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Florida Trip no3 - Day 10 - September 2019

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Day 10 - 23rd September 2019 - Shopping and Epcot

Up around half 9 today and we have nothing planned this morning, and we are getting fed up with the bagels, so we head to ihop for breakfast, we bump into our friends we met up with a couple of nights ago who are just leaving, what a small world, of all the ihops in Orlando, and of all the times! I have pancakes with peaches and my wife as a create your own breakfast which I do admit looks lovely! At $22 including tip I don’t think its a bad way to start the morning.

Our view from ihop was this lovely building, I have no idea why they would paint the souvenir shops in such a way but it sure does make it stand out!

We head over to the Vinelands outlets and see what the Disney store has for us today, the queue to get in isn’t bad and only takes around 20mins. They have more buckets of ears dotted around this time silver glitter with a shiny bow for $4.99 from the $28 in the parks, so we grab a pair, we also get 2 bubble wands for $2.99 each normally $25 in the parks, and a couple of t-shirts for me at $7.99 from around $30, so some nice savings again and we use the gift card from opting out of house keeping, so with an original value of around $140 worth of stuff for free! we have a mooch around the other stores and eye a few things up before heading out back to the car and to the Millenia Mall.

My wife is in shopping heaven, my credit card not so much, she is brought attracted to the shinny goings on in Tiffany, and the luxury hand bags in Louis Vuitton, we of course can’t afford anything in
either of these but there is no harm in window shopping. Pottery Barn is another favourite of ours and its such a shame we don’t have this here. The furnishings are beautiful and really does put our IKEA decked out home to shame! Walking round the mall we pass the apple store and realise the new iphone was released the other day, the queue is massive to go in and they must be making a fortune in there, after this we spotted loads of people walking around with their apple bags. No visit for us would be complete without a stop at the Cheesecake factory, not full enough for a meal we just opt for cheesecake to go, again Oreo and hazelnut crunch, we take it outside and sit on the wall and demolish them, well attempt to anyway!

We decide to give the international drive outlets a go and head there next, parking here is awful and we really struggle to find a free spot, luckily we find one under a nice shady tree and not to far from the entrance. we take a look in the Disney store again, not a great deal in this one, so glad we got our bargains from the other one. My wife buys a bag from Vera Bradley, was $189 and she paid $60 for it. very similar to one we saw in Disney springs for the full price, so glad we went here!

Tonight we have FP booked for Epcot, so we take a pass on the busses today and head to the car park, with all the building works going on the tram stop for the entrance is not that far from the carparks, but we didn’t realise that, so we park up jump on a tram, it heads off and then about 30 seconds later it pulls up, oh dear! The tram had about 10 people on so I guess that’s why!

We had only recently learned that you get an extra 15 min at the end of the FP time, and we are approaching the end of our first FP for frozen, we normally probably would have let it go but as frozen FP are rare and the Q was still at an hour we power walk over to the Norway pavilion and check in.

Not sure what I was expecting with Frozen, I knew it was a boat ride, and yes it was good, but not sure I would use another FP on it or wait in the long q for it either, but then again I am not really the target audience for this I guess.

After frozen we continue our walk around the world and pick some more food to try, on our first visit we were impressed with the dumplings from China so we have these again, I’ll be honest no so much this time round and we rescore it to a 6/10.

We land into Germany next, and join the line to have the Roast Bratwurst in a roll (a posh hot dog!) this was very nice indeed and give a healthy 8/10.

No trip to Epcot would be complete without a visit to the model train set, so we take a moment to watch over the trains. We hop over the boarder to Italy where we sample out next choice, Italy seems to be the most popular booth and always had the longest lines whenever we went past, so we join the Queue and have Pollo with marinara sauce, basically 3 chicken goujons with tomato ketchup! even if it is chicken nuggets and sauce its tasty and we give it a good 9/10.

We continue our round the world tour and who do we bump into again, our friends from home. We hadn’t synchronised plans or stalked them out, just pure coincidence we see them again. We live in the same town at home and never dump into them, so is really weird to have seen them out and about while in the US. After a brief chat as there were on their own round the world mission we head to the next booth The Refreshment Port near Canada for Duck Confit Poutine. Chips, cheese and shredded duck, yum yum and yum, what is not to like a solid 10/10.

We head to Soarin for out next FP and are luckily picked out for being a party of 2 to slot in at the end, and we were on row 1, so at the top and no feet dangling in out view! I did one point look down and see how high up we were and only to be secured with a seat belt, realise how much faith Disney put in you. If this was at universal you would have a full on over the shoulder restraint, lap bars, seat belts.

We head out the park just before the fireworks go off, so its fairly quiet and walk back to the car. Just as we get in the car the fireworks start so we blast the aircon on and sit and watch them before
heading back to the room and bed.

Day 11
September 2019 - Trip Report

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We were in Epcot that day too. We had wandered around trying to use up snack credits, but failed !
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Originally Posted by mitch-fishguard View Post
We were in Epcot that day too. We had wandered around trying to use up snack credits, but failed !
haha shame we didn't bump into you, i'm sure we could have helped take some from you!
September 2019 - Trip Report
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You can’t go wrong with an ihop breakfast! Some lovely snacks around Epcot too, that poutine looks amazing. Disney, Shopping and eating -my kind of day!
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Lovely day with some good bargains at the Disney outlet
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