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Reports and Reviews for Dining and Restaurants Trip Reports
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Old 9 Jun 19, 06:38 PM  
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Mini Orlando Food Review

Hi All

This is just going to be a quicky report on our last trip out. Its our first outside of the Disney bubble and we was really excited about trying all the restaurants on offer. Here is our thoughts:

Universal Studios:

Mels Diner

Really enjoyable fast food for both the kids and the adults. Good Burgers. Well themed as well.

Fast Food Boulevard

Good selection of fast food - everything is good - Burgers / Pizza / Chicken all good! Well themed on the Simpsons characters and I would recommend using the mobile ordering when busy to by pass the lines. Works a treat.

Monster Cafe

We was disappointed with the food - fatty rubbish food - not very nice.

Leaky Cauldron

Well themed and good food - we enjoyed our fish and chips - Dont expect the best but enjoyable and theming is great.

Islands of Adventure


Dreadful - advertised as being the best theme part resturant in the world but we thought its was terrible. The air conditioning was set at -5c, the food and menu was dull and limited. Service was naff and the theming isn’t all that good. Very expensive for not much.

Universal City Walk

NBC Grill and Brew

Really good food, great vibe, great service and lots of TVs to watch the sport. Great beer as well. Would recommend.

Chocolate Emporium

GARBAGE - I ordered the South Fried Chicken BLT and it was just a ball of tasteless grease. The kids grilled chicken was over cooked and hard. Service was rubbish and the theming was naff once inside with a video wall that doesn’t sync properly.

Volcano Bay


Nice fast food - really good for a theme park

Hard Rock Hotel


We ate at poolside and had some nice enjoyable food, good service and some good drinks and beer. Would recommend.

Busch Gardens

Zambia Smokehouse

We tried the Asian food and found it to be very enjoyable. They also have a lunch time show which was good while we ate.

Serengeti Overlook

Nice view of the animals and the beer and sandwiches where really good.

Sea World

Voyagers smokehouse

Food was alright if not a bit boring - nothing special but not bad

Shark Grill

Fantastic setting next to a tank full of sharks. Food was good for a theme park but not good enough to justify the price point. Service was good.

Disney Springs

Rainforest Cafe

I really like this place - the theming is great and the food is constantly enjoyable. Service was fantastic.


Water stone grill

Cold tasteless burger - worse food of the holiday. Terrible service as well. The whole park is stuck in a 20 year time warp.


Cracker Barrel

Great food and very cheap. Some of the best southern fried chicken I have had. Service wasn’t great but good enough.


We did a couple of IHops for breakfast - the service was average and the food sounds better than what arrives. Its alright but I was expecting a bit more.


We went to one Appleby and waited 10 mins to be seated and was pretty much just ignored by the staff so left to drive to another one down the road. We got a table here and found the food to be enjoyable. Our server though was rubbish and disappeared for large periods of time. We found it funny to listen to an American family a few tables away loudly joking about how the service is always terrible at Applebys. Well going off my experience I could appreciate the joke. I wouldn’t come back.


I really liked Perkins - the menu was interesting and very traditionally American. The service was good and the food was very tasty if not a little on the cool side.

Golden correll

Big buffet restaurant offering all sorts of food. If you fussy eaters they will find something here. I felt it was a little expensive for what it was and all the food while nice was never “good”. The service was poor.


Easily the best steak on offer around Orlando I found. I had the the 28 dollar Rib Eye and it was probably the best marinated stake I have ever had if not the best ever cut of meat. I would highly recommend. Service was good but was disappointed with the beer options for such a place.


The mushroom burger is awesome. Good food - average service.


I liked it. I had the Dave Tripple which was more meat than one man should ever eat. To be honest I prefer either BK or McDonalds.


When in Rome - same as home but the mayo seemed to be different. Enjoyed.

Taco Belle

Never had one so thought I would have one other there as a snack. Pretty cheap - tasted nice - nothing specially.

So that was our trip. If I am honest I was left largely disappointed with the options / service and food in Orlando. I think there is much better food in the USA. It actually made me appreciate the variety you get with Disney Dining.

Stand out restaurants:

Cracker Barrel

Edited at 06:40 PM.
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Little chance of going back anytime soon
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Old 9 Jun 19, 07:44 PM  
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waiting impatiently...!
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A good variety of food types there Seems the only consistent theme at Mythos is the freezing temperature, don't think I've ever read a review where it wasn't mentioned.
Thanks for posting
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Probably not going in...
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Old 10 Jun 19, 05:20 PM  
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Trainee Dibber
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Great report- its always nice to see other peoples opinions.

Thank you
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Cheeky trip before DDxDP in October!
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Old 18 Jun 19, 12:26 PM  
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Nice report, thanks
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Tenerife & med cruise
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Old 24 Jun 19, 01:17 PM  
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slightly serious Dibber
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I always find it strange on these lists that not many people seem to make their way to Fogo de Chăo, which along with Thai Thani in Celebration are my go to restaurants.
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Old 24 Jun 19, 07:04 PM  
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Thanks for very useful report- we,re doing universal this year and have taken note of all your comments. Agree wholeheartedly with your remarks about Longhorns- our favourite go to place!
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Our WDW Holiday.
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Old 28 Jun 19, 08:11 PM  
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Disney Planning
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Such a shame about the disappointing restaurants and service. We too enjoy Longhorns, also Millers Ale house. I've read a few bad comments lately on IHOP, somewhere I've never been and now don't really think I want to.
Thanks for posting. It's always interesting to read everyone's thoughts.
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Old 28 Jun 19, 09:37 PM  
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princess allie
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It’s good to see others opinions on restaurants and always reminds me how different we all are. Notably Cracker Barrel which we found disgusting and greasy and would never go again and yet you obviously had a good meal which you enjoyed. I like Disney food, but find it very samey. Thanks for sharing.

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Our next adventure
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Old 29 Jun 19, 07:39 AM  
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slightly serious Dibber
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Interesting report, thanks for sharing. Your comments about the food options in Universal/IOA are helpful as I haven’t really planned where we’re going to eat when we’re there.
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