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We donít talk about holiday no no no- Britannia cruise Day 3

Wednesday 20th

Woke up at 5 again and tried to get more sleep. Iím sure everyone is struggling more as there is no natural light in the inside cabin. Decided to get out of bed at 6.45 and get showered and dress. Again it was a big rush around to get everyone sorted and out by 8am. Down to the peninsula for breakfast. Georgia had porridge, Scarlett a croissant, I had danishís and Scott had full English. He wasnít very impressed with the fact that the bacon wasnít well done. Especially as we had asked for it specifically that way. Had white fat on bacon.

We had a sit down in the blue bar watching the waves before we packed the girls off to the kids club for 9.30am. Plus I think there was a meet going on in there so as needed to move anyway.

Back to the cabin for us to tidy up and then we came down to the market cafe to do the crossword. Again it was too hard for us and I had alsam tea which was ok but could have been better. It didnít really brew that well for me.

These three hours without the kids really does go fast.

We pick the kids up at 12.30 and head to the lido deck, Georgia wants pizza and Scarlett a hotdog. Scott and Scarlett went off to deck 17 to see if they could find a seat in the sun. One of the waitresses, lily, stopped and talked to Georgia about the crocodile mask she had made at kids club and as Georgia was showing it she dropped it in a puddle, bless lily she dried it all up and luckily there wasnít many tears. We saw Scott waving to us from the deck above so I grabbed Georgia some pizza and we went up to see what everyone else wanted. Soon as we got up there, I popped my sunglasses on that I keep in my bag as my eyes are sensitive to light and they all start moaning about theirs that they had left in the cabin. Obviously must be a mum thing but I had to go and get them and fetch food with me on the way back. I brought what the girls wanted plus fries and burger for me and Scott. He had already ordered beer and lemonades.

After our lunch we grabbed some sun lounges that were next to us and all sunbathed. Kids got some first next to some people

We actually had a great afternoon. Scott had a few beers, I even had a cocktail which I wish I hadnít.

Iíd wanted to try the jukebox hero quiz but thought we would just play along for fun. Good job we did as we didnít do too well at it.

Next we had ice creams.

This took ages to get and as soon as we were back Scarlett needed the toilet so off we went only to come back to our ice creams mostly eaten by Scott and Georgia. We had malted banana, salted caramel and honeycomb. Mine was the best. Both girls were surprisingly good this afternoon. Sun started to go in just after 4 so we decided to go back to the cabin to get ready for dinner.

Well we look like tomatoes, me and Scott. Kids arenít burnt at all but we look terrible, usually Scott just goes brown but not this time. Iím blaming my ginger genes for mine.

Managed to just get to dinning room for 6 only to find a massive queue. Seated at 6.15, not really what I wanted when I had plans for 7. We hadnít come down and looked at the menu today it was just a surprise. Kids chose egg, chips and sweetcorn. We had the chefís selection, beef kofta, turkey dinner and Apple strudel. The main was terrible. Weíve had better at places like Toby cavery.

Off to our next appointment slightly late at 7.15 but we made it to the kids disco. They loved having a dance with their friends from kids club.

We had a few mocktails while watching them. There was a 70ís night after the kids club so we stayed for that with the band pulse.

Well it was so loud and I didnít rate her singing much either so we decided to call it a night as we were up early in the morning. Managed to get everyone but me asleep for 9.30. Now Iím just pondering what to do as Scott says we change the clocks by an hour today, I donít think my phone can update without internet so Iím thinking I need to set my alarm for 5.30 as that would really be 6.30. I donít want to miss breakfast but if Iím wrong Iíll have very mardy people with me tomorrow. Plus I canít sleep as I am literally still burning. Was a very bad decision to not fetch it up from the cabin with me.
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Iím guessing you wonít be sailing with this company again then?
30 cruises with DCL and counting ...
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Wow lots of eating!
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