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Unread 28 Sep 19, 08:53 PM  
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The One With No Rest Days. Pre Trip Report- What to expect from our Trip Report

What to Expect from our Trip Report

Well theres no children, so dont be reading expecting advice on whats great for kiddies, because I assure you ,we have no idea. We dont really drink either, so theres not going to be any Drinking Around The World in this trip report.
So what can you expect?
Well, my last trip was obsessively planned, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I poured over every minute detail, every tip, every hack to get the most out of the trip. And practically, it worked very well, I dont remember queuing for anything, and I ate everywhere that I wanted to.
This time, Im going to have to be even more obsessive. With the opening of Star Wars Galaxys Edge soon, I am well aware that its going to be busier than I have ever seen it. Radu is the most impatient human on the planet and absolutely will not queue for anything without complaining, so Im going to have to do some serious strategizing!
Ill also be sharing with you every, single detail about cost. The cost is an interesting one for me, because while we both work very hard, Radu almost fell off his chair when I told him what the total cost would be, and its taken a lot of convincing (and threats to just go alone) for him to agree to this holiday. I did offer to make a PowerPoint presentation to demonstrate why its worth every penny, but he declined. I estimate the total cost of the holiday to be around 7000 for the two of us for two weeks, that includes spending money. Ill detail everything as I book it, and keep a running total on exactly what this dream holiday costs us. So details, expect a lot of details.
Every ride will be Go Proed (when Im allowed) and everything filmed, caught on camera, recorded. We visited Germany for a few days this year and it was my first trip with the Go Pro, I quickly became that very annoying tourist with the camera on stick constantly, but I really enjoyed making videos when we got home, so Im definitely doing it again and they will all be uploaded to a YouTube Channel. I also treated myself to a Canon M50 this year so that will be coming too.
You can also expect a lot of walking. Radu smokes, and with the new rules that you cant smoke inside the park, I imagine we are going to be doing a lot of walking. Either that or Ill be slapping some nicotine patches on him.
You can expect no rest days. Yes, you heard it correctly. Aside from the travel days, there will only be one day without a theme park or water park, and that day will still have fun-packed activities (wait for the itinerary). Radu said he wanted activities every day as this is a once in a life time holiday (or so he thinks!), and to get everything in that we want to do then we basically cant rest so if only we could afford a holiday after the holiday!
You can expect a lot of shopping. Ive paid for an extra bag coming home for all of the shopping. Not so much at actual shops, but we cannot resist a souvenir, we really cant.
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