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Unread 20 Apr 19, 12:53 PM  
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Mobile Tit for tat-Birthday on board... May 19. Pre trip report

Pre trip report

Tit for tat. Birthday on board

So last June hubby booked Disney for my birthday turning 31 because we generally find our birthdays boring especially with having to entertain family that decide to pop round so we decided he is going to take me to t-Rex cafe and obviously that meant 3 weeks in Florida.

Just after Christmas he decided (you can see where he generally makes the decision as Im useless at that) that as we were going away for my birthday it was only fair to go away for his. Hence the tit for tat title.
So we found two deals to go on two separate cruises one to fjords then jump onto another ship at Southampton that day that went down to France and Spain.
Unfortunately as it always goes,you never get problems with money until you really need it, hubbys overtime didnt get paid everyones is delayed by a month and as we are moving house (totally not planned and very fast) we couldnt even just pop it on the credit card either as looked better for the mortgage. So we cancelled the fjords cruise and lost deposit (84&#128546 but still kept the cruise for his birthday.

This was probably a blessing in disguise as I forgot how much moving house would cost. If I hadnt have already paid this one then we would have probably cancelled.
Saying that we are going to have two fantastic holidays abroad this year and a new house so not bad considering. Just very very tight!

Me: Im 30. Loved the last cruise we went on as it was the only time we went abroad between getting married and now but I get sea sick 🤢. I work part time and Im mum to two angels (when they want something) Im the one that tends to organise everything but I am terrible at making decisions, I dither and I worry. A lot. Its gotten to a point where I dont even order a takeaway anymore cos it takes that long to decide hubby just does it all now. Sure I didnt used to be this indecisive before the kids.

Hubby: Currently 30 but will be 31 whilst on board. Has the final say on most things since I cant make up my mind. Tends to get far more grumpier than me. Loved the last cruise we went on even more than me and has always wanted to go back especially for a certain pudding at Sindhu but they dont do it now 😔 dunno what he was expecting 7 years later really.

Scarlett: She is 4 going on 14. One day I want to go on a big boat and Im hoping it will be a good experience for her, she is an amazing little writer so she will be writing a little report herself to show her class Im going to get her a special book and pen. As she is a picky eater then we will mostly staying to buffets anyway so that should be all good. You know I say she is a picky eater but I suppose thats cos Im comparing her to rest of us that will eat most things, shes probably not as picky as others she just doesnt like trying new things as much.

Georgia: She is 3. Shes the climber and doesnt really have a sense of danger so I am worried about this one near the sides. Im hoping she doesnt wriggle too much in bed too as shes on a top bunk with a bed rail. Shes definitely the joker and her catchphrase at the moment is Im doing it for the laugh. She is a little bit nuts and I am hoping she will behave and not have too many meltdowns. She likes her food and new things so will be very happy at the buffets.

Bodie - the mutt is going to nanans again for the week.

The Plan

Going with P & O on the Azura for a week.

Cost us 1000 for the week for cheapest inside cabin (kids will be on bunk beds) and includes the food (and drinks such as tea coffee and juice while in the restaurants). We also got 50 cash back.

Have also booked parking for 95.
Do have to buy a dresses for me and the girls and suit for hubby which havent bought yet 😳 and only two weeks to go.

Love the thought of these trip reports because then Ill alway know what I spent if its all written down. Last cruise we went on I cant even remember what that cost us at all. But tips were payable back then. Im really going to try and make sure to keep to as low as budget as I can do.
May seem strange but will be taking some crisps for the kids to snack on (they like quavers) and some Robinsons squirty thing for me and there water bottles. Hubby will probably have pop or beer.

The girls first time on a ship hopefully it will be all exciting even though it will be a tiny room. They also know nothing about this holiday. We havent told them at all. They know about Disney but they have very little concept of time. Georgia keeps saying its her birthday soon and its not. Its near Christmas. But she keeps saying it anyway.
Still sad about the fjords (was definitely gutted when I wrote this, now not so much)

The itinerary

Day 1. Drive down. Board at Southampton
Day 2. Cherbourg. France
Day 3. At sea. Birthday dinner at The Beach Club
Day 4. La Corua. Spain
Day 5. Santander. Spain
Day 6. At sea
Day 7. St. Peter Port. Guernsey
Day 8. Dock at Southampton. Drive home.

We literally have no plan for any docks. We have 300 for the first 3 ports and 100 for Guernsey. Credit cards as back up. I think its just going to be a case of get off the boat and explore. Take in the culture and views that kind of thing. We chose this cruise as it ment hubby was on holiday on his birthday. Should be warm ish. It was a cheap cruise for 4 of us or at least it seems like a good deal to me. Theres not actually any of these ports I want to visit. Saying that when we went on our last cruise hubby chose it specifically as I had always wanted to go to Rome and Pisa. Turned out that out of the 6 ports we went to on that cruise the worst ones where Rome and Pisa. Some of the other ports that Id never heard of were the best. I kinda like catching one of those little trains or open top buses to sightsee and go to a local little cafe and look in random shops.

Im hoping this will be a nice easy relaxing holiday. The kids have said they may try the kids club which sounds amazing (movies and popcorn I wanna stay in there!) They said that as they caught us lookeing on YouTube at boats so had to fib that nanan might be going on one instead.
That might mean we actually get some couple time, dont think Id know what to do with myself without the munchkins.

We may also get a hotel night before in Southampton but not sure on that one yet. Takes us 3hrs 40mins to drive down. But I dont think we have to board until midday. (Update the hotel has gone from 40 to 100 so gonna drive down in the morning instead)

(🧐 am thinking I use brackets waaay too much)

So just clothes left to do.
All travel insurance is paid per month through hubby wages so thats covering us all year.

Already did passport and suitcases etc last year.

Cant believe we have less than 50 days to go. (Wow its now only 23 days and this report is still sat in my notes) Saying that Ive still gotta get though Easter holidays with those two terrors first. Clothes shopping Easter holidays and my kids do not go well together. I may be drinking on this holiday at this rate.

Looking forward to both holidays but finding it a bit difficult to plan as my mind is definitely more on the house.

Hope the kids like cruises as thats what we are planning for next year in the school holidays.

There isnt internet on board unless I pay 10 a day so assuming I will be typing it all up and adding it on later. Probably be WiFi when we are in port though.

Started to get slightly worried about this cruise as Im on a cruise forum and there are worrying posts about this particular ship. Also Guernsey is a tender and apparently only has a 50% success rate so might end up on the boat that day.

With two weeks to go I think Im about set. Bought one dress. Kids clothes are sorted. Just need to print off the passes and pack. Hubby hasnt done anything though so he currently has no suit. Few shirts but thats it.

Our check in time says 3pm. We are the last ones on the ship. We are also in a cabin middle decks but the very first room at the front opposite a suite. Have heard it may be rough. Really hope Im not sick 🤢. As they no nothing about it the plan is to say we are going seaside for the day. Im assuming as it will take about 3.5- 4hours drive so guessing we will set off at 10.30ish.

Total cost so far including euros is 1410. If we have any euros left will just keep them for next years. Wonder how much we will end up spending actually on board hmmm.
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