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Unread 3 Jun 10, 12:55 PM  
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Exclamation Camping and caravanning at disneyland paris

I first started researching into Camping and Caravanning at DLP when I realised that my eldest son starts school next September and this year would be the last of the cheap off-peak holidays that we have enjoyed for the past two years. Used to paying 25 a night for my accommodation at DLP I was shocked that the same accommodation was 98 during July and August. What I have found is a cheap(er) way of visiting the parks for those who dont mind camping. A few sites also have mobile homes very similar to the Davy Crockett Ranch however these can be expensive but Ill cover them here too.

First things firstwhen staying off-site you obviously need to arrange your own park tickets, my suggestion would be to buy an Annual Pass. For roughly the same price as a 3-4 day park hopper you can purchase a Fantasy Annual Pass, the best thing it does it to give you access to the car park at DLP for free, this is a saving of 12 per day. For more information on annual passes please visit here

There are 6 Campsites within a 30 minute drive of DLP

Camping Paris Est: Located 20 minutes from Disneyland Paris, this would be my least favorate choice. This campsite has the most difficult charging system to understand. Prices here range from 25 per night for a tent, two people, car and electricity up to 33 during the summer however you are litteraly charged separately for everything. Obviously for some this is better, but to me it seems like they should have two or three rates instead for ease of understanding.

Camping Du Bois De Boulogne: Owned by the same company as Camping Paris Est, they have the same complex charging system.

L Ille Demoiselle: This campsite is located 10 minutes from Disneyland Paris, 30 minutes from Paris and 35 minutes from Parc Asterix and is open from April until October every year. This campsite literally charges you separately for everything. Here is a breakdown of how to work out your price:
Pitch: 4
Water: 2.50
Adult: 3
Children: 2
Animals: 1.50
Car: 2.50
Tent Supplement: 1.50
Electricity (6amp): 4
Electricity (4amp): 2.50

So the total for 2 adults and 2 children in a tent with 6 amp electricity, water and taking their own car would be 24.50 per night all year round.

Camping Le Chene Gris: A superb site, by far the best that I have visited. Approximately a 20 minute drive from the Disneyland Park there is both a toll road and a toll free road which both take roughly the same time. This site allows tents, motor homes and caravans. They also have two different styles of static tents for those who dont have or dont wish to take their own as well as three different styles of mobile home. This site also offers deals such as 7 nights for the price of 5 and even 14 nights for the price of 7, although these offers are always outside of peak times. Le Chene Gris is owned and operated by Vancansoleil, please do not book your trip direct with them though as they charge a premium for booking with them which can be in excess of 100 over booking on Le Chene Gris own website, The site is expensive when compared to the others during the summer months but off-peak here is a real bargain.
Off peak here you will be looking at between 20 and 31 per night for the Luxury Tent rising to 72 at the height of summer. Mobile homes start from 39 per night rising to 107 during the summer. The website currently does not have pitch prices although you are able to put your dates in and it will give you a total price.

Caravanning des 4 Vents: A campsite that I personally havent visited however it looks very nice, they have a simple year round price structure here which is 27 per night for 2 adults and a tent or caravan, each additional person is charged at 6 each and children under 5 are free. You can also take animals with you for a 3 per night surcharge.

Camping Les Etangs Fleuris: A great little family run site located 25 minutes from Disneyland Paris. Their Camping tariff is 9.50 per adult per night inclusive of electricity, 4 per child under 10 per night inclusive of electricity. Adult price is 1 cheaper without electricity. This makes a family of 2 adults and 2 children 27 per night and the great news is that this is the tariff from 04/04/2010 to 15/09/2010; there are no extra charges for peak times. This campsite also offers mobile homes for rent, these range from 590 to 640 in July and August but can be had for as little as 390 per week in off-peak times.

I hope this has been of some use to someone out there. Any questions, please drop me a PM and Ill try to help where I can.

Happy camping,


Edited at 01:04 PM. Reason: Removed info on motor homes...see post below
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Unread 3 Jun 10, 01:24 PM  
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EXCELLENT post thanks Jonathan.

Tempted to make this a sticky...

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Unread 3 Jun 10, 11:20 PM  
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A fab post! Def will look into this for our next trip!
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Unread 7 Jun 10, 01:05 PM  
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Motor Homes at Disneyland Paris.

I spent a lot of time on the phone speaking to various people at Disneyland Paris this weekend and I asked about taking Motor Homes to Disneyland Paris and got a very good answer from them...here is is:

DLP offer's the possibility to stay overnight at the main car park.

The castmembers direct the motor caravans to the "Pinocchio" area, which is located on the right side of the moving conveyor belt (if entering the parking lot with the car) near its beginning (if moving toward the park) in the middle of the parking lot.

There are no electrical connections available on the parking lot, guests staying in the motor caravans are free use the public toilets opposite of the animal care center,near the "Alice" section of the car park, and the facilities for bus drivers at the "Pinocchio" area. These facilities include toilets, showers, coin and card operated telephones, a TV room and a small room with tables, seats and a drink and snack vending machines. All facilities are open 24 hours. This building also has additional ticket-offices for the theme parks however opening times are seasonal (this may also be a useful tip for summer visitors needing to buy park tickets)

Motor homes may use the waste disposal and fresh water facilities for buses, located next to the bus driver lounge in the "Tigger" area of the parking lot. There are refuse recepticles for rubbish, drainage points for used water and for camping toilet's. During the winter season water is only availiable from the Driver Lounge area.

The guests staying there are not given a Hotel Easy Pass and therefore not eligible to the benefits and offers for hotel guests.

When entering the parking lot with a motor caravan it is necessary to tell the castmember that you want to stay overnight you will be issued with an overnight ticket which must be clearly displayed at all times (checked by castmembers regularly) however it is not necessary to decide about the duration of your stay in advance as it can be prolonged daily at the Animal Care Center, you must take your ticket there for them to mark the extra night(s). The receipt also includes a map of the parking lot and the surrounding area informing guests about the location of all facilities.

Due to the large number of spaces available it is not possible to reserve a slot in advance. Please keep in mind that once the car park has closed for the day not further Motor Homes will be allowed access...this is generally one hour before park closing time.

Edited at 01:08 PM.
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Unread 9 Jun 10, 08:59 PM  
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I have stayed at 2 of the sites, here are a couple of reviews.

Caravanning des 4 Vents - I stayed here a couple of years ago, it was a ok site, there was several things I didn't like, I stayed there in late August. You could be pitched next to the road & there was traffic noise all hours, not major road noise but it didn't make it the most peaceful place. The pool, was not somewhere you could spend some time around, you could not take your towels in with you, as there was powerful showers as you went in, the pool is 4-5ft deep with no swallow areas, there was a 6 year old in my party & she really want to go in the pool but was too scared as she couldn't reach the bottom. Also there was no loungers so you couldn't spend time sitting around the pool. This is a personal thing but there were high hedges around many of the pitches, which I found it a bit isolating. I like my space, however it's nice to have neighbours to say hi too. It did have nice showers & was nicely kept.

Camping Les Etangs Fleuris - I stayed here last year, & liked it so much more that then 4 vents. It had a lovely pool which goes out like a beach to the deep end (don't know if they have a posh name), with loungers so you could spend around the pool. There was a long road on the site so all the pitches were a good distance from the road, but the site was a quiet stretch of road. The site was really well kept, the toilets & showers very cleaned several times per day, they weren't the newest but well kept. The pitches were a really good size, I had a 6 man tunnel tent & a 3 man pop up tent, & 2 cars parked on the pitch, with table, chairs, washing line, bbq/ cooker, with time to room to spare. There was a lovely stream running though the site, with 2 lakes which people could fish from with loads of wildlife in. They also had static caravans on site, which all looked really well maintained. I'm planning on going back to this site next year as I loved it, there was things to do on the site for the kids but it was also really there.
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Fingers crossed! x
Unread 10 Jun 10, 11:15 AM  
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Have also stayed at Les Etangs Fleuris on a regular basis over the last 4 years. Defo my favourite site over there for quietness and distance to DLP. Just a shame that French Life no longer accept Tesco vouchers.
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Unread 10 Jun 10, 12:18 PM  
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i allways look at camping near DLP

never done it yet though
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Unread 29 Nov 10, 08:53 PM  
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I think Les Etangs is a really lovely campsite...but I am biased because I worked there!
Sophie and Olivier are the owners and they are the most helpful people you will ever meet.
Its a straight 25 minutes to Disney...and then you can also get the train to Paris.

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