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Unread 16 Jul 19, 12:33 PM  
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Originally Posted by Gemini157 View Post
It seems most of you would opt for the hotel the night before, which is what we have always done. It is only because others are in the mix that I am undecided.

We shall have a couple of family meetings to iron out all this sort of stuff soon, then we can make a decision
Thanks everyone for your input.
There where three partys on our holiday last year. Two coming from Barnsley and one from Leeds. We all set out early and got to Manchester for just after 6.30am We had looked at getting a mini bus or staying overnight but decided that setting of around 5.00am was better for us.

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Unread 16 Jul 19, 12:40 PM  
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If im flying from a london airport I always stay over the night before. Other airports I drive on the day. Bristol this year so only 90 mins away, however will allow 2 and a half hrs to be on the safe side.
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Unread 16 Jul 19, 01:29 PM  
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Originally Posted by Thorpy View Post
Google defaults to live traffic but it can be used to show typical traffic as well, or at least it can in a desktop browser. So yuo can predict how long it can be expected to take.

You describe the most hellish journey, and you arrived 3 hours late. So by that reckoning allowing 3 hours to spare will account for the most hellish of journeys. We are not in disagreement here, we both know traffic can cause much stress and discomfort, it's just that you seem to have a zero risk approach to it, whereas I say there is point where you're early enough to have sensibly mitigated the vast majority of the risk. It's opinion, not right and wrong. I can certainly see why you think your way.

We also like to stay over, but we don't do it just for the traffic risk. We never used to feel we could justify the cost, but once we tried it, the benefit of not having to get up so early and the better quality hotel breakfast than airside, swing it for us. Anyone driving on the day, I always say if you set off half an hour earlier than you plan to, will that make you feel more comfortable about the traffic risk or will that make you think it's getting ridiculously early. For me the right time to leave is when you start to think the latter.

Between us we must have helped someone else make a decision by now
It was a hellish journey alright, but not the most hellish I've seen. Unfortunately, if you get caught on a motorway that has been closed, there is no way off at that point. No alternative route. And of course, if you do get massively delayed and miss the flight, your insurance would not cover it (unlike breaking your leg on flight day). I couldn't afford the cost of paying out of pocket for more flights the very next day, so yes, I do take a zero risk approach to it. The cost of the hotel, parking & fuel is far more affordable to me.

And of course, there are other factors that come into play as you point out. Our flight is 10.10am. On a good day, the journey is circa 3.5 hours. So, if you were aiming to arrive 3 hours before departure, you'd be looking at leaving the house at 3.30am. If you built a 3 hour contingency into that, you'd be leaving at 12.30am! Which is obviously not a sensible time to be leaving. My husband doesn't usually go to bed until midnight, so he'd then be driving for 3 hours on no sleep, which is obviously not safe for anyone. So hotel it is.

I hear what you are saying. There is no right or wrong answer. But I have seen it happen to quite a few people, who then always say 'I wish we'd just stayed in a hotel the night before'. And for such a much anticipated, and expensive, holiday I don't feel it's worth the risk at all.

But, you know, like you say it's up to each to make that decision. Certainly, I am also looking forward to dropping car off, making use of twilight check in and relaxing. Nice relaxing breakfast in the morning, and a leisurely stroll over to the airport
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Unread 16 Jul 19, 04:36 PM  
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We are 90 minutes from Manchester and always stay overnight.
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