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Unread 16 May 19, 03:11 AM  
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Excited about Disney
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And Then There Were Three... The Big 18/21 15 May 2019

Index is here

Woke up this morning just before 6. Head is banging and face is aching. Damn you cold. Im surprised I slept as well as I did as my nose was so blocked when I went to bed.

This morning is magic kingdom - going to attempt to rope drop seven dwarves but got to faff with the monorail/ferry so well see how far back we are.

Jas has decided to stay behind today - shes so tired and has an early start with her dad tomorrow and also has the same cold as me.

We left home at 7.25 and were parked just before 8. The monorail wasnt up and running yet so we had to take the ferry. Through the entrance and up towards the castle ready for rope drop. I stopped in Starbucks to grab a coffee for dad. I met with the others who werent where I said to wait!

We had 15 minutes to wait for the stampede to seven dwarves mine train. While we were waiting we did some fast pass modifying- no one wanted to do jungle cruise so we managed to change it to haunted mansion. And Phoe was the only one who wanted to do space mountain so we changed ours to pirates of the Caribbean.

The rope was dropped and it was comedy walk time - we lost nanny ahead in the distance again. We arrived at the edge of the fence and filtered into one line - from this point it was 15 minutes until we were on the ride. Its such a smooth ride compared with thunder mountain but my dad claimed he was thrown around all over the place! By the time we we were off the wait time was 60 minutes.

Wed had a notification that our fast pass for pirates had been changed to a multi experience pass as it was temporarily down so we decided to use it on splash mountain. By the time we got over to splash it was only a 5 minute wait so Phoebe came on too and we went in the stand by line. Nanny and gdog were in the front and nanny got absolutely soaked. Her trousers were wet through.

We then used our fast pass for thunder mountain - nanny stayed in the sun to dry off, so Phoe took her magic band and we practically walked straight on.

Phoe was now in her window for Space mountain so she set off and we said wed go on the blue thing (people mover) and meet her by buzz. We had a quick mooch in the Christmas shop and then then ate a roll which wed brought with us

Before wed finished eating, Phoe messages to see where we were - shed give single rider so was off already. We then went on the blue thing and the best thing happened - THE LIGHTS WERE ON IN SPACE MOUNTAIN! weve been waiting to see this for ever. A couple of times on previous trips weve gone on the people mover when space was down hoping the lights would be on but it was always dark.

Dad and I then went on carousel of progress as we still had 20 minutes until our Buzz Lightyear fastpass. We were on the second segment when a family decided to leave - well this completely messes up the whole of carousel of progress! It stops the ride rotating properly so then we had to sit through the whole segment again. The following segment partially messed up and then during the last segment some else left so we had to repeat that one too. But at least they announced during that one that because someone had left the carousel would resume again in 4 minutes.

We finally got out and went On Buzz Lightyear - scores were rubbish! Then over to Pecos Bills for lunch,? Stopping on the way to pick up an ice cream for mum. We picked up a kids beef nachos and a kids rice bowl and then I went to the hut around the corner and picked up some chilli cheese waffle fries and some spicy fried cauliflower which Phoe and I shared with gdog. I can recommend all of the dishes.

We then used out haunted mansion fastpass and took a walk over to the Big top to see if they had any muppets or dwarf toys. It all went a bit wrong here - Phoe showed me a mystery pack of pins which were $27.99. I said are you sure you want to spend that much. To which she replied, there might be an Ariel one. I said there might not. Phoe took umbridge to this and decided she wasnt coming with us. We were then heading to the park exit and I didnt mind if she didnt come with us as there had been talk of her meeting Sarah and Reece but I needed to know. A heated WhatsApp conversation ensued which carried on until after the monorail and I was almost at the car park and about to lose Wi-fi. I just needed to know if she was coming with us or not and if she was wed wait for her. Phoe has trouble making decisions and just wouldnt tell me what she was doing. It ended with her saying she wanted to be alone and me saying right, Im going. I got back to the car and we set off. Wed just left Disney property and got on the 192 when she text to say I guess youve gone then as the car isnt there. ≈≈≈! Yes I had gone! I wasnt best pleased! Dad text her to say shed have to get the bus to Animal Kingdom lodge. And Phoe replied that I should have waited like I said I would! Ggggrrrrrr

I stopped to get gas - my car doesnt seem to be very economical - got home and checked on jas - still full of cold- and Phoe then said she was at the bus stop so I then drove back to AKL to pick her up. Went all the way with no Sat Nav either! Mum and dad headed out to Walmart and to the post office

I jumped in the pool, Phoe had a nap and lo and behold Jas appeared in swimmers! The titanic was going for its second voyage!

Phoe appeared not long after and lay on her flounder lilo in the pool.

Mum and dad came back and Phoe and I decided wed better catch up on line of duty, so sat with the iPad

Dinner by the pool, jacket potatoes with beans/cheese etc.

Determined to get an earlier night tonight as Im so tired. Ive got to take the girls to Hollywood studios tomorrow as theyre meeting their dad and hoping to rope drop slinky dog! He was texting them to meet somewhere en route so he doesnt have to pay parking. I suggested the Olive Garden as we both know where that is but no, Ive got to drive almost to world drive and find some random spot that hes chosen. Im sure therell be a take to tell about it tomorrow - probably involving timekeeping.

No gdog clones today - one of actual gdog wet from splash mountain though. Actual gdog

I tell a lie - Phoe spotted 3!


Day 13 - Magic KIngdom

The alarm woke me up just before 6:30am. Cant remember if I woke up in the night or not. We then set off for Magic KIngdom at 7:20am. We left Jasmine at home today as she was shattered from all the previous days and we needed her to be up early for tomorrow.

We parked relatively close in the car park and walked over to bag check and planned to get the monorail over. It didnt open until 8:30am, so we got the ferry over. Through the tapstyles and headed to the right of the castle, under mums instructions. She went to Starbucks to get a coffee for Gdog whilst he went to the toilet. Nanny and I stood in the mosh pit until Gdog arrived, mum then arrived and announced we were at the wrong bit. We went too right to the castle. She said right to the castle, so thats where I went!

We were then through and had a mad dash/walk/run thing to Seven Dwarfs. More of a mosh pit trying to get into the line. Once in the line we were on and off within 15 mins. It was nice to actually sit next to mum for once as normally one of us is on our own because Jas doesnt do strangers.

We then modified our fp from Jungle Cruise to Haunted Mansion and the Space Mountain one to Pirates for those 3 and I kept it as its my fav ride. They were then going to use the special fp on Splash Mountain and Id head over to Space. It was only a 5 minute wait so we all got in the regular queue. Nanny and Gdog rode the front and got soaked!

Nanny then wanted to stand and get dry so I took her magic band and did Thunder with mum and Gdog. After this I headed to Space whilst they looked in the Christmas shop. When youre in the queue if youre a single rider you have to let the crew know and youre then put into a separate queue, which meant I was on and off super quick. I then went outside to meet the others outside Buzz where they said theyd be. There were still the other side of the park! They then arrived and we went onto the blue thing. Nanny filed her nails, Gdog cleaned his glasses, mum has a drink and I ate my roll.

We then went into the part in Space Mountain and it was lit up! This meant the lights were on as the ride must have gone down and wed be able to finally see the inside of Space Mountain! Weve been trying to do this for ages ever since we saw it on Happyhaunt 1000s post. As soon as Space has been down weve legged it over there to see it. Mum and I were so excited and the others just looked at us. We made sure we took pictures!

We then had a 20 minute wait until our fp for Buzz. Mum and Gdog decided to go on the Carousel of Progress whilst nanny stood and dried off again! I sat and waited with the bags. They then apparently got stuck on it because a family had tried to get out or something like that. I wasnt really listening.

We then went onto Buzz and I lost. Mum reckons hers didnt work. No idea what scores nanny and Gdog got. We then headed over to Peco Bills for lunch and ordered the kids beef nachos and rice bowl and Mum got chilli cheese fries from a place round the corner. After this we then headed to the final fp, Haunted Mansion.

After this ride they went to look around that store in the big topper tent whilst I had a photo pass outside Ariels castle. I then met them in there and wanted to buy a pin, but mum said I shouldnt waste my money on it. This then turned into a spat and resulted in them leaving me in the park. Id then said I was now at the monorail and expected to see her at the bridge where she said shed be. I walked all the way across the park and car park and theyd gone. I then had to walk all the way back, get back on the monorail, then wait for a bus over to a hotel for her to come and get me. I had no cream so now have burnt shoulders. No drink and no money and 10% battery.

She then came to get me and I slept in the car back and for an hour after wed got home. Jas then came and woke me up to see if I wanted to get in the pool but did this several times as I kept falling back asleep. I then got in the pool and floated on Flounder for a bit and Jas got in the titanic for the second time this trip! Almost two weeks after being here!

Nanny and Gdog had gone to Walmart. They then returned and mum and I started to watch the last episode of Line of Duty and finished it as we ate dinner. All things carbs. It was a disappointing finale and hope we dont have to wait another two years for the next series.

Few games of cards and I lost again and ready for bed and Hollywood Studios tomorrow!

Edited at 03:13 AM.
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Unread 16 May 19, 07:35 AM  
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Great to see titanic getting another sailing!
We havent had a villa before how is it having your own pool?

Looks like you fitted a lot in at magic kingdom and congrats on seeing Space Mountain with lights on!

How do you know the gdog you have is the real one?
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Unread 16 May 19, 08:46 AM  
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Mamie Baldwin
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How do you know the gdog you have is the real one?[/QUOTE]
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Back to the Beach Club
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Unread 23 May 19, 10:17 PM  
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Well done for battling through even though you felt rotten.

I've always wanted to see Space with the lights on, it is on my bucket list.
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NE Road Trip & Disney
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Unread 23 May 19, 11:40 PM  
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Excited about Disney
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Originally Posted by collybird View Post
Well done for battling through even though you felt rotten.

I've always wanted to see Space with the lights on, it is on my bucket list.
Its on my bucket list too - I finally have a tick against something!
10th trip coming up
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Our WDW Holiday.
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Unread 28 May 19, 01:58 PM  
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Deck 4, Disney Wonder

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Despite the little misunderstanding it was another good day!

We were once stuck on CoP for hours (well it felt like hours but it was about 15/20 minutes I think) and we must have seen the first room 8 times! Ntt an experience I need to repeat although I do love a ride on it every trip
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Unread 29 May 19, 02:09 PM  
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A bit of a mixed day with not feeling 100% and a little misunderstanding in the family

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Unread 12 Jun 19, 05:32 PM  
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Jakey Neverland
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Another great read, its fun to read both your view points of the day
Natalie Xx
Don't wait for the Storm to Pass, Learn to Dance in the Rain..
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