

No bread service was offered here - itís funny how you get used to it and then really notice it when you donít get it.

We didnít get any jokes from the server but that was fine - lots of people commented on Evaís Donald outfit and it was fun interacting with other people who were also dressed up.

To start I chose the corn cakes with pulled pork. These were really good. Eva got chicken noodle soup ... Iím afraid to say it went back. It tasted of old fish water. I think theyíd possibly run low and just filled it up with boiled water. Eva decided to have the falafel instead. It wasnít exactly swapped with good grace to be honest. However the falafel tasted great.

Mains - steak fur be which was lovely and Eva got an adult sized chicken nuggets.

Our friends met us there for a drink so I used up a spare credit for them to have some falafel and steak salad and a kids meal of mac and cheese (they paid oop for the Mac and cheese)

When the bill came they hadnít taken off the soup. Quickly sorted although the server wasnít happy about it. 15% instead of 20% tip left. After the previous night service issue at Flying Fish I wasnít in the mood for stroppy servers. I had a couple of glasses of Sauvignon blanc and we were ready to pretend it was Halloween.

The party was fantastic. We started with a bit of trick or treating, then rode a few rides with little to no wait. We waited a bit for Space Mountain but not more than 20 minutes.

A highlight was meeting Donald Duck for Eva. It was quite special to see the ducks interacting.

The lines for the characters were really long so we didnít meet anyone else - we waited around 45 minutes for Donald.

We had booked the dessert party as I knew we would need a break and Iím glad we did - we had started in the parks at 8 done Star Wars and were in MK until 12.30am so the break worked well for us.

I took sone photos of all the desserts. They did also later bring out some cheeseburger spring rolls which I didnít photograph.

As well as below there was a símores station and ice cream.

Drinks were green cider, lemonade, water, coffee, hot chocolate.

The cookie was from a ice your own cookie station for the kids.

Everything was nice - standard dessert party. They had mini portions of all the specialty desserts on sale around the park so we got to try them all. I preferred the savoury stuff and we both filled up.

Eva had at this point changed out of Donald into her normal clothes as it was too hot but she still rocked Halloween with the ears and light up pumpkin necklace.

We arrived at the party just after 9 and then moved into plaza gardens just before 10 for the fireworks. There was loads of space for us to sprawl out on the grass amongst the chaos of the crowds trying to get in front of the castle and itís thus reason we chose to do the dessert add on. I lay on the grass for 20 minutes looking at the sky relaxing before sitting up to watch the show. Standing wasnít necessary as we were at the front but just before the end a couple of families decided to stand in front of us and put kids on their shoulders so we had to move. Donít get why these people did that - in a roped off area with great views the kids didnít need to be on the shoulders - Itís just plain selfish. Anyway. I digress. The fireworks are new this year and they are fantastic. Itís a lot of castle projections and itís stunning. Amazing. Superb. Absolutely loved it. Hereís some photos..

After the fireworks we went over to Haunted Mansion which was pretty cool with the smoky effects and characters outside. We cage out of HM just in time for the second parade which was pretty busy. Very good though.

Just time for a last go of splash before returning to the hub for the final showing of hocus pocus before the bus ride home for our final sleep.

Hereís a photo of the candy haul Eva picked up through the night ...

And this sign had gone up in reception tonight

Edited at 06:31 PM. Reason: Add photo
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Thanks for taking the time to do a report!
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going home day

The day we all dread. Iím writing this from the comfort of my sofa after an 8 hour post flight sleep in my own bed. Itís really cold and wet back here in Manchester and I am missing Florida already albeit I am glad we got hone before Dorian hits. Itís only now I have properly seen the news that I realise how bad the hurricane news is.

Our final day started with me getting up at 7 to pack. I let Eva sleep ahead of the long flight.

I had a few meal credits and a handful of snacks left. I used a couple of meal credits on omelettes and tator tots for breakfast - I forgot to take photos as I was stressing with packing. We headed down to the pool for one last swim and lunch of voodoo chicken sandwich (this is tremendous with sauce and mushrooms and cheese with the chicken) and chicken tenders which we shared. One last quick service wine for me before being collected at 1.30 .. we swapped up one meal credit and a couple of snacks for chocolate bars in the hotel shop. We almost managed to eat the lot of our deluxe dining allocation.

We werenít very hungry at the airport but itís our tradition to always go to outback for wings on going home day so Eva insisted we not break that tradition.

Huge portion of wings - the photo is half a portion as we split them ...

I had two large glasses of wine ... I hate flying so these were needed!

Boarded Tinkerbelle and took off on time. For tea on board (premium cabin) the choices were beef stroganoff, bbq chicken and paneer curry with okra.

Eva had beef and I chose curry. Both were pretty ok for return menu and we shared them both.

We both slept right through until we were woken with a light breakfast which neither of us really touched. A soggy croissant (yuk) plain yoghurt and sone melon. Wasnít worth waking for.

And thatís the end folks. Iím looking forward to a curry takeout shortly and some kitty cuddles.

Iím going to put some thoughts together on our highs and lows after my chicken tikka masala. Next year is already booked at Port Orleans Riverside. Guess I need to update my countdown 😊😂

Thank you for reading along and commenting itís been fun sharing our food adventures with you all x

Edited at 07:03 PM. Reason: Photo change
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Originally Posted by collybird View Post
Iíve been saving catching up for when I had the time to properly enjoy it. I didn't realise you were so close to home time, that's very sad, can't you please just move to Disney and review your meals every day for us?!

The Akershus buffet selections seem to be shrinking, breakfast has always had less variety than lunch and dinner but I am sure there was a better variety of fish and cold cuts in the past.

Your starter at HBD sounds lovely, your duck looks nice but sounds a bit sweet for my tastes. Very impressive service, we had bad luck there last year. Itís fantastic news that they have moved away from the dessert trio too, that always felt a bit cheap to me.

Appreciated your shopping pictures, I think those cat PJ bottoms will be in my future, I already have the t-shirt. Eva really suits her tie-dye spirit jersey, what size did she get?

Loved reading about your Food & Wine exploits, the ears are great and we love Hide & Squeak, quite possibly more than the food. Youíve given me a few ideas.

After all your bribery it is just sodís law that something about Flying Fish disappointed isnít it?! I am glad you enjoyed the food though. An hour for three courses in a non-park Signature is not what you would expect. Your server definitely needs to get better at taking cues from the guests.

Glad to hear you got into Galaxyís Edge, an unexpected bonus.

Your MNSSHP costumes are fab, glad Eva is being a good sport, I was concerned she might be too cool.
Thank you so much for following along and all your lovely comments along the way. I wish I could live in Disney writing about food but Iíd be a right fatty if I did that 😂😂😂
Sarah and Eva

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Wow - just pretty much binge read your report! Thank you for taking the time to do such a fab report! Hope your ankle is better now.

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Brilliant report , loved reading it all. You did great with the credits and used them so well few dodgy ones but overall some great meals . Still canít get over the paper cup moment though .
Thank you fir doing it and loved your Halloween costumes
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Brilliant report, I've loved reading along. Eva's costume was amazing!
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Great report, sad that itís over too!
space above
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The 12 Days of Easter (2015) Rumoured to contain up to one good joke. Let me know if you find it
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Great report. Glad you are home safe.
Good luck to Eva at High School. If it makes you feel any better Joe has been loving it.
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Thanks for the great report. Loved your MNSSHP costumes.
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