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My Magic Holiday
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Unread 26 Jan 20, 12:54 AM  
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Simon & Suzann
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No offence was taken at all. My reply was tongue in cheek and appreciated your great reply.

It's a minefield all the busy days, adr's, fastpass, which rides to go to first, which way to go around the park etc etc.

First time we went was 2008 and naively we didn't have any real planning. Kids were really young so we let them dictate when to eat, when to go home. We did know there were certain rides and shows to do and did manage to do most things. Maybe more luck that we went in Sep so really quiet.

Best holiday ever and i think we're still trying to unsuccessfully relive it but planning has taken over the natural fun if u get me.

We have been dithering with the TS v QS as on site but this week we have finally decided 98% to do QS as we want to slow down and just go with the flow rather than saying nope we can't go back to pool cos we got ADR at 5pm. And no u can't have an ice cream cos u won't eat your ADR at 1pm. Now speed up cos we gotta rush around to get to our 8am ADR.
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Disney here we come!
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