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Unread 1 Dec 19, 07:40 PM  
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Celebrating Retirement Tour October 2019 - Day 18 Fri Sun 20 Oct - Solvang

Yes, the party animals were out again last night 😳 Think someone must have told them to shut up though because we didn't really hear anything after midnight so we did get a bit of sleep. Moral of the story - invest in some holiday ear plugs for future trips. I can honestly say we've never been anywhere before now where we have needed them. We did have a nice view from our room, but unfortunately there was little else good we could say about this hotel.

Had a last stroll along the pier but sadly no dolphins this morning and then went in search of food. Decided on Old West Cinammon Rolls. The queue was about 30 people long and stretched down the street but I can see why. They were delicious and enormous. I had original with cherries and Brian had original. Bill came to $11 with two coffees, absolute bargain.

Checked out of Dolphin Cove and set off on the short car journey to Solvang. This is such a cute place, very commercialised with lots of touristy shops, but some lovely cafes and wine bars/tasting rooms too. This was our main reason for wanting to stay here overnight as last time we visited we only stayed a couple of hours and Brian was driving. He really wanted to try out the Solvang Brewing Company (as a bit of a beer connoisseur &#127866.

It was too early to check in to Hadsten House Hotel but they very kindly let us leave our car there while we had a lovely wander round in the really hot sunshine. Stopped off at Fitzpatricks Irish Tavern for some refreshment and to check out the menu as a possible eating place for later but they seem to be having work done and only had filthy portaloos which put us off a bit.

Oh well, off to Solvang Brewing Company to check out their menu for later, and a cheeky couple of beers in the process. Beer was good but a really rude server got Brian's back up so guess we won't be eating their either 🤔

One thing to note about Solvang, it is definitely geared up for day trippers and a lot of places close early, including eating places. As we were getting a bit peckish by now we decided to stop off at Succulent Cafe to check out their happy hour menu. We shared some sort of cheese dip thing which was absolutely delicious and came with very healthy carrot and celery sticks, along with bruschetta. It was far nicer than we were expecting, and a lovely setting sat in a little courtyard.

Time to check in to the hotel and this was definitely more like it, lovely spacious room, the bathroom here was bigger than our last bedroom!

We had been given a list at check in of several tasting rooms where as hotel guests we could have free tastings and as it would be rude not to off we trotted 😁

The nearest one to the hotel was called Casa Casala so headed in there. We were expecting it to be quite a stiff, formal affair but this place was anything but, it was absolutely crazy. Everyone, including the staff behind the bar, were absolutely hammered 🍷🍾 Customers were taking it in turns to play the piano and we were all soon singing along to Piano Man and American Pie. We were entitled to five tastings each as part of the hotel deal, but nobody was counting and the bottles just kept coming round. We were made to feel so welcome by everyone and it was such a lovely atmosphere.

I am not a big drinker so I could barely feel my legs by the time they closed the doors at 6pm and everyone left about 30 minutes later. We abandoned the idea of food and just got some water and a family bag of crisps from the shop next to the hotel and were in bed by 8pm 🤣🤣

Link to previous days - https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/sho... php?t=1150994
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