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Florida 2019 - Tell Me This Isn't The Last Time - Day 21 - MK & MNSSHP

The index is here.

Friday 16th August 2019

The last time we went in 2015, we made sure that our last night was in MK watching the fireworks and until this trip that was one of my perfect family moments, just all of us watching them, it made the years of saving and planning absolutely worthwhile. The pretense this time was although we said to DDs that we had one final surprise left of the holiday, they thought we would be doing the same. I guess like most families, we have a WhatsApp group; so DW created a little surprise to tell them that we were going to MNSSHP tonight! Both DDs were more surprised than we thought; they were genuinely surprised and really excited. We couldn’t believe that the opening night was as early as 16th Aug but count your lucky stars

As the park opened until midnight, we thought we’d do packing, have some lunch and head off to MK in the afternoon. As myself and DW packed, DDs went swimming. For lunch we ordered Dominos; we shared ½ Margarita and ½ Pepperoni, Pepperoni with jalapeños and green peppers, boneless chicken and garlic twisted bread. The cost was $32.59 (£26.93).

We left the villa around 1400 and headed for MK, paying $25 parking and catching the Monorail to the park.

The joke of the holiday was that DW could not take a proper photo of the WDW sign; each photo was either too far away or we had passed it We’d only in MK a couple of days before and couldn’t believe how much the park had transformed into Halloween DD1 is wearing the top we spent most of the holiday looking for!

We got there around 1500; the park was open to all guests until 1800, at which point only those with a MNSSHP wrist band could stay; throughout the park there were stations where you scanned your magic band and got a wrist band and a goody bag with a handful of sweets (candy ).

Some photos of Halloween at MK.

You can see from the last photo that the park started emptying out earlier than 1800; I think it was after the parade that people started to leave as there was no “normal” fireworks.

We had a reservation at Crystal Palace for dinner so we booked FPs and tried to get as much as we could before then. We went on Haunted Mansion (FP) (which is pretty much the family’s favourite ride).

Seems we were all fascinated by the ride

From there we went on It’s A Small World then to Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin (FP)

Next was The People Mover and then back across the park to Big Thunder Mountain (FP); we had a look in the shop along Main Street and they had Halloween merchandise sectioned off; there were some that everyone could buy, then others where you had to show your MNSSHP wristband and some Annual Passholder’s only merchandise. The photos show just how busy it was and the section in the first photo on the right is MNSSHP wrist band only; there was a BIG queue for this and there was a woman in there vlogging and taking up too much room and time without actually buying anything!

DD2 bought some pins (and yes there never can be enough according to her!). We then headed to the Country Bear Jamboree which none of us had ever done before; it was really fun and well worth the air conditioning. There was hardly anyone in the theatre but these two girls behind us knew all of the words and were happily singing along

It was then on to Crystal Palace; we discussed booking this for a while as we had previously been and wasn’t overly impressed with the food especially as it costs a lot; however, we decided to go back and just enjoy the characters coming around and interacting with you.

There was lots of food, all of it was delicious.

When we booked it, Disney said the characters would be in Halloween dress but they weren’t that being said it was fantastic and we all loved it First up was Tigger

Then Eeyore…big cuddle for DD1 and trying to make DD2 laugh

Pooh….who was trying to get DDs to strike a pose

Finally, Piglet

The characters were brilliant, they really engaged with us and made DDs laugh which is always the best part of our holiday. Each character has their own personality and it really came out. After Piglet we went and got our desserts and the birthday badge worked again; our cast member came over to DD1 and gave her a cupcake and a birthday card signed by Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore

Again, the little touches make it all worthwhile. We all had a great time and it was a fantastic way of starting MNSSHP. The cost was $263 (£218), which I know is very steep for a buffet but the characters were brilliant and DDs had a great time

We headed over to Pirates of the Caribbean picking up sweets at each of the counters we walked past. If you wanted, you could just go back into the sweet line each time and fill up your bags with lots. There were a lot of people who pretty much stayed in the queue the whole time and filled up their back-packs (wow) we had more than plenty and filled up our treat bags by going to each station once let alone multiple times

Love the way, the three people in the front are doing hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil.

Like all dibbers, we did our research and avoided the first parade, instead trying to hit more rides whilst they were quiet. From Pirates, we went on Splash mountain and said hello to Geoff at the top!

Next up was Peter Pan. It seems there are more people who take advice from the Dibb than we thought, the queues for each ride were quite long. What I loved is that there were so many people who dressed up, we follow quite a lot of Disney vloggers on social media and saw that Tim Tracker and AJ from Disney Food Blog were there at the same time. AJ posted a picture of these guys who dressed as the Electric Parade; as we went around the corner by Cosmic Rays, they were there.

Then onto Fireworks; we found a good standing position right in front of the castle but that was about 45 mins before they were due to start; the cast members were really good and stopped anyone who thought about pushing in. We absolutely loved the fireworks and the theming on the castle; it was brilliant and so glad we bought the tickets.

After fireworks, DDs wanted to go on Deep Space Mountain, so DW and I said we’ll find somewhere on Main Street for the second parade. Well I think most people had the same idea; it turned out that being close to the castle for fireworks equated to no room on the pavement to watch the parade never mind, we all went on Deep Space Mountain.

After that we went on Haunted Mansion

Again, not really selling the ride ; a quick walk around to Big Thunder Mountain which we rode twice. We managed to get one final go on it before they closed the park; and for us, that’s two trips in a row where our last ride was Big Thunder, we can’t tell you how much we love that ride and being in the dark is brilliant.

We got off the ride at 0003 and headed back with the crowds to the car and made our way home. One final wave goodbye (or should that be “see you real soon”) to MK for this holiday.

Back to the car to take one of DDs in it. As I said in an earlier day; DW likes to take certain photos each time we go and this is one of them.

Can’t find the exact one for 2015 but we love seeing them grow up in these photos . We got back home, as everyone was getting ready, I emptied my treat bag to see what I had.

See I said there was enough for everyone

Today was a fantastic day and an amazing end to our holiday; MNSSHP was brilliant and we loved riding the attractions in the dark.

Worst day ever tomorrow……….travel home day BOOOOOOOO that can be found here

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Brilliant time at MK so many rides and a great meala good last day!


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Sounds like a great day. 😀
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Good time had by all.
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What a fun filled day. We did MNSSHP on the first night last year and it was bananas, you did well to get in so many rides during the night. Crystal Palace offers some great character interactions and we really enjoyed the food too, so much choice! Great candy haul and oh no, it’s nearly over
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