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Unread 9 Feb 20, 11:47 PM  
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disney1st timer
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Mobile Decorating - where to start!

Weve been in our new build house almost two years and Im ashamed to say that some rooms still have bare light bulbs dangling! Im fed up of having a beautiful house that is like an empty box but the trouble is I literally dont know where to start. We have a living room, study, kitchen/diner, downstairs loo, four bedrooms, main bathroom and an en-suite to do - oh and downstairs and upstairs hallways. It feels like so much that I dont even know where to begin. If I try to look on Pinterest Im overwhelmed by too many ideas and end up giving up. So, whats the best way to tackle THE WHOLE HOUSE? Any tips would be great, or even inspiration of some of your fabulous houses?! I appreciate this is a nice problem to have but I want to feel proud of this house that weve worked hard for and at the minute I dont.
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Unread 9 Feb 20, 11:57 PM  
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slightly serious Dibber
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Start small. Choose a room perhaps just the downstairs WC to begin with, then choose one item you like such as a mirror, toilet roll holder or similar and then choose a paint colour that would go with it. I love pinterest and make boards up with the images I like and colour palettes.
For a larger room just sit in it a while and decide what the room needs, more light maybe or made to feel more cosy. Just focus on the one room at a time, each room will get easier once you know what works for you.
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And then there were 4...
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Unread 9 Feb 20, 11:59 PM  
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lizzie145's Avatar
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Either room by room or try to think of a theme that you like.
I've been in my current house for 2 years and I haven't rushed to decorate. Just finishing a bedroom as couldn't find wallpaper I liked.

You could just by some cheap lampshades as that will make a small difference
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Back to Crete ?
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Unread 10 Feb 20, 12:04 AM  
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Apprentice Imagineer
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Pinterest is your new friend!

Lots of super ideas on there, try not to look at it as something big and overwhelming more as a fun project to create your happy place.
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Unread 10 Feb 20, 12:08 AM  
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soooexcited!'s Reviews
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I would pick the room you spend most time in first. Once you've cracked that one you'll be inspired to do the rest. I love pinterest for ideas. I've just paid a decorater for the first time as I normally do it all myself, what a revelation that was. Clean tidy and fantastic job. Hes coming back to tackle my shabby hall landing and stairs next month. Worth every penny.
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Unread 10 Feb 20, 07:38 AM  
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VIP Dibber

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We have this same issue (we have been in our new build for 17 months), but we have been using our battle with the builder as an "excuse" for not moving forward.

I decided a couple of weeks ago I was sick of it and we went out bed shopping and bought a bed... This seems to have spurred me on as I want the main bedroom decorated for when the bed arrives.

Now I'm under a specific time pressure it's like things have fallen into place.

I know what I want the main bedroom painted to look like and have already started looking for accessories.

We have wallpapered one wall of the lounge and now I'm looking for curtains.

You don't have to think of it all at once but when you start to get some momentum the ideas will start to flow.

In case it helps I've decided the master bedroom will be emerald and copper (but with only one feature wall and the rest white as we aren't massively "out there" when it comes to decor.

Kids room is a pastel green and pastel pink and I've bought rainbow decorative items from Ali Express (rainbow coloured dream catcher, rainbow wall stickers, rainbow pom pom string and a Nordic style hanging and rainbow double panel curtains from amazon).

Downstairs loo will be Jungle Cruise themed as a year ago I bought a porthole style mirror from Next and a print to go in there and some elephants. We will either paper with jungle print or paint green.

Bedroom 2 will be painted a sage green and cream.

Downstairs study (used as playroom) will be same as kids bedroom in terms of colour hut without a specific theme of rainbows... I may put some clouds on the wall as we have a hot air balloon light and may add more hot air balloons hanging from the ceiling.

I'll decide on bathrooms, bedroom 4, hall, kitchen/dining/family space after these projects have completed.
Amanda Xx
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Unread 10 Feb 20, 08:04 AM  
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Location: Falmouth
We have a house of very similar description to the thread starter.. relatively generous Lounge, Kitchen diner that is good size,impracticable, hall , utility, cloakroom, 4 beds 2 bathrooms and an attached double garage beyond the kitchen wall on the side of the main house.

It is nice.. and bland with every carpet a pale beige and every wall painted in Timeless trade extra matt emulsion (white to us normal humans). Every light fitting was a pendant. Those walls mark terribly and at 3 years, we are now ready to go to work...

1. We changed the noisy cheap stainless sink for a quality acrylic one, the cheap gas hob for an induction one and the lousy, cheap, non frost free integrated Zanussi Fridge Freezer changed for a decent Bosch one. We skipped the original in each of the above cases at less than a year old as I would not have wanted to be associated with them.

2. All lights are changed in Lounge, hallways, kitchen and main bedroom.

3. The totally rubbish, quarter circle, en suite shower screen that leaked as well as attracting mould around the bottom runners has been replaced by a quality, hinged one that does not leak, has no areas for mould propagation and is generally fit for purpose.

4. After Easter, the inner of the double garage is being converted into a dining room with window instead of garage door and a double door knock through from the kitchen. This will give me a 20 x 10 kitchen with a breakfast bar and a 13.5 x 8 Dining room... as I would have preferred in the first place and as I asked Linden Homes to consider (refused). That has been drawn up and building regs with a builder due to start upon my return from vacation.

5. Lounge will be repainted.

6. carpets will be changed once the 13 and 17 year old stop treating our home like a lucky 8.

7. All skirting boards (rubbish MDF) will be primed and repainted.

8. All of the cheap (20 quid at most) doors with already breaking up inside, cheap door handles will be replaced by quality Oak veneer ones.

Pretty much in that order. I will never move in to a new build again, liking modern homes but preferably where a previous owner has done the upgrades for me. Snagging in the first 2 years was a further, unpleasant and generally unsatisfactory tale of delaminating tape from wall seams, leaks, poor plastering, wonky walls etc etc... etc.

Thankyou, Linden Homes.
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Unread 10 Feb 20, 08:13 AM  
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VIP Dibber

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I started on our house yesterday a lot of the rooms need a freshen up, Iwent to b&q all coloured emulsion is 3 for 2 so I have bought enough for 3 of the kids bedrooms, trying to reve myself up for the hall as we had a quote for 2k for that and I have decided I would prefer to give the money to Mickey Mouse😉. I have to say I really enjoyed it yesterday afternoon with the music on. I think it is just a case of getting started and the rest will come 😀👍
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On our way back..
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