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Grandson of Anarchy Day 5 Magic Kingdom

Christine decided to do a bit of tidying wax on wax off.

The washing still had weird marks on it. Even though it hadnít been in the dryer we worked out what it was.
Because itís an eco-friendly washer it rinsed in about an inch of water it was the fabric softener that wasnít rinsing out properly.
If you come across one of these weird washers there is a button for ďfill the tubĒ.
This morning is Disney day.

Because Johnny is a Superman and Transformer nut, we debated long and hard about doing Disney.

Afterall this was supposed to be a golfing and relax holiday with a bit of Spiderman thrown in.

We bought a one-day Disney ticket before we left the UK. it was around a hundred pounds each Johnnies was only about a tenner cheaper.
Up early Johnny had his porridge and cup of tea, Followed by an hour in the pool with grandad.

Al and I went for gas (thatís American for petrol). We had been taking note of the gas prices and our Walmart was the cheapest around.

There was a Dollar Tree across the road, so I went in and bought some knives forks and spoons, a decent spatula, a serving spoon and some pool noodles. Total $6.42.

We had a very good lunch at Millers

Johnny had a shrimp starter with coleslaw and a side of fries he isnít really interested in the kidís meals I canít say I blame him.

There was no Oasis rendition on the way today Johnnie was sleeping off his shrimps and chips.

This was a good thing because our intention was to stay at Magic Kingdom until the very end.

We arrived at 1.30

We parked and then waited for a trolley.

The trolley arrived and it was like the charge of the light brigade, pandemonium, no organisation.

Al and I managed to get on, but the others had no chance with a pushchair and Johnnie. We got back off.

Donít worry said Manny whose job it was to maintain law and order another one will be along soon.

When the next tram arrived the same fight for your life mentality ensued and Al and I were left walking the length of the tram looking for single seats.

They donít allow people to stand.
The other three had got on we told them to go and we would meet them at the other end.

Donít worry said Manny whose job it was to maintain law and order another one will be along soon.

Itís not good enough Manny two thousand years ago Mary and Joseph
managed to get to Bethlehem on their ass and the Disney Corporation canít even get us to the park entrance on ours.

The trolley due to road works stopped a fair distance away so we hoofed it to the entrance where we did the bag check.

Then we were stopped by an old CM who to be fair was lovely and he loaded us with Iím celebrating badges and Johnny a birthday badge.

Then he wanted to stand and talk all we wanted to do was get to the park.

By the time we had queued to get in it was 2.30

A whole hour from the car park

We went through adventure land as we had fast passes for Pirates of the Caribbean.

Then we had the rest room stop came out and realised we had lost Knotty and Johnnie they finally turned up and Johnny was sporting a plastic sword.
Well Christine had a hissy.

It was 12 dollars and could have been bought in Poundstretcher for .99p.

I think she was right, but I kept out of it.

I was thinking come on we have paid £500.000 plus $25.00 for parking so you will enjoy yourselves

The parade had started so tempers were defrayed for the time being.

Our next stop was Mickeys Philarmagic I donít get tired of this and Johnnie loved it.

Of course, we went on Itís a Small World and I hoped we would have a rendition of this going home rather than some of the obnoxious ramblings the Gallagher brothers roil out.

We didnít bother queuing for Peter Pan because I just canít understand the allure of this ride What is it about this ride that attracts people like flees.

I donít think Iíd bother going on it if it was a ďwalk onĒ with a free dole whip for afters.

There was a thirty-five-minute wait time for the haunted mansion we did it, but a thirty-five-minute queue is a tad too long for a four-year-old.
We made our way to Tomorrowland and did the people mover

I quite enjoy this ride and it is very rare there is a queue itís a trip around Tomorrowland and goes through Space Mountain, Carousel of Progress and Buzzy. It doesnít go super-fast it is just a pleasant relaxing ride it also gave us the opportunity to have a look at what they are doing with the Speedway. Nothing much really.

We queued for about thirty minutes for Buzzy I was quite happy to do that because using the Dibb tip I always win.

My gun was broken I just couldnít score anything.

Feeling a little tired next up was the Carousel of Progress it hasnít progressed much in the last twenty years but itís nice to get out of the sun for twenty minutes and have a power nap. The concept was the idea of Walt Disney himself, so everybody should make the time to have a little ride. My only complaint is that the future scene is set in the early 2000's. We are now two decades past that time period, and it is sadly no longer an illustration of future or even present technology.
Johnny must have liked it because he was singing Thereís a great big beautiful tomorrow all around the park.

For tea we stopped at Cosmic Rays Starlight cafe mainly because it has a decent toppings bar.

The place was packed, and we had to settle for a table outside and suffer those fornicating flies.

I was also quite shocked that we were seated near overflowing rubbish bins and there were globs of gum under the table.

Iím left wondering if Disney have cut the park cleaning staff because I also noted the bathrooms werenít as well serviced as they used to be.

Not out and out filthy but untidy and under-serviced.

The meal was mediocre at best and the cost was 102.00. Four burghers and fries, chicken tenders no fries and 4 drinks.

Our next stop was Winnie the Pooh just what you need straight after a meal all that jiggling about. I remember when they revamped the entrance area and it was quite something sadly it has all broken down and nothing has been done to fix it.

We stayed in the childrenís bit for quite a while mainly because all the rides were ďwalk onĒ.

The fireworks started but we were to the side of the castle so didnít get the full effects.

Finally, it was time to leave. The cattle were lowing, and the babies still awake everybody exiting their pens at the same time.

Masses of spent, sweaty visitors migrating like stampeding cattle with one objective to get to that exit as though they were all going to turn into soddin pumpkins if they didnít make it within ten minutes.

The stampede seemed to be getting bigger with every step. We could have stayed back and waited until the stampede was over but somehow, we seemed to get swept along.

There were strollers being jammed into legs, ECVs running over peoples feet, kids dropping stuff and parents darenít pick it up for fear of being trampled on.

It was one of the most challenging marches of my life (apart from the queue in skull island).

We headed for the ferry because the monorail queue looked like the start-up line for the London Marathon.

We arrived at the heaving Terminal, the chips were down, all dignity had been laid bare, expectations had vanished and there wasnít a square foot left to rest.

Ten minutes later it emerged from the mists, a beacon, the Poseidon of the Disney Transportation System. General Joe.

Youíre here thereís nothing I fear, and I know that my heart will go on.

The number of bodies herded on to that General bordered on inhumane.

There were overseers with neon green sticks herding more and more bodies on. Iím sure those green sticks were cattle prods.

The able bodied were prodded on to the top deck.
I just prayed and then prayed a bit more I was sure The General would topple over.
I even confessed to Al that I had stashed a few bob inside a green duvet cover folded up in the bedding drawer if by chance he made it home without me.
The General made it and I made a note to move the stash as soon as I got home.

Johnny fell asleep on the way home so once again we put him to bed mucky.
The door hadnít been attended to and I must admit I was too tired to do an e mail.
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