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Old 9 Aug 19, 11:12 AM  
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Adventure to the land of the rising sun Day 5

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Our last full day in Disney. Today was DisneySea and just like the previous day we are looking to watch as many shows as we can. We have been on all the rides except Toy Story Mania and we know that if we want to go on Toy Story then we have to get there at opening and queue. Now it doesnt matter how you queue really, the end result is the same. People queue from 7AM (for an 8AM opening) then walk-very-fast-but-not-run (as cast members tell you off -politely- for running, even holding signs up too), or you can queue in the standby line at opening or you can queue to get a FP. All are about an hour with the FP option being slightly less. It is also raining this morning. We have been pretty lucky with the weather, it has been hot with the occasional very light shower.

Just like the other park, the entrance is very close to the monorail station. I dont know how far the entrance is to walk but it is further from Maihama (closer to the Ambassador hotel). Today it is big drops weather so we pack our showerproof coats in our bags.

We get to the gates at 8AM and the queue is moving. A very nice queue where everyone is in lines with no cutting or jumping. Very civilised and one of the things I will really miss.

We join the back of the FP queue about 8:20, again this is very civilised and has a roped off section along the street, returning people from the FP pass back up the LEFT of the queue and the remaining people on the RIGHT. Cast members dot the streets to direct people and again there is no queue jumping or pushing.

According to my APP the standby queue is already an hour and by the time we get our FP the standby queue is 130 mins. Our FP was given at 8:56 with a return of 16:45. For reference, the FP ran out at 9:50 ish. Yikes.

Since there is a big show we want to watch (Big band beat) we have a go at the lottery. We dont get big band beat but do get an afternoon showing of the pirate battle. However, next to us a couple win big band beat but forget to pick up their tickets when they leave. My daughter runs after them and (in her basic japanese) asks if this is theirs. Thinking nothing of it we stop and stand about watching the cast members outside the lottery hall.

Then to our surprise, the couple re-appear and give my daughter a really nice Duffy cup souvenir as thanks! Japan really is a nice place. We felt bad later on as it turns out you dont need your lottery tickets anyway - they are like the fastpasses, you scan your park ticket to get to the areas not your fastpasses or lottery tickets... Oh well, our hearts were in the right place.

The app reckons indiana jones is closed for a fault so we head to Tritons area for the little rollercoaster with a view to watching a show at magic lantern theatre.

Just a recap on the previous day really, the theming is spot on with little features everywhere. The theatre show is in Japanese but still good to watch with good effects happening all around you. I didnt film inside the theatre but it is worth a drop in.

Cannot resist a carousel ride whilst we are here plus a Jasmine ride. Daisy Duck makes an appearance.

Just behind (where the theme changes from Agrabah to Adventureland) is one of the monkeys from Jungle book, King Louie is disappearing into the distance and we didnt manage to catch up to him.

Raging Spirits is at 120minutes but Indiana Jones has opened and the queue is only 10 mins. Since we are next door we have a go. It is a great ride and although it is in Japanese you still know what is going on- we are also convinced that the Japanese Indy has a scottish accent...

A break for a late lunch followed by a harbour tour on the steamer boats. There are 3 routes in total and the queue is in Japanese - the clue is in the times on the signs, one queue is for a circular and one is for point to point between each of the landings. We opt for a circular just as the rain threatens to come down again.

Time for the pirate battle show! We had seen glimpses of the show as we wandered about previously (and you cannot help but hear it) and we had seen the cast members dressed up. We also noticed the "may get wet" on the ticket, but since we had our coats anyway we didnt mind. After queuing up the cast members call out section numbers that are listed on the tickets.

We were one of the last to be called and feared we would be at the back but it seems that because we have children we were ushered into a children only section right at the front. This section was awesome, the children got to go to the front and parents stool a little bit further back so all the children could see. Incidentally this was next to the "paid package" area too.

I dont have many photos of the show and for good reason. The "may get wet" was a little misleading. The show starts with lots of music and singing but also with the cast members rolling out large barrels and hose pipes. Then there are ships patrolling the harbor with a narrative of a pirate battle (in japanese). In a nutshell, the ships have large water cannons, the cast members have large buckets and some cast members have fire hose pipes.

The main section gets a good hosing down, the childrens section have carefully aimed "sprays" not full on hosing. This was actually very good and the cast members were fantastic at gauging the age and enjoyment of the kids. The disabled section next to us were not spared, there was a lady in a wheelchair who was drenched, she didnt seem to mind so they carried on, then the cast member would tweak the hose and the childrens section got a very light shower before tweaking again to soak the VIP area on the other side of us. Most enjoyable.

Fireworks, flames and lots of signing and dancing made for an entertaining wet show. Plus it is raining now.

Our toy story FP window is less than an hour away and since it is raining there is noone on the gondolas so hey! why not! Quite a pleasant trip around the "canals" with more good theming.

Onto our Toy Story FP! Now dont get me wrong, we are looking forward to this but the area is a little bit of a letdown. There is a whole area devoted to this one ride with nothing else close by. there are a couple of side exhibits but there really is something missing here. I suppose it can be likened to Ratatouille area, (but at least there is a shop and restaurant as well as the ride). Still, small and nicely formed and I think they need all the space for the standby queue (only 100 mins! )

Even with a FP expect a 10 to 15 min queue though.

The ride itself can best be described as a buzz lightyear in 3d. It is a fast paced "shooter" type game, the cars move about similar to Ratatouille/pooh hunny hunt and it is great fun. Since you put 3D glasses on the photos were all fuzzy so I didnt bother putting them up.

Once we are off the ride we decide that we are probably going to call it a day. We are all a bit hungry, a bit wet and think that if we pushed it further then it would spoil things. Since we have just finished on a high note we leave DisneySea hopefully to return again in the future.


Since this is the last day of our Disney leg we are all feeling happy but a little sad. we have really enjoyed this disney, more than any of the other trips we have done and it is simply down to the behaviour of other people in the park. Everyone is just nice, the cast members, other people queuing and although Japan is very much a smoking country (restaurants are still smoking, hotel rooms are smoking etc) there is none of it in the park. There is no litter, no cig butts on the floor, no food wrappers lapping the corner of water features. The sitting down in parades and queues is lovely. The kindness of the couple today was a real heartwarmer too, they didnt have to go out of the way for my daughter - i'm sure anyone would have ran out to pass forgotten tickets. Also other little quirks, noone stands on railings/features/objects to get a better view (such as at night time shows or parades) so all the features, railings and objects are still painted nicely with no chips.

We did watch another show in the harbour, it had water based floats and a "battle" with a magic mirror, dragons, ursula and it was fantastic. I have zero pictures of it and no notes - I have no idea why - we all distinctly remember watching it and it was great.

The lowest steps in a day so far, a mere 21702 This just about breaks 50km walked in our Disney leg. Tiredness is setting in now but tomorrow has a 2.5 hour train journey so plenty of rest time.

We will miss Disneyland Japan and writing this up has brought a little tear.
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Old 10 Aug 19, 08:37 AM  
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Great report. We spent one day there in May and didnít do quite a few things but enjoyed it anyway. Great atmosphere there I thought and just really pleasant to walk around.
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I was watching Prince Charming Dev do a vlog on the pirate show last night. Everyone looked like they were getting soaked! Still I thinks it's hot enough there at the moment. Keep getting heat warnings flash up on my emergency app!
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Old 5 Jan 20, 09:55 PM  
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Your description of the water show made me chuckle - sounds like a great experience!

A shame of course that you were sad to leave of course but what amazing memories made x
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It was hilarious when the cast open up the hoses on the main section. The VIP got it worse in some respects as they were closer to the front and fewer in number. Still, it was hot and humid and had been raining anyway, the trick was to have a bag for your rucksack!
Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea
Disneyland Paris: Dream castle, Magic castle, Cheyenne, Santa Fe, Explorers, Disneyland Hotel and Hotel New York Disneyland Anaheim Disneyland Hong Kong (a week after it opened!)
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