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:) Completed Days 11 to 15.

DAY 11

Got up early and had a jog to breakfast. My I am so fit! Went to Magic Kingdom again, went on monorail, not as much cattle herding as the boat.

Went straight to Tomorrow Place and got myself fastpasses with everyones tickets. Took children onto Buzz Lightyear ride. Cuthbert didn`t go on thank goodness. It would have been too much for him, flashing lights, aliens, scarey men and firing lasers. Way over his head! Went on Transit Authority thing. Very sweet. Cuthbert and I went on Space Hill. Cuthbert, bless, went in the driving seat. I have never heard him scream so loud or for so long. I laughed heartily. Next we headed to Alien meeting. I found it fascinating. Cuthbert cried. He said his head was sore. I think it was the whisky. We all went on the rockets, what a wonderful view. Cuthbert spoiled it again by screaming at the hired help to stop. We had a turkey leg that Yasmin purchased, so nice of her to share it with us all. It was lovely, most enjoyable. Amos started choking so we didn`t give anything else to eat after that.

We went to Tune Toon. Went into the big shop. No nice handbags here. We queued to see some character persons ( no fast pass here) just to find out it was Winnie the bear, Tigger the tiger, Piglet the pig and Eeyore the horse. I told the hired help that we seen them at Animal Kingdom and asked for them to be changed to something different but she would not do it. She even had the cheek to tell us to stand in another queue. I just told her "I am Veronica and I`m from Devon, I`m staying at the Grand Floridian hotel and I will not stand in another queue today"

Went to see the parade. Asked hired help where the seats were, was told there were none so I sat in the stroller and the children sat on the ground. What an endearing parade. I wonder who does the cleaning of the floats? Those persons are very welcome to come and clean my mirrors and chandeliers. Went on Jungle Cruise. Shouted for Safari Stuart but he didn`t reply. Again fascinated at how well these animals are trained. Went to Haunted House. I was amazed at how many spirits could appear at once wihout a seance! The ghost in our car was better looking than Cuthbert. Stayed until night time sharing stroller with the children. Tinkerbell was amazing she must have lots of happy thoughts to be able to fly that well. I would like to fly too. Cuthbert said it could be arranged.

Home to bed for myself, Yasmin and the children. Home to the bar for Cuthbert. Forgot to say we are sticking with the temporary toupee until we get home. It doesn`t blow away.

Tomorrow : I am having a day to myself and will visit the resorts.

Love always

DAY 12

Decided to have a day to myself. Need a break from Cuthbert he is driving me insane. I decided I would go and explore all the other persons on holiday and check out their resorts. Thought I would start at the cheap end of the scale at the All Stars. Here are my opinions on all the hotels:


Oh my, oh my. Full of common persons not my kind of place at all. All these oversized objects are very intimidating. The children would like the movie place. I would recommend this to the gardener.


Didn`t like the French part. The hired help person told me the Riverside part used to be Dixie Landings. Do you think they named it after my Dixie? Can`t be she is only 4 and her second name is not Landings. I would consider staying here if it had concierge (as a last resort). My mother in law would be happy here. She likes olde worlde things. She would enjoy the Fishing Hole as she told Cuthbert when he was younger, "There is nothing like having a long pole in your hand and a mouth full of maggots to pass an afternoon or two." I say whatever makes you smile!


Very tropical and colourful and bright. Fascinating how the sea is in the middle of the buildings.Lovely beach and a playground to leave the children while I sunbathe. Cuthbert would like the pool side bar, maybe help prevent more dehydration. Maybe send Cuthbert here on our next trip.


Looked similar to the Caribbean beach place.


Has a childrens club and persons like myself but it is rather dull. All the out buildings appear to be brown. Cascading waterfalls are too much, they gave me the urge to go to the toilet! They are too noisy for me.


Oh my goodness. A huge wooden shack like fire hazard. We could never stay here, Cuthbert is to haphazard with his cigar ends. He would end up burning the whole place down. I am also too afraid of snakes and bears.


Similar to my garden shed. Again to risky with Cuthbert. Saw persons having a barbecue, spoke to them and asked for sausage in a roll. They refused so I grabbed one from their child and ran! So I can`t go back there anyway.


Way too much like a railway station, all they needed were guards with flags and I`d think I was in Kings Cross! Couldn`t stay here although it would keep Cuthbert occupied for hours as he was once a train spotter.


Very, very nice. I have a lighthouse like that in one of my bathrooms, smaller though. It stands in the corner and holds towels. The light is false on mine, maybe I should get it working and imagine I`m at Key West while soaking away the days stresses. Made a lot of friends here while swimming in the pool, had to work off the sausage roll.


I was not allowed in because I did not have priority seating. I told him I was happy to stand but this was not allowed. I explained I was just one little person and would not take up much room in a huge resort but hired help said my car would and sent me packing. I turned away crying and revved the car engine at him. Noticed a Disney bus arriving and tried to sneak in behind it but I was caught and access denied once again. Drove back to my Grand Floridian paradise and went to bed.

What a glorious day I had without Cuthbert. It was a strange day though. I missed Yasmin.

Tomorrow : Spending morning and some of the afternno trying some of the activities on offer at my resort. MGM in the evening.

Love always

DAY 13

Had a row with Cuthbert this morning. Yasmin told me that he went shopping yesterday and purchased those Caterpillar boots for the gardener. They are so cheap they MUST be fakes. The gardener will be so upset at Cuthbert for wasting his money.

Played volleyball at my hotel with some lovely American persons. Brad and Britney are from Alabama. Honey and Chad are from Missourri. Honey and Honey are from New York and Crystal and Honey are from Long Island. What a popular name Honey is! Game was good until Cuthbert turned up. He cried when he was hit by the ball. My acrylic nails are ruined. Tried water ski-ing. I looked like a professional. I took to it like a penguin to the sea. Had a lovely spa and then went to the hairdresser. Gorgeous again!

Went to MGM. Went to the millionairre show. What a disappointment. No cash prizes and no Chris Tarrant! On to Little Mermaid show next. I took a photograph at the beginning because I thought the fish were so cute and beautiful it would make a nice picture. The flash seemed to upset the hired help. Cuthbert was terrified of Ursula. I told him to pull himself together, she looked like his mother. Yasmin laughed heartily and called out,"Hello Grandma."

Onto the Gone wrong Canyon. Waved to Blanche from the Golden Girls as our transport train thing drove past her house. She was looking out the window. Perhaps she was waiting for her cleaner. I got the seat at the left on the train thing but I soon moved(I heard that warning). Cuthbert vomitted but the water soon cleaned him up!

Went onto Movie Ride. I was scared at the India Jones part with the snakes. I did like the Wizard of Australia bit. Cuthbert was scared when I called out to the wicked witch of the south that Cuthbert had dropped the house on her sister.LOL. We then drove along the yellow monoblock road and I sang heartily.

Arrived at Fantasmic to find a huge queue. We walked up the roped off part at the left hand side. Don`t know why the regular persons standing in the non moving queue didn`t do this. We were stopped near the top of the hill by the hired help. Told we had to go back down the hill and join the queue. I explained that we had a fast pass and I thought this was the fast pass queue. NO FAST PASS HERE! Had to walk back down the hill and join the regular persons. When we got in we managed to get a bench in the centre. I enjoyed doing the American wave. This made me thirsty so I called on the hired help and she went and got me a sprite and some popcorn. Bless. Fantasmic was very good. Cuthbert and Amos were scared so they left. I loved the music, the story and the fireworks. The person behind me was filming the back of my head. Strange! I turned round and smiled and told the camera all about myself. He said, Ma`am would you please be quiet" How rude of him! Exiting was the worst cattle herding ever. I did of course complain.

Returned to hotel and Cuthbert went to the bar. I went out on Yasmin`s new roller blades. Yasmin didn`t tell me how to stop the wheels and I careered right into the swimming pool. I was not amused. I got strange looks when I went to Guest Relatives to enquire as to whether or not I could wear the roller blades in the parks. I can`t. It`s not allowed. Went to bed at midnight. Still no Cuthbert!

Tomorrow : Park hopping with Yasmin. Cuthbert going to Magic Kingdom with children and Yasmin and I shall meet him there later in the day.

Love always

DAY 14

Went with Yasmin today to do all the things we enjoyed (and Cuthbert ruined).Hoppity hop round the parks.


Went on Tower of Terror. Excellent ride. Didn`t remember much of the first time except Cuthberts hair (or lack of it) revelation. Went to Rocky Rollering coaster next. Total thrill so we went on again and again and again.


Bought a Mexican donkey for Cuthbert. Tried Journey to the Imagination ride. Fell asleep instantly. UTTER RUBBISH!

Animal Kingdom

Back to Lion King - had a singalong. I was a lion and I roared heartily. Went to see Poochyhontoes show. I was scared as she had a real snake. I closed my eyes and told Yasmin to tell me when it had gone. When I opened my eyes everyone had gone! Yasmin thought this was funny. I did not!

Magic Kingdom

Straight to Tune Town on the train, saw Cuthbert and the children exiting the Goofball rollering coaster. Cuthbert vomitted in the bush. Sent him to Donalds boat house to get washed. Back to Big Thundering Hill. Went on with Yasmin, left Cuthbert and his hat outside. Went to Small World boat race. What an endearing song, I`ve been singing it ever since and purchased a CD with the song so I can listen to it all the time. Went on Pan Peter, thought it strange how I was flying in a boat but this is Disney after all. The children liked this.

Went for character meal at the Chandelier Palace. I was horrified. The characters were playing around with the children and Cuthbert wouldn`t interact. Amos pulled Cuthberts temporary toupee off and Tigger the tiger ran away with it. I had to chase after Tigger, I fell over some persons bag and landed flat on my face under a table. I did catch the rascal and explained it was Cuthberts temporary hair. I returned to our table and Cuthbert was curled up in a ball under the table crying. What a pathetic excuse for a man he is! I told him to pull himself together and behave. Yasmin and the children couldn`t eat for laughing. We gathered our food and asked for doggy bags. Someone asked for our autographs on the way out and told us we`d put on a fantastic dinner show! I gave him my I`m not pleased look and stormed out. Unfortunately I tripped oved Dixie and I heard him laughing again. SWINE! I blame Cuthbert!

Went back to hotel. Yasmin packed while I watched some trashy talk show. Guess where Cuthbert went? Correct, he went to say goodbye to the bar.

Tomorrow : My fabulous holiday comes to an end and we go to the hairport for our flight home. Must remember to purchase gifts for my hired help when we get to the hairport.

Speak to you soon
Love always

DAY 15

Collected luggage and put it into the two cars. Yasmin had to get a taxi with the children. No room for them.
Purchased gifts at the hairport. This is what I purchased:

Gardener : could not find a garden gnome so I got him an ET doll. Keyring for his wife.

Doris : a huge Shuma soft toy.

Cook : salt water taffy.

Chauffeur : a model of Herbie, he likes cars.

Mother in law : pen

Dixie : huge Shuma and a t-shirt.

Amos : huge Pooh the bear and a t-shirt.

Yasmin : I purchased her a huge Mr Mouse and a toblerone for her help.

Butler : pen, mug and a t-shirt.

Cuthbert : whisky from duty free shop.

Myself : too much to mention.

When we checked in we were charged $1000 for excess baggage. Told Cuthbert it was his mothers pen and flag that put our weight over the limit but he would not get rid of it.

Arrived home safely and I`m glad to say Cuthbert now has some decent hair. I shall be looking into hair transplants for him.

Love always

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Hi What a great holiday, I cant stop laughing. Look forward to the rest. Must look up the first 10 days Annie
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Originally posted by coxan56
Hi What a great holiday, I cant stop laughing. Look forward to the rest. Must look up the first 10 days Annie

Thank you dear. You can find days 5 to 10 in a post called Day 5 (To be updated). For some strange reason it wouldn't let me edit the title. A nice lady called Anne has a link to days 1 to 4.

Love always
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these were fantastic, I am just so sad now that I have read them all, oh well, just have to read them again.

Hampton Inn Maingate West and The Sheraton Sandkey Resort.
December 28th 2004-January 11th 2005
Indian Creek Villa
October 7th - October 28th 2006
3 weeks in Heaven
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Thumbs up

Sooper trip reports Veronica

You must be such a good wife to put up with Cuthbert He sounds like a man only a Mother could love
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Briliant! These trip reports have brightened up my day! Thank you
June 99 All Star Sports, March 2000 Wynfield March 01 Rodeway Inn, Nov 01 All Star Music
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what a popular name Honey is
On our first trip my ever observant six year old daughter commented on how popular the name Buddy was for all the little boys. Personally I think the Americans show a distinct lack of imagination in naming their children and could do worse than take a leaf out of your book.

Hope the hired help were appreciative of the very generous gifts you brought them back.

Looking forward to your next trip but please don't leave Cuthbert at home as it wouldn't be the same without him to laugh at

<font color=Indigo><b>Annmarie</b></font>

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