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Huxwolds California Dreaming (Aug 23) - Day 5: Knott’s Berry Farm & Anaheim Packing House

Huxwolds California Dreaming (Aug 23)
Day 5: Knott’s Berry Farm & Anaheim Packing House (Tues 22/08)

Day 4: Disneyland Park

I managed to sleep through to 6:10am today - I remember hearing a Ring doorbell chime at some point, but it could’ve been either the Cat Sitter or Lola as I didn’t look at the time, and they both popped in this morning.

When I eventually checked WatsApp, he was fine as usual…

Lola mentioned to Tom that, when she’d arrived, the living room door was slightly ajar and Sooty was sat in the hallway (we always pull the door closed to keep him in the living room). I’d suspected previously that the cheekily monkey could get it open, and it was definitely closed when the cat sitter left this morning (I could see on the Ring doorbell footage) so now I knew he could.

I think Rich was up about 7ish - he brought me my usual morning coffee from the lobby and I had a couple of Cookies with it.

Knott’s Berry Farm was open at 10am, so we had a bit of time to chill this morning, and we were all ready for the day by 9am and in the Uber by 9:15…

We arrived at 9:35 and I took a few pics whilst Rich and Tom had a smoke / vape, then we joined the small crowd waiting for the gates to open…

It was going to be a hot one today, with a high of 30 by 3pm…

They started letting us in at 9:45, then held us at the Ghost Town entrance until 10…

They played the National Anthem 🇺🇸 Quite a few guests were singing or miming along with their hands over the hearts, and one man was saluting.

We headed through Ghost Town, past Knott’s Bear-y Tales (which was already showing a 20 min wait)…

We carried on to the Boardwalk area to do Hang Time, which was a walk-on…

We rode front row - it was really good and great to be back on a “grown up” coaster.

It was still walk-on, so we went straight back on and rode the back row this time - The drop was very intense and it almost felt like I was going to fall out I was so far out of my seat (it was fab).

10:25 - Coast Rider was also a walk-on. It was very rough - like I said on Goofy’s Sky School the other day, why do we keep doing Wild Mouse rides? This one did have a variation on the typical layout though…

We walked past Xcelerator which had been closed for most of the season (I believe due to a parts issue with the hydraulic launch) - I’d seen a few tweets last week showing the train on the track for testing, so we were hopeful we might get a sneaky soft reopening, but it wasn’t looking likely for today…

10:35 - We did Supreme Scream next (another another walk-on). It was higher than it looks from the ground, with a great view out to the Santa Ana Mountains. It was a really good drop tower.

We carried on mooching…

10:45 - We stopped to get an all day refillable drink ($18.99 + tax) - Tom offered to pay for it…

I had a little walk through a drawer-bridge / cave area whilst he was queuing.

Tom came back without the drink, we hadn’t realised it was card only payments. I offered to pay instead, but he insisted and transferred some ££ from his savings to current account, then I queued back up with him. We chose Boysenberry Punch as our first drink, which was nice and refreshing…

We wandered through Camp Snoopy…

We looked in the Camp Snoopy shop - they had some really cool Snoopy & Boysenberry merch…

11am - Silver Bullet (the B&M invert) was a 30 min wait…

We left it for now and mooched back through Ghost Town…

We looked in a few Ghost Town shops - I spotted a Boysenberry tree decoration to get later…

Tom got surprised by the talking Jail cell - we debated whether it was someone doing the voices live or if it was pre-recorded. It was a good interaction either way.

We got a Coke refill at some point along the way.

At 11:20 we went on Calico Mine Ride, waiting about 15-20 mins. It was ok, and really good for its age (it was the first big attraction at the park in 1960)…

We chuckled at ye olde Panda Express…

And skipped the Timber Mountain Log Flume for now…

11:45 - We went on the Sky Tower next, which was ok and thankfully had A/C, as was really warming up by now…

We mooched back through The Boardwalk and onto Knott’s Bear-y Tales….

The morning queue has died down now and it was pretty much a walk-on and a fun shooting / 3D ride, squirting Jam at the pie thieves. Although the ride cars could do with a bit of a repaint.

We looked at the merch in the Factory Store for a bit. I was on the hunt for a park logo magnet, but hadn’t seen one yet today. They had some ok Bear-y Tales ones, but they were a bit cheap feeling.

We carried on mooching around to the area where Pony Express is, and stopped to look at the horses…

As we were walking out of the stables, I tripped over a toddler who’d come up really close to me so I didn’t see him - it was a very was weird sensation, as I couldn’t work out how to stop myself falling on top of him, but his mum grabbed out to help me. I was really embarrassed and kept apologising but she was laughing about helping me and not her own kid, and he was absolutely fine.

I felt a bit wobbly and discombobulated after that - it didn’t help that it was really hot too.

We got another drink refill, and I needed a sugar hit. Sadly there were no Fun Buns today, as they are seasonal only, but I decided on a Boysenberry Waffle Cone from one of the stalls in Ghost Town ($8.62) and sat down in the shade for 10/15 mins…

The ice cream was really nice, but huge so Tom shared it with me. Got a bit melty at the end, and I got some on my t-shirt.

At 12:50 we headed out of the park for a smoke / vape break for Rich and Tom, and a mooch around Market Place…

They had characters from Knott’s Bear-y Tales in Build a Bear…

Mrs Knott’s infamous fried chicken (we’d seen a lot of good reviews for this, but it didn’t make the A-List this time)..

By 1:15 we were back through security and into the park. It was really hot now, and I was still a feeling a bit dizzy, so I took some tablets and wet my hair in the ladies to try and cool down.

We all agreed that there was no need to stay until park closing at 6pm, and that we should aim to head out around 4:30, to miss the rush hour traffic.

Silver Bullet was down to a 20 minute wait, so we decided to do that next. Tom went to get us a drink refill to have in the queue line, but it took ages as there was a big group of people pondering their orders in front of him, so by the time he got back to us Silver Bullet was up to 35 mins, and we decided to do the Timber Mountain Log Flume instead, as it was only a 15 min wait…

It was a good Flume (and apparently the inspiration for Splash Mountain), and I was feeling much better by now.

2:30 - We decided the ride Jaguar next, but came to Sierra Sidewinder on the way, so we did that first…

It was a 15 min queue and was really intense for a family spinning coaster - it definitely was not for Rich

We mooched through Camp Snoopy and Fiesta Village to Jaguar, which was pretty much a walk-on (the inside part of the queue line was nice and cool) - This was a long ride and very rough. Me and Tom both banged our legs on the lap bar...

3:20 - We had a final wander through the Boardwalk taking a few pics…

We all decided that we weren’t too bothered about doing Silver Bullet or Pony Express, and that we were ready to head back to the hotel.

We stopped in a couple of shops in Ghost Town on the way to the exit. I got a jar of Boysenberry & Lemonade Jam ($10.75) and the Boisenberry tree decoration I’d seen earlier ($9.69)…

Rich and Tom went to the smoking area whilst I went ahead to Virginia’s store for a final mooch as I was in search of a park logo magnet…

They had lots of choice for the various rides and western themes, but that none I really like.

The sales assistant was really helpful, suggesting lots of different displays to look at. It was a tad awkward though, as I didn’t like most of what she was showing me, and we were the only customers in the store. She was very sweet though, and had clearly been working there a long time.

I settled on a Calico Mine Ride magnet one in the end and also got a Boysenberry car air freshener ($12)…

It was now 4pm and we decided to walk 5 mins up the street to the nearest restaurant to sort out our Uber…

We sat down in front of a restaurant called Clam Basket, and the Uber was a just few mins wait...

The driver was not the best, he grunted at Tom when he asked if it was ok to sit in front, and couldn’t follow Google Maps to get into the hotel entrance, so he only got a $1 tip.

We arrived back at the hotel at about 4:30. I’d been fighting to stay awake in the Uber, but had “lost my doze”, so after trying and failing to have a nap, I got up and had my pizza leftovers from yesterday and a few crisps as a late lunch / snack…

We’d planned to get a Door Dash delivery and just chill out in the room tonight, but it was still early, so at 5:45ish Rich suggested going to Anaheim Packing House instead (which was on the original A List).

I had a shower and straightened my hair (for the only time this trip) - It was nice to be wearing my wedge sandals instead of trainers for a change…

We Ubered to the Packing House, which was less than 10 mins away, arriving at 6:50…

It had a really cool vibe, with some live DJs playing tunes. We did a lap of the vendors to see what we fancied, and agreed we’d graze our way around, rather than choose individual meals, so that we could try a few different things,

We started downstairs at The Kroft, sharing Wagyu Smash Burger Loaded Fries and a Coke ($17.73), which were really nice…

Next was a Classic from Black Sheep Grilled Cheese Bar (Approx $9) - they gave me a buzzer, so we grabbed some stools and chilled listening to the DJs whilst we waited for it to cook…

Rich had half of the grilled cheese, and Tom had a few bites of my half before going off to choose something else - He went for some Shrimp from The Chippy (No price noted) which were nice too…

Rich popped to Le Parfait Paris to get a Vanilla New York Roll for later ($8)…

Next, I went to Mangal, choosing the Chicken Schwarma Wrap Combo ($13) which came with Fries and a Coke…

The wrap was nice but a bit too garlicky for me so I gave 1/2 of my 1/2 to Rich as he really enjoyed it (and has said it’s up there as one of the best things he ate on this trip).

Tom fancied a dessert and came back from Popbar with a milkshake ($6.50 I think)…

I also went to Popbar, getting a Mango Smoothie Pop, with milk chocolate drizzle and crushed pistachios ($5), which was really nice and refreshing…

Rich had his Vanilla New York Roll and really liked it.

By 8:20 we were all fooded-out, so went for a little wander through the outside Farmers Market area and then back to see the old train carriage seating area at the back of the Packing House…

At 8:40 we got our Uber back to the hotel. It was a Tesla and the driver was really motoring (possibly speeding). He missed the turning for the hotel, so we got out at the bus stop (another $1 tip).

We were back in the room by 8:55 and Tom went out for his evening Face Time with Lola.

I was too tired to do any trippie notes again tonight (so was now 2 days behind). I think was asleep by 9:30.

We did 15,800 steps today 👣

Thoughts on Knott’s Berry Farm
Whilst we really liked his park, it didn’t quite live up to our expectations. It was a great day, with some good solid rides, but having three of their biggest coasters (Ghost Rider, Xcelerator and Montezuma’s Revenge) down for maintenance didn’t help. It definitely gave me Thorpe Park / Walibi Holland vibes. The history of the park is really fascinating, and once you know the story of Walter and Mrs Knott, the emphasis and effort they put into the Ghost Town area makes sense. I loved all the Boysenberry merch and food, and the Jam is really tasty and a nice reminder of our trip whilst I’m having my Sunday morning toast.

Day 6: Disney’s California Adventure

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Great to hear about the packing house.
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