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Grandson of Anarchy Day 2 Island of Adventure

I was up first it was only about 5.00am

Next thing his highness came ambling downstairs in a night nappy.

Because heís big he looks weird.

He popped into our bathroom used it and divested himself of the nappy.
He doesnít need the nappy, but Christine was worried that the excitement might be too much, so she had brought a mattress cover and nappies.

Once again, I am impressed with Christineís for-thought.

Or is it sending Johnnie the wrong message hey its ok to wee the bed because you have all this protection.

He had brought all his Marvel figurines and had left them by the front door to protect us.

He gathered all the figures up and announced that grandad was in the shower, but grandma was still asleep, so he was going to put the figures by her door to protect her.

Ok, and while your there put some pants on because you are not sitting bare rrsed on the settee. I admire my own parenting skills.

King John had his breakfast porridge and a cup of tea.
He had this every morning Christine took sachets from home.

We were supposed to be shopping but King John didnít want to impact on the day because Spidey was expecting him. Of course, what King John wanted King John got. Thatís what you do right?

Total indulgence.

I put a wash on, the washing machine didnít half grunt and grind. It looked new all singing and dancing eco-friendly it wasnít breaking down it just sounded like an old hippo on its final death throe.
Al informed me that I sound like that when I am asleep.

The first thing we had to do was call to the Contempo office to register and pay the non-returnable 65-dollar ransom.

We were treated to several renditions of Half the World Away.

ďAnd when I leave this island, I'll book myself into a soul asylumĒ.

I might just do that meself Johnnie.

We found the office easily enough and there were quite a few folks waiting to be divested of their non-returnable $65.00.

Itís a kind of blackmail pay the non-returnable $65 or any little thing that is wrong you pay for.

The chap in front of me was having a bit of a standoff he told them to just take any damages off his credit card. He didnít want to pay the non-returnable $65.00. Then he produced a list room by room of every small thing that was wrong with the villa. He demanded they sign it copy it and return it to him. He didnít want it fixing he just didnít want to be charged.

I complained about the patio door it doesnít lock and the only thing locking it is a piece of plastic piping lodged in the base of the door.

The trouble is Johnny only must see something done once and he knows how to do it. I didnít want him getting out into the swimming pool area on his own.

We settled on the I hop at Lake Buena Vista because I like to cut as much of the I 4 out as much as possible it meant that we could use the Turkey Lake Road that runs at the side of the I 4.

I hate the I 4 itís like the daily version of Trucking Formula One.

We all had the breakfast sampler and substituted the pancakes for toast. King John was on lunch he perused the menu having totally discarded the kidís menu and asked for scampi and since there wasnít any scampi, he chose a burgher.

I was pleased to find that Universal have gone for airport style security, it was great there were no queues and no nosy old blokes poking through my stuff.

Our first ride was of course Spiderman

I was worried King John might be scared was he hell, he shouted all the way through

ďGet em SpideyĒ

When he came off the ride, he was apoplectic

We crossed the road as Spidey was in residence and there was a photo opportunity

King John immediately went into Iím only a toddler mode

Spidey was great with him.

He asked Johnnie where he was from and Johnnie proceeded to recite his full name, address and telephone number.

We then doubled back to Seuss Landing (the childrenís area) and Johnnie was equally as happy in there.

We all went on the high in the sky trolley ride there was no wait times which proved a bonus because the love bugs were out in abundance.

At Johnnies insistence we all went on the Caro-Seuss-el. Knotty had to stand and hold Johnny on his chosen steed. Al and I chose a double chair, and Johnnie wanted Grandma to go on the bigger horse behind him.

Well, Grandma struggled to get her leg over.

She wasnít really on it right and the carousel set off I was quite surprised they did that.

At first, I thought they were playing an old Spice Girls hit but then realised it was Christine howling, there she was hanging, half on and half off the horse and Knotty couldnít help her because he had to stand and hold Johnnie on.

Iíll admit I did a bit of howling myself (with laughter).

I gave Al a nudge to go and help her because she had one foot in the stirrups and if she fell off, she would be dragged along like you see in the cowboy films. Fortunately, the attendant got to her first and stood with her for the rest of the ride.

Rather than hit Harry Potter land which was very crowded we crossed on the train to Universal. Johnny fancied shooting the aliens on Men in Black.

It was a ten-minute wait.

He enjoyed it so much we had to go on it twice.

We then crossed the bridge to the Simpsons once again King John wasnít a bit bothered about the ride poor Christine had to shut her eyes.

Time was getting on; we needed to eat and knew the traffic on the I4 would be bad

On the way home Johnnie fell asleep he was snoring his head off.

I think I preferred Half the World away.

The plan was to call to Bob Evans on the US27 for Monday steak night because apparently King John is partial to a rib-eye.

We parked the car and tried to wake him up.

King John was having none of it he didnít want to be awoken from his slumbers.

Christine offered to sit in the car with him It wouldnít have been fair to take him in, so we went back to the villa I called into Walmart and bought more salad and a couple of pizzas.

King John had a hot chocolate and porridge
We arrived back to note somebody had attended the lock, but it wasnít the lock it was the socket not clicking in and it still wasnít working.
I emailed Contempo regarding my concerns.
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Busy day and very entertaining, as always!
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Poor Christine on the Caroseuss-el!
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