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Florida Escapes
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Unread 13 Aug 18, 02:04 AM  
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It's A Long Way To Itinerary DAY 5 MONUMENT VALLEY

Day 5

This morning we knocked up a breakfast in our Casita and I also prepped up dinner.
Bo Peep barely touched her breakfast.

I ate everything going because I fancy if it is up to Bo we will get sod all in between.

Leaving Lily and Larry with the clearing up Al and I went to the reception to enquire about a tour I wanted to make sure we could get on one.

I booked on the afternoon 2.5-hour tour. I think it came to around 200 dollars for the 4 of us.

We then called to the onsite supermarket and it was another Bashies we really didnt need to do the supermarket sweep yesterday as the onsite Bashies had everything one could want.

Also, I had been quite concerned for the people in the ordinary rooms if they missed dinner.

There was microwavable stuff and I believe there are microwaves in the rooms. There was also plenty of made up salads etc so if anyone missed dinner it wouldnt be the end of the world.

I met a woman from Wakefield. Its a small world. I am 8000 miles away from home and the lady in the queue in front of me lives 16 miles away from me.

She had been on our flight and they were travelling the opposite way around to us, so they had already been to Zion and were heading for the canyon. Its a small world.

We did the museum tour it was great, and it was free. I believe you could still visit even if not staying on site. There was a car park, and nobody challenged who we were.

The Gouldings arrived in Monument Valley after their marriage in 1923 and the museum highlights their years in the valley, first as trading post owners and then as friends of famous actors, senators, and movies directors.

There is a room dedicated to Josef Muench who was hired to photograph the formations to show as potential movie locations.

There is a cabin from the movie, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, that was used on the set. You can walk through their living quarters, which were very simple.

Our Lily and Larry are really into the cowboy films, so they were enthralled with the exhibits.

We waited by the pool for our 1.30pm tour.

The pool area looked grand though I suppose it is seldom used people are too busy sightseeing.

Ewran was our guide and we were the only ones on the tour.

Our first stop was at an onsite Navajo Hogan to watch how they do the grain and the weaving.

Really, he should have just asked us for 5 dollars to put in her tips basket it was toe curlingly embarrassing.

There was a pot with something in it on a stove in the middle of the room and no they werent eating traditional Navajo pot roast because I could see the MacDonalds wrapper behind her back also a coke tin.

The eau de sweaty armpits also added a certain je ne sais qoi.

I took a photo and they werent happy about that. It did leave me wondering if they were moonlighting and didnt want the government to know. There was no way they were living in that Hogan I reckon she lived in subsidised housing in Kayenta.

A quick demonstration on grinding grain and rug weaving and we were out of there.

At the valley entrance there was a small charge, but our tour price included that.
We then started the seventeen-mile loop.

If anybody is contemplating doing it in a private car dont even think about it the road is horrendous and I suspect those Navajos have kept it like that, so they can sell more tours.

Most of the stops had bead sellers but its not something that interests us.

I sensed Ewran was disappointed because he probably got a cut from the sale of the beads.

He must have realised we were hungry nosed as when stopped at a point where there was a caravan selling flat breads and coffee we were straight into the queue.

Ewran joined the queue so we bought his coffee he declined a flat bread but then proceeded to eat ours.

I wasnt too sure about the flat bread it was a cross between a Yorkshire pudding and a doughnut.

I dont like doughnuts and use beef dripping for my Yorkshires so no

I wasnt overly impressed.

We carried on with the tour.

It really is a magical and unique place. Everything is as in the movies just being there made you feel sort of mystical and the spirit of the Navajos can be felt.

We were also taken off road as part of our tour.

Heading back, we stopped and Ewran took photos of us all together.

Aww he only started to sing to us. It sounded like a couple of cats fornicating although on reflection the cats would have sounded better because they had pitch.

We applauded him largely because he had finished not because he was particularly good.

I had a little sing Doughnuts make my brown eyes blue.

We gave him a thirty-dollar tip mainly because of the singing and his humility.

I remarked to Al that the door on his truck must have been broken because he kept opening it and then slamming it shut.

Al said no he was opening it to spit because he was chewing baccy.


I want the tip back. All that talk about the land and all the time he was sprogging all over it.

Dinner was delightful because I cooked it myself.

Once again, we started on the fire water and kept the curtains closed so we didnt offend the Navajos.
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cant wait for this date
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Unread 14 Aug 18, 11:15 PM  
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Lovely photos. Look at the colour of that sky. How hot was it?
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Happy Birthday dear Alan...
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Unread 11 Mar 19, 10:00 PM  
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Gill H
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Sounds an interesting day, at least for the landscape.

'Doughnuts make my brown eyes blue' - ah, Terry Wogan would have been proud.
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DLP for lions, jungles and food, oh my!
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Unread 13 Jul 19, 02:21 PM  
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Another great day - loved the Doughnuts make my brown eyes blue comment!

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Back to our second home!
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