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Holiday to Florida with Florida4less
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Old 24 Jun 19, 12:32 PM  
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Dibbing with Tink
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Tokyo May 2019 - Day Two - DisneySea - Part 2

After leaving the Little Mermaid area we realised it was lunch time, and also – we were rather pooped! The last day and a bit, sort of caught up with us so we decided to take a break. We were both hungry but not very, more of a snack mood, and wanted to be in the park later on, to see the fireworks etc when it was dark. So we decided to go back to the hotel, to make use of the Lounge we had been given access to, and chill there for a while.

As we headed to the exit, the Easter show on the boats in the lagoon was starting its second show, so we decided to watch it from near one of the 2 stages around the lagoon, that the performers got off their boats at. Being taller than the people around us we had a great view of the show they put on, and as they finished the performers walked past where we were, waving at us directly and being so friendly. I have a great short video of them doing that, but no pics am sorry to say.

So we left the park, got our hands stamped at the turnstiles and nipped back to the Hilton hotel.

The lounge is just behind the main entrance area so was easy to find and was pleasantly surprised to find only us were there, save the lady on reception who greeted us warmly and walked us to a table and then explained the offerings.

I helped myself to a Coke Zero, my partner a coffee and I got a few nibbles from bowls there, selection of nuts and small Japanese crackers was popped into a little bowl for myself, and a few Japanese pickled items into another one – and we chilled nibbling on those for a good hour or so – using the time to post a lot of things on Facebook for my family to see.

Then back across the road to the monorail and then back to DisneySea.

We then walked back to “side” of the lagoon we had not done and went to the area where Toy Story Mania is, and at night it was sunning with all the light bulbs on it. Far too long a queue so just took a few pictures and walked past Tower of Terror and the square / plaza in front of that that had some very cute Easter decorations out. It could just be me, but the standard of these displays above what I have ever seen in Florida?

We then made our way back to the lagoon to watch what I think was called Fantasmic, in the dark. We picked an area to stand at the back of some others, with a wall to our back, and the people in front of us either stood but shorter, or sat on the floor – either way we had a great view. Am sorry to say I have few pictures, I took a few short videos but I thought the show was excellent – and a part where a dragon appeared really surprised me – will not say more so not to spoil it for others. All in all I think it lasted 20 or so minutes, and then we walked to the other side of the lagoon to watch the fireworks show that was starting soon, from there.

Both parks share the same fireworks, so I assume we see and hear one “story” (well it was just music I think) in our park, and a different story / music in Disneyland next door. To be honest, it did not compare well to the fireworks in Florida, there were much less fireworks in the air at any one time. Where Florida might have 10 or so rockets in the air at once, here there was never more than 3 rockets in the air at one time – now it could be that a rocket burst into 10 other things – but the basic rockets in the air was less.
By now it must have been 8:30 pm and we headed to the corner of the park we had not finished and headed to the Arabia land. As we walked we noticed there was less and less people around and soon worked out that many folks left the park after the show / fireworks – and all rides we did from here on were walk on.

Arabia was huge open area, nothing felt cramped in here and walked past the double decker carousel to the Sinbad ride. Think It’s a Small world with different story / music and you get the idea. It was a nice 15 mins sit down and the song on the ride is soo catchy!

We came out of that and headed to the next area where the Indiana jones and the Crystal Skull ride was, which I think actually beats the Tower of Terror in Florida for my favourite queueing area – the theming was just out of this world! The ride itself is like the Dinosaur ride in Florida, same ride system, but great fun. It also holds the honour of having the largest outdoor queuing area I have ever seen – it snaked all over the place and was huge – THEN you have the indoor queue parts!

Then we went to the Nemo and Friends SeaRider – which was like the simulator on Star Tours – bit bigger with round windows down the side too – and it was good fun.

Then we went on Aquatopia – the trackless cars from Pooh honey hunt, in a few inches of water and the “boats” dart at each other – stop, spin round and head for waterfalls, stop, spin round and head to a whirlpool – all very frantic and was good fun! I hear in the heat of summer they DO go under the waterfalls to cool you off.

By this time, it was gone 10pm and the park had officially closed, so we headed towards the exit but were in one of the furthest corners of the park from the exit, so it took some time. Did not helped that we walked through the shops on the way out, which unlike the park itself, were busy with people buying.

By the time we made it to the monorail the station was quiet, hopped on and were back in the hotel room in about 15 mins, and quickly asleep.
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First trip to Tokyo Disney baby!
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Old 24 Jun 19, 02:59 PM  
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Excited about Disney
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I remember being disappointed by the number of fireworks at the Tokyo parks - I am definitely a fan of Florida’s “Chuck them all up in one go then repeat” approach.
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25 years means Denver to Vegas!
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Old 24 Jun 19, 04:17 PM  
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Thanks for your trippie, I really enjoyed reading it. We did Tokyo Disney last year in August. We just did 2 days at Disneysea and loved it so much. Crazy busy though and we were dashing around getting on as many rides as possible that we didn't stop to take many photos. So thank you, I enjoyed looking at them and remembering it all.

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5 do WDW for my 50th Birthday!
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