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Grandson of Anarchy Day 9 Universal Studios


I was awake last today I came out of the room and fell over the figures that had been lined outside my door to protect me whilst sleeping.

There was no pool time because it looked like rain.

We decided on Universal because there was little point staying in and it didnít matter if we were out late because with the storms approaching there would be no golf later.

Breakfast was at the I hop once again Johnnie wasnít hungry because of the porridge so we ordered him a sausage and scrambled egg. To keep him amused we got on with the love list.

Yes, I am now number two on the list.

We progressed to number 18 on the list which incidentally was Pickle the next-door neighbourís cat, and he still didnít mention my Al or Christine.

As always, the breakfast was spot on and Johnnie ate all his plus Grandmaís toast which considering he had already eaten was quite a lot.

I quite enjoyed the rendition of All Around the World on the way to Universal.

You're gonna make a better day

As soon as we had been divested of our twenty-five-dollar parking fee the rain started and boy did it rain.

We dodged into ET to get out of the rain. There was no queue or holding area it was a case of file in. We didnít give our names either which was a shame because we were all going to say Spiderman for Johnnie.

We were wet through but took our time walking through as we knew it would still be raining outside. Trouble was because we were wet, it felt quite cold.

We then dodged across to the animal show. Itís a good show the way they have managed to train the animals. The last time I saw it they had managed to train a cock he wasnít there, and I fancy they havenít been able to train another.

By this time, it was raining horizontally so we dodged into Moeís it was heaving everybody had the same idea.

We queued for the Simpsons mainly because it kept us out of the rain.

We were halfway through the holding area and the CM opened the gate to another level and indicated we were to follow that.
This left us with no shelter, high up in the horizontal rain and the queue wasnít moving.
The queue below us which was under cover was moving. I know how it works and that gate shouldnít have been opened until the people on the top tier of the ride had exited then the people in the waiting area would move on to the ride then the gate should have been opened to move people straight to the waiting area and keep them out of the driving rain.

I made my way back to the CM.

I could see that people who were a long way behind us in the queue moving into the waiting area on the downstairs tier.

I asked Nick (nice but thick) what he was playing at and did he feel it was acceptable to leave families queuing on the top tier unsheltered.

He told me he was only following orders, so I told him he had better radio through for the person who had issued the sadistic order.

I waited for about ten minutes and our queue had filed in then Nick (nice but thick) opened the gate again he was going to leave another crowd on the landing.

I stood there arms folded and told people not to go otherwise they too would finish up looking like me a soaked joke.

Most of the crowd carried on moving on the bottom tier so of course a shirt and tie with an NVQ in clip board management turned up immediately.

The shirt and tie listened to my problem and popped his head out to look at the top tier.

He instantly understood because the wind and rain nearly took his head off, he was most apologetic.

He then went into rrse covering mode about the logistics of keeping as many people as possible on the move blah blah blah.

He then produced a multitude of fast pass tickets and a complimentary hot meal and drink for two in the Monsters Cafť.

I informed Bill that there was five in our party and I was the most amenable and if the other four started complaining that would be the last gate he would ever be the manager of.

Another fistful of fast passes came out plus another three meals.

Cheers Bill.

I hadnít been on the ride but exited and found the others who had.

We were soaked through to the skin.

Two oíclock and hurrah the sun came out.

Johnnie spotted Megatron and immediately got in the queue to have his photo taken.

All the other kids were queuing with an adult and even having their photo done with an adult.

Not Johnnie he wanted to go on his own.

Photo taken Johnnie went to walk off Megatron moved towards him as if chasing him.
Johnnie turned around hands on hips stared straight up at him and shouted Be careful mate itís been raining, and you might slip.
Having the fast passes meant we could go on the ride about five times plus another five on Men in Black.

They tried with the parade but everywhere and everything was wet.

Of course, a very early dinner was taken at the Monsters cafť. It was very good although anything that is practically free is good.

Even though it was raining the blokes went for a round once again paying the twilight fees.

Christine was cleaning wax on wax off, so I took Johnnie to the park.

There wasnít much on it, but he is happy with anything. The only trouble is getting him to go home. He just wonít give in. I had to sit there for forty-five minutes I needed a wee, it was drizzling, and those fornicators were out in force.

Johnnie went to bed at a reasonable time, so we were able to relax on the patio with a few lager tops.

A new family have just arrived next door they are Glaswegian I know that because I had a wonderful best friend who had relocated from Glasgow. We were bezzies for 15 years before she sadly passed, and their accent was the same as Lizzies.

They were really caning it; weíve all been there, the horrendous journey, been awake for twenty hours, thinking you are invisible you down a couple of shandys.

Then the row started.

There was 2 couples and one older woman There may have been children in bed.

I donít know what they were rowing about, but it became quite loud.
Then it would calm down and the older woman would pipe up

See you, Yer ruined ma holy days.

Then it would start again.

Around about 12.30 security turned up and they all went inside which was a pity because by this time we had broken out the popcorn and lager tops.

We retired to bed at about 1.30 I could hear voices I opened the patio doors and listened it was the old woman again ranting about her holy days being ruined.

I went back to bed and never heard anything else, but Christine thought she had heard the police attend.
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Hurray, youíre back! Just read all 9 days. Always love your reports. So funny. 😂
Thanks. X
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This is a brilliant trip report - why haven't I read one of yours before? So funny, I'm going to have to read your other reports now! 😂

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:Good result with the fast passes and free meal! Your new neighbours sound a bit lively
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Well done for standing up to Mr Suit and Tie. And loved Johnnie's comment.
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