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Reports and Reviews for Dining and Restaurants Trip Reports
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Unread 19 Jan 20, 12:47 AM  
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Excited about Disney
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Originally Posted by collybird View Post
It really is a lot of food and it can feel quite overwhelming when you are there, you definitely do it more because 'it's included'.

Monsieur Paul is much more worthy of 2 credits than Le Cellier, it felt like a special evening but not stuffy, which is what we look for in a Signature restaurant. Le Cellier just didn't compare for us. Your ADR day will be here before you know it!

I'm still a bit miffed about the bands. I managed to pick the one I had ordered up in one of the shops so I still got it but we didn't manage to get the one Nik wanted. Hopefully it will all go smoothly with your order, which bands did you pick? I love the new red one with the Minnie heads on.

Thank you so much for reading.
I am feeling slightly panicked that I havent got my plan together yet, but its entirely irrational given I still have plenty of time until ADR day! We are staying at Yacht Club so I am keen to make use of how close we are to Epcot for dining. And I think F&W will be on so I can always try the LC steak from the booth - although maybe Ill need my own cutlery based on your review!

I picked the red band with the Minnie heads DH went for plain blue, he wants an R2D2 skin for it. He wasnt prepared to pay the upcharge for the Galaxy Edge band!
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Unread 19 Jan 20, 01:26 PM  
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I somehow missed this completely as I had a bit of a Dibb break, just caught up on it all. Thank you for writing it, I love your food reports and it gives me lots of ideas for the future. Lots of surprises in your final list of favourites, both Skipper Canteen and Morimoto Asia look really good. Also Cheesecake Factory too, I have always wanted to try it but the location in Orlando means we talk about it then never make it! Maybe next year
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Portofino Bay, Beach Club and villa
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Unread 20 Jan 20, 11:08 PM  
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Fab food report! Currently on a diet so have just mentally eaten all of your meals 😂😂 Im still starving 😫! You guys did so well with the deluxe dining plan! How the heck are you so slim! Id of gained about 6 stone!
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The trip that wasnt meant to happen
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Unread 2 Feb 20, 03:29 PM  
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Proud to wear my Ears
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Fab report - thank you for taking all that time to write it !
I have read your previous reports, which have been equally as entertaining, but I'm such a lurker and tend not to comment - very naughty of me!
You have given me some more ideas of where to eat when I go in June (first time on-site and on the DDP).

Thanks again!
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Delayed celebration of my 50th...at AKL
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Unread 16 Feb 20, 01:45 PM  
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Originally Posted by collybird View Post
We had a lazy start to Sunday before heading back to Disney Springs for brunch. Raglan Road was our destination. Nik was adamant he did not want to go here; we ate here a few years ago and didnt enjoy it. I felt like our opinions had been tainted by the fact it was the day we were flying home and we were just in bad moods, but he wasnt to be swayed. Raglan Road is a Dibb favourite so I was determined to try it again. Brunch here was unfinished business as it was cancelled last year.

Raglan Road

You can view the menu here: disneyworld.disney.go/en...taurant/menus/

Despite checking in on time we were told it would be a 20-minute wait until we were seated, we were given a pager and had a wander around the store. I had to resist buying a hoodie as I really liked the bottle green. We were given a high-top table in the bar which I wasnt thrilled about at first but the seats were actually really comfortable and we had a good view of the stage.

Although I wanted to try the brunch menu, I was a bit worried about the fact brunch has entertainment as I was worried how loud the restaurant would be but it wasnt an issue and we enjoyed the band and the dancers.

We ordered two cokes and when they came, they were basically soda water; I was a bit annoyed as they were visibly not right and we were still served them. We had to wait ages for the server to change them. Not a good start.

Try as I might to get Nik to order the Dalkey Duo, he had An Irish Egg Guinness and onion sausage crusted egg, pickled cabbage, saffron aioli

He said this was good, but not as good as the Rose & Crown version. I tried it and thought the Guinness was quite overpowering in the sausage.

I knew what I was going to have years ago haha. Scallop Forest Foleys all-natural Georges Bank sea scallops in golden batter served with citrus lime dipping sauce and sweet chili jam

These didnt disappoint. I was a little worried that the scallops would be overcooked having been fried but they were perfect. The dipping sauces were the star though and really made the dish.

After much indecision (I really wanted to try the salmon waffles) I ordered Three Times a Boxty Sliced Irish ham, topped with Dubliner cheddar between two boxy potato cakes, with a fried egg and chips

I thought the potato cakes were going to be potato scones but they were like the hash browns they serve at iHop. I was SO disappointed. The ham I thought would be like freshly carved carvery ham but it was basically a big thick chunk of bacon. Pretty awful. I only ate the chips.

Nik had Full Irish Full Irish breakfast with Cheshire heritage pork Irish banger, black and white pudding, bacon, roasted tomato, mushrooms and fried eggs with roasties

Im not going to beat around the bush. He said this was rank. He liked the egg but that was it.

The service had been painfully slow and the drinks refills were not forthcoming, I didnt see many servers roaming around in the main dining area so perhaps they were short staffed?! I just wanted to get out of there. I knew we would never be back so I had to weigh up whether or not I wanted to try the bread and butter pudding or leave, and in the end we left.

This was the only place we tipped less than 20%. Brunch was $80.94 and I did not think it was worth the money. We left a $12 tip.

So, what did we learn from Raglan Road? Trust our instincts. It joined Le Cellier on the list of places well never eat again. We have now decided that if we real dont like somewhere (Diamond Horseshoe!) we wont give them a second chance as it seems history repeats itself.

We headed off to Hollywood Studios. We did something VERY naughty. We left the car at Disney Springs, but as we were onsite guests and didnt have to pay for parking at the parks anyway, so was it naughty?! We jumped on a bus to HS and it was so great not having to faff with the trams.

Having skipped dessert, we headed straight to Hollywood Scoops. Well, once I found it haha.

I had Apple Crisp a la Mode Cinnamon Apple topped with Old-fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream, Caramel Sauce and Streusel $7.23

WOW! When I was served this, I was very perplexed as to why it was a melted mess but its because the apples are served warm. This was SO good, like fall in a bowl.

Nik had Ice Cream Sundae Old-fashioned Vanilla with Hot Fudge, Whipped Cream and a Cherry $6.70

Really simple but he thought this was fantastic.

We were thirsty so I went back to one of the QS to get us a soda. I was going to just pay for the soda but then I realised we were a bit peckish after not really having any lunch and we had meal credits to burn so I got us a

Meat Lovers Pizza Pizza topped with Sausage, Pepperoni and served with Caesar Salad


By the time I got back to our table, Nik had been joined by a American lady who had asked if he minded if she shared the table. We sat and chatted to her whilst we had our soda and just picked at the pizza, when we got up to leave, she remarked we hadnt eaten much of the pizza. When I told her I only got it because I wanted the soda, she nearly fell off the chair laughing, she thought we were nuts.

Anyway, I really like this Disney pizza. Nik preferred the one he had last night. I love the Caesar salad too because it is swimming in dressing.

I SO badly wanted this t-shirt but pink isnt really my colour, nor are v-necks.

This bag though

We stopped at Trolley Car Caf for some drinks to take with us for the Beauty and the Beast show.

Vanilla Bean Crme Frappuccino $6.17

We love this.

Mango Dragonfruit Tall $4.25

I am sorry guys, I just cant get on board with the Refreshers. Regardless of which flavour I try I find them SO strong, like diluting juice that hasnt had water added. Nik thought it might taste nicer once the ice had melted a bit, he was right but I still wouldnt have it again.

Carrot Cake Cookie $3.51

This is great, and I dont even like carrot cake. Although its called a cookie it is super soft like a cake and the frosting is so good. Another thing that you eat a little off and then cant stop.

Popcorn $5.59

We grabbed some of this before the Frozen show. Nik isn't a fan of salted popcorn and doesn't understand why American's will put sugar on everything but not their popcorn haha.

I was so sad that when we got to the Incredibles area the Neighbourhood Bakery was closed and we couldnt get a Num Num cookie or the Key Lime Pie on a stick.

We had a fab day at the Studios despite thinking we would struggle with the new FPs structure. We got the bus back to Disney Springs for dinner. A lot of other people had the same idea as us! We didnt get a seat but we did manage to squeeze on. It was a real trek from the park exit to the stop for Disney Springs though.

I should really be going to bed now as Im working early tomorrow but I cant leave the trip repot on the absolute low of Raglan Road.

Morimoto Asia

We were supposed to be eating at 50s Prime Time tonight but we had loved our spontaneous lunch yesterday that we decided to switch plans up again and we were so glad we did as this was the standout meal of the trip.

You can see the menu here: disneyworld.disney.go/en.../menus/dinner/

It was SO busy, there was people everywhere in the check in area. It was quite large but I still felt a bit claustrophobic. We had checked in early but we seated a little past our ADR time. The restaurant is HUGE and very noisy. We had a table right by the open kitchen and it was great seeing all the dishes come out.

We were in our park clothes and I think if we were to go back in the evening, we would get a bit more dressed up. There were plenty of other people dressed casually I just felt like the restaurants atmosphere was more fitting to something a bit nicer. It seemed like there was lots of locals there rather than tourists which again told me it was going to be good.

We couldnt settle for just two starters so we decided to go to town, get three and pay OOP for one.

Crispy Popcorn Shrimp Tempura Signature Tempura Shrimp, Spicy Gochujang Aioli

This was Niks favourite dish of the trip. He doesnt even like shrimp but that is how good this was. Remember how I said I hate how sweet and sour chicken always has soggy batter?! The batter here was still perfectly crispy. I have no idea how they did it. Amazing dish with a bit of heat but not too much.

Chicken Wings Spicy garlic soy sauce

These were also excellent with a nice crispy skin and juicy meat. Again, not too spicy.

Morimoto Spare Ribs Pork Ribs, Cilantro, Hoisin Sweet Chili Glaze

Guys, we found pork that I liked! I thought these were even better than the shrimp, the meat just fell off the bone. I think one of us would have to have these as a main next time.

To be honest, we were so full at this point we could have gone home happy. The menu here is extensive and if you were paying OOP you could have a real feast of small plates and dim sum to share with the table. Being on the DxDP obviously dictated what we ordered somewhat.

Orange Chicken Tempura Chicken, Chinese Broccoli, Wok-tossed with a sweet florida orange sauce served with choice of steamed white or brown rice

This was Niks choice. It wasnt for me as I dont do sweet and sour together but he thought it was fantastic; nice big juicy pieces of chicken with a zingy sauce.

Red Miso-glazed Faroe Island Salmon Wilted Bok Choy, Shaoxing Gastique, Grilled Rice Cake, Morimoto Dashi Broth with choice of steamed white or brown rice

Not only do Morimoto know how to make pork I actually like, I finally found a Disney restaurant that can cook salmon! The miso glaze wasnt for me but luckily it was only on the top of the fish so I left the top and ate the rest, the fish just flaked apart and was gorgeous in the broth with the rice.

We were SO full but we had had such an amazing meal we had to try dessert.

Chocolate Cream & Crunch Oreo Tempura, Mandarin Orange Jelly, Dark Chocolate Gelato, Hazelnut Chocolate Crunchies

When this came out I had to try very hard to contain my excitement. It was actual CORNFLAKE CRISPY CAKES! I love crispy cakes, I love jelly. I was in heaven with this, so many different textures and the mandarin and chocolate paired so well together. I couldnt brave the tempura Oreo though.

Churro Fondue Housemade churros, Nutella, vanilla cream

So yummy, and really fun with the dips.

Our total bill was $145.91 which considering the abundance of food we had I thought was excellent value. We paid for our extra starter so the DxDP covered $132.06. Not great value for 4 dining credits, but again, on DxDP youre not worrying about that. We left a $30 tip.

Nik says that it was sensational and that I am to tell you all that small plates is the way to go haha. I am in agreement; we will be back next year when have no dining plan and we can order exactly what wed like.

After a rotten start to the day it had turned out really well and when we were heading back to the car, we were trying to work out how we could rejig the plan to make sure we still completed Unfinished Business but could squeeze some more Disney Springs restaurants in. Sorry Disney, the third-party owned restaurants were hitting it out of the park.

Go to Morimoto Asia. I don't even like Asian food and I cannot wait to go back. For those of you on the DDP, it is only one credit at lunch time and the menu is pretty much the same as dinner.

DxDP Daily Cost: $232.50
Actual Daily Spend: $276.25
DxDP Cost to Date: $1,609.50
Actual Cost to Date: $1,819.70
Table Service Credits: 47/78
Snack Credits: 29/52
Unfinished Business: 7/12
Tips: $298
So pleased I remembered you had a review of Morimoto We are really thinking of this for lunch. It looks amazing
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Unread 23 Mar 20, 03:58 PM  
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I've been meaning to read this for such a long time - so glad I'm finally getting around to it!

Good start at F & B's. I must admit I quite like it there and your food all looks good. There's a lot of it though!

Gosh, what a stress over the lost purse. I blame travel day nerves entirely... I've done the same myself and I'm sure it's the stress of travel day that makes my brain not function properly! Anyway, onto the food... Breakfast at Sonoma looks really nice, although it seems there were a few small issues with it, the picture certainly looks good!

Ah, more travel day stress with the aeroplane problems. Glad you got there safely, if uncomfortably in the end. Average plane food, and a bit stingy on the drinks. Not going to comment on your car journey other than to say... been there, done that... nightmare!

Kona- shame you were disappointed in your pumpkin pancakes, especially after making a last minute change to your original choice. Nik's omelette looks good, and I'm a big fan of home-fried potatoes from anywhere.

Geyser Point - the brisket dish looks delicious, and a large portion for a starter. How disappointing that the bison burger wasn't as good as you expected, it looks good as do the waffle fries.

Oh dear, this is turning into a trip of lost things... I hope the phone incident (x2 ) was the last one on this trip.

Boma - I like the look of your adult plate here, although I do like my meat well done so not sure I would have the sirloin. I will admit to also liking the look of Nik's plate, I would happily eat everything on there except the corn dog. Looks like there's lots of choice, something for everyone. The desserts look divine

Well done on visiting 11 resorts in one day.. that's an impressive total.

I'm glad you like Coronado Springs. You'll know I've never stayed onsite, but we were hoping to book a big family holiday with DDP for next year and our resort of choice was CSR after visiting it on our last trip. The holiday is unlikely to happen now as I can't see anyone wanting to put deposits down in April given all the uncertainly, but hopefully some day we'll make it there. We were impressed with the Gran Destino Tower too, it's really beautiful inside.

High prise indeed for the burger at Yak & Yeti... it does look lovely. Bit of a shame the fries let the whole meal down a bit.

Maya Grill - I have to admit to not being a huge fan of Mexican food, but everything you had here looks really nice. Massive portions - I'm not surprised you couldn't finish it all.

Breakfast in the castle is certainly expensive. I agree Nik's breakfast looks a small portion, but the pastries look nice to fill up on.

I've heard lots of good things about the cinnamon rolls from Gaston's - a must try for us next time I think.

Such a shame you were disappointed in BOG again. We've only eaten dinner there and I have to admit we all loved it. I'd really like to try the breakfast particularly, although your lunch looks good as well. The French dip sandwich sounds right up our street, I'm a bit sad you don't rate it.

Yachtsman - Can you choose how your steak is cooked at the Disney steakhouses like in any other steakhouse or does it always come out med rare? I just can't eat my meat like that and it would put me off booking any of them if I can't have it well done The sides all look good, and the truffle mac & cheese especially yummy. It's a good idea to have them all in separate dishes for sharing. The desserts are beautifully presented, and your caramel apple mousse particularly sounds like something I would enjoy very much.

Trattoria al forno - Again, the pastries look delicious - a great way to start the day IMO! Nik's breakfast looks nice, and a decent portion. Shame the bacon wasn't quite crispy enough for him - I always find the American breakfast places overcook the breakfast for my taste, but you seem to be finding the opposite! Bit disappointing that your steak was tough and not well enough seasoned.

HBD - Another nice lunch. I have to say I prefer Nik's choices to yours. The chicken sandwich sounds and looks lovely, and does the chocolate mousse cake. Your burger does seem to have a lot going on, and I'm also not sure about eggs on burgers - very messy when the yolk breaks I imagine!

Disappointing all round at Sunshine Seasons apart from the mac & cheese and your strawberry dessert. Like you said, at least you've tried it now.

The Ghirardelli drinking chocolate looks so thick and dark, like a chocolate sauce rather than a drink! The Mickey pretzel with cheese sauce looks good though. Overall, very mixed reviews of your F & W festival offerings. It's a bucket list item for me to "eat around the world" so I'm always interested to see what people choose from the booths there.

Le Cellier - a triumph for the puddings here - both look amazing. Crme brulee is my absolute favourite dessert and teamed with maple flavour sounds like heaven.

Really enjoying reading your report Colette, going to start a new reply for the rest as this one is getting a bit long!
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No Route 66 road trip for us in...
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Unread 28 Mar 20, 05:23 PM  
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I'm back to read the next few instalments!

Crystal Palace always seems a firm favourite on here, but like you I have to say I'm not impressed by the almost empty dishes. And those scrambled eggs... way overdone and just look awful. We're not big buffet fans anyway, but this really puts me off.

Much better experience at Rix... all of your choices look good, especially the French Dip and wings. Decent value too for that amount of food.

I don't feel qualified at all to comment on your food at Narcoosees's except perhaps Nik's steak which look fab. I don't eat seafood at all, and there was loads of it here! It's a shame you didn't enjoy your main after deciding to upgrade.

What an exciting day with a clandestine solo adventure then an amazing lunch at STK. All of the food at STK looks so good, both the mac & cheese and loaded fries sides look delicious and huge. It's always nice to stumble across somewhere that's so much better than you expected. Your chicken at the food court really does look past its best. Glad you enjoyed your alternative offering though and Nik's pizza looks nice.

Oh dear, what a disappointment at Raglan Road. We have eaten here once on an evening and it was honestly outstanding. We loved it. However, that's 2 bad experiences you've had there now, so of course you won't go back. Both of your desserts from Hollywood Scoops look lovely, so hopefully that made up for your bad lunchtime experience. Good value at Morimoto Asia, and your starters look particularly good. Like you, I'm not a massive Asian food fan, but this looks worth a try.

Some good and some not so good offerings from around the world. It's interesting to see the different options, so much to choose from.

Disney Springs seems to be coming up trumps for you this trip, with the exception of Raglan Road. Another nice meal there, at Wolfgang Puck. I'm glad you enjoyed your steak here, as they have been a bit hit or miss this trip.

Disappointing result for Via Napoli - I love Italian food! Maybe a pasta dish would have been the better option? Your pizza does look a little too cheesy for me, with it dripping all over the edges. Good save with the puddings though.

I think we would enjoy Boatwrights - nice menu choices. The chef's platter looks right up my street, as does the French onion soup. It all looks very nice.

Signing off again for now, but I'll be back soon to finish off reading your report. Enjoying reading about all of the options I'll have when I finally stay onsite
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No Route 66 road trip for us in...
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Unread Yesterday, 03:16 PM  
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Disney Nanny
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Can I ask what the difference is
DxDP Daily Cost: $232.50
Actual Daily Spend: $321.50
is the daily cost what was spent on the dining plan and the daily spend includes the tips?
sorry for being dense, but never done the DDP packages and looking at it for a treat next year so am looking for nearest possible costs
I have spent ALL day today reading this lol
Thank you for your time, patience and detail, it really is appreciated by all of us xx
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