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Grandson of Anarchy Day 6 Island of Adventure

According to Christine his highness hadnít had a great night and was ďfull of itĒ.

What he was full of I had yet to find out.

I telephoned Contempo about the door its safe enough with the plastic pole jamming it but not acceptable.

They replied that they had attended and there was no key available.
Little liars.

If there is a lock box, I always leave the key in it. It saves the hassle of keeping it safe whilst you are around the parks etc. In fact, in the past I have been upset if there hasnít been a lock box.

There was no Oasis song this morning which I found to be a bit of a bonus.

We called to the Golden Corral for breakfast.

We didnít pay for Jonnie we kept him in the pushchair and told them he was 3 he never eats anything because he has already eaten, and we always take his own drink wherever we go.

Christine took a boat load of those Robinsons squeezy things sometimes we asked for water and she would squeeze a splash in nobody ever said anything.

All Johnny wanted to do was mess with the chocolate fountain.

Poor Knotty was up and down like a brideís nightie because every chance Johnnie got to get away from the table, he took it.

Then the tonoi warned people about kids not being allowed on the floor unaccompanied. Iím pretty sure it was aimed at us.

I had eaten I felt bad for Knotty he had eaten very little I took King John out to the shops

There was a shoe shop and I wanted to look at Sketchers, but no King John wanted to go in the ďtackĒ shop next door.

I rewarded his bad behaviour with a toy a figure of Sandman because thatís what you do right?

Back in the car and Johnnie seemed to be behaving.

Our journey to the Island of Adventure was Oasis free.

Of course, our first stop had to be Spider man and the 20-minute posting was a myth we were on within ten minutes.

Popeye was posting 15 minutes but it was a walk-on.

We got a complete soaking, I thought it was terrific, but Christine had a total sense of humour failure.

Before we left the villa that morning she did ask if we should trail this massive thick red rubber coat that a neighbour had loaned her.

I said no because it looked like something a lifeboat man would wear and I didnít think we would have to do any lifesaving.

I did have a cheap polythene mac that I wrapped cameras money etc in.

At the very last minute we were about to set off Johnnie decided he wanted my mac.

I said no.
Apparently, he doesnít like getting wet.

She had a total sense of humour failure. She had spare clothing for Johnnie anyway.

What was the problem?

Of course, we were soaked but Johnnie didnít seem to mind.

They must have spent $30.00 in the dryer I think I dried off quicker sat waiting for them in the sun.

The chuckle brothers took Johnnie on the Jurassic Park River Adventure, so we sat in the hot sun and dried off Christine also laid out Johnnies shorts on a rock. I donít know what the hurry was to dry them I think she was trying to make a point.

The Jurassic Park River Adventure said 30 mins, but it was a walk on.

Oh I do hope they didn't get wet.

We doubled Back to King Kong thinking the 40-minute posting was wrong as well.

Yes, it was wrong alright, we queued for 65 minutes

The walk thru was weird quite horrible, maybe itís because we were in there too long and nearing the end Johnnie was getting quite past himself and we were considering looking for an exit.

Then we saw it.


It can only be described as a 6ft long turd with horns in some sort of glass chamber.

That Gillian McKeith would have been in her element.

Johnnie was enthralled with the giant pooh and kept alerting grandad that the pooh was moving.

The ride wasnít that impressive certainly not worth waiting an hour for and there were even more of the giant turds in the attraction.

King John wanted Cotton Candy so of course we flew round the rest of the park to get his candy from the Seuss Landing because itís easier to give into every whim.

The candy floss was massive Christine asked them to make it a lot smaller and she would pay the same they did but insisted on putting the rest in a bag. It was still massive.

That was half the size of it.

We kept trying to sneak it into a bin, but Johnnie was having none of it so before using that phrase taking candy of a baby just try it.

He's happy because he knows where my stash is.

Cat in the hat was a walk on so we persuaded Johnny to ditch the rest of the candy and then we could go on it.
Itís a pleasant little ride and quite long so at least you are off your feet for a while.

We knew Johnnie was getting tired so left the park.

He was carrying on because he didnít get on any Harry Potter rides no because you were insistent on having cotton candy and we had to motor through it.

Besides, the park was closing at seven because of some grad thing.

We wanted to leave before the crowds. I would have been mortified if I had a one-day ticket.

We couldnít risk driving far before feeding Johnnie because if he went into a deep sleep, he wouldnít eat so we stopped at Perkins on International Drive.

King John having partaken of a sugar fest was up for a game of annoy everybody sitting around you.

I devised a game lets draw up love lists. I was quite surprised that I came 3rd on Johnnies list, above me was his dog and number one was grandad.

Christine was affronted she wasnít on the list and reminded Johnnie that I wouldnít give him my mac.

Our server was great, and she ordered Johnnies shrimps before taking our order she probably had kids of her own and could read that this one was tired and cranky.

The food was good service excellent and the price reasonable so all in all a good experience.

The blokes went golfing Johnnie and I frolicked in the pool and Christine emptied the dish washer did the ironing and cleaned out the fridge.

Nobody has been to see to the door.
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Can't believe the size of that cotton candy!
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