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Grandson of Anarchy Day 7 & 8 Winter Gdn Disney Springs

Saturday Winter Garden

It took over an hour to get there and we had to suffer repeat renditions of Supersonic all the way

Iím feeling supersonic give me gin and tonic.

We had brunch at The Country House restaurant I was surprised how much I liked this place. It's an ancient diner and the fixtures and fittings were coming apart. The portions were large, the food was good, and the prices were great!

The market was small but it all kinds of fruit and veg alongside the usual plants, homemade crafts and food. We bought bananas and apples but didnít buy any of the excellent meat and pastries on display as it would have been too long in the car.

Johnnie wanted popcorn but we couldnít convince him it was different to our popcorn.

With hindsight we arrived there far too late we should have eaten at the villa and got straight off.

Somehow, I really enjoy sitting on the lanai in the sunshine with a cuppa, then I enjoy frolicking in the pool with Johnny so although we are up early, we tend to mess about.

We settled down at an outdoor table and bought coffees and to appease Johnnie we ordered him ice cream.

The coffee was horrible it tasted as if it had been brewed in a strychnine lab. Then Johnnieís ice cream arrived it was black and grey apparently it was a vegan ice cream.

Johnnie didnít eat it; I had a small taste and I think they had made it with coal.

We walked down to the boat tours it was quite a walk and the heat could have competed with hell.

There were quite a few people waiting.

The waiting area was cramped plus there was loads of those fornicators.

We paid and told them Johnnies age and they handed us a life jacket for him. I canít remember how much we paid but $63.00 springs to mind. Probably 14 per adult and 7 for Johnnie

King Johnís life jacket didnít fit him he was carrying on because Christine was trying to squeeze him into it and nipping his skin.

She took it off and gave it to Knotty to go and exchange it for a larger size.

Next thing Ken one of the pilots waded in.

Well hello Mr. Important.

He stood there clip board in hand like Larry large loaf. He started this little speech about children and life jackets, and didnít he just love using those 3 little words ďFlorida Law statesĒ.

Everybody in the queue was staring at us assuming we didnít want the kid to wear the jacket.

Well hey ho Ken why donít you just go and call the child endangerment police

There are 4 of us looking after one child (albeit badly). Do you think for one moment we got up this morning and decided to go to Winter Garden, then go on a boat ride because with a bit of luck it would sink, and we would have denied Johnnie a life jacket?

I then asked him what Florida Law said about issuing an ill-fitting jacket.

Johnnie by this time had forgotten all about his granny nipping him he was enthralled by all the fuss being made.

Al explained to Ken that Johnnie wasnít refusing to wear it; it didnít fit, and his grandfather was currently making his way back through the queue to get him a bigger one.

Then Johnnie piped up ďBy order of the Peaky BlinderĒ.

Well wasnít that a waste of oxygen Ken?

I was dreading him being the pilot of our boat thankfully he wasnít.

The trip was very pleasant. It takes you around about three of the chain of lakes in Winter Park. You are in a pontoon and our Captain Drew was very knowledgeable describing historic facts and pointing out various landmarks. The mansions that surround the lakes are stunning. You can appreciate the lifestyle of the earlier moneyed Florida residents. Nice boat tour up a couple canals and along the two lakes with interesting narrative...well worth doing.

They even managed to move one of the houses across the lake.

Some of the residents were out in the gardens wearing their rich persons clothes, eating their rich persons food, not a fried egg and chips in sight.
I swear I even saw the man from Del Monte.

We didnít fancy the walk back in the hot sun so sent the chuckle brothers back for the car and waited there.

We called to the Chinese on the way home Johnnie wanted a prawn curry so thatís what he had.

Well he is four now.

Oh, and nobody has been to see to the door.

It was late I didnít e mail


Apparently, it was Motherís Day today and most of the eateries were busy we finished up in Burgher King.

The order was practically the same as the order in Cosmic Rays on Disney day.

This order came to 65.00 and we didnít have to sit on an uncleared table near rubbish bins.

Johnnie slathered his chips in ketchup, and it was allowed because we know all about childcare.

We then carried on to Disney Springs.

Hurrah parking was free.

King Johnnie wanted to go on the car in the water.

A car for four people was $125 we would have needed 2 cars, or the bloke said we could find somebody willing to share.

Now I thought it was a good idea us four could have travelled in one car and load Johnnie into someone elseís car regrettably nobody took us up on the offer.

Of course, we had to have a play in the Lego and make cars to race down the ramp Knotty was all for letting Johnnie win not me I was in it to win it.
Disney Springs has really changed and there are some decent shops.
They are a tad pricey but that is more due to the poor exchange rate.

Of course, Johnny didnít want shops he kept demanding to know where the rides were.

There was a little train and a carousel, and he was happy with that.

Unfortunately, the balloon was down due to storms in the area.

Then there was a visit to the Superhero headquarters and Johnnie emerged with Captain Americaís shield.

I just knew Christine was going to have a hissy her face said it all.

Mindsít you she wasnít very well she had something called intermittent explosive disorder shouldnít have ordered the chicken curry last night.

The blokes decided it was in Christineís best interests that we made our way back.

They must think Iím bloody stupid an early return meant longer on the golf course.

On the journey to the villa we had renditions of ďPut Yer Money Where yer Mouth IsĒ and the little burgher even managed to do it in the Manchester accent.

We called to the Aldi near our villa we had decided to cook because everywhere seemed very busy due to Mothering Sunday.

Iím not too keen on Aldi I can never understand why there are about forty people working there and only one till open. To be fair they werenít doing the opening and closing tills carry on that Aldiís in the UK do, but this Aldi was a tad unkempt and the fruit and veg looked slightly worrying.

Al was on one because he wanted to get back for the golf it was a case of get what you need because I am not calling anywhere else.

We bought steaks and scary veg.

For Aldiís standards they werenít cheap. The meat came to at least five dollars and the veg was an outstanding three dollars.

I chopped it fine and cooked it slow, but the meat still tasted like it had come from something that fell at Becherís Brook.

Once the blokes had gone golfing Christine had a lie down and Johnnie and I frolicked in the pool.

I intended to get further up that love list. Iíve now got him off the arm bands and on a noodle around his middle. Iíve also got him doing frogs legs so he wonít be long before he can swim.
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