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Unread 7 May 18, 07:07 PM  
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Talking Beers, Ears and Thirty Years - The Food, The Drinks and The Fun! COMPLETE!

Hiya pals!

Weve tragically been back a week from our amazing 7 night trip to Orlando to celebrate Benjs 30th. We had the absolute freakin BEST time and were totally gutted to be back, BUT were now even closer to our California trip this October (still havent booked anything though, really need to get on that! ) a fact which is really helping me deal with the DBs (Disney Blues).

And, what else is a great way to deal with the DBs? TRIP REPOORRRRTTTT! Ive decided to do a dining report this time round as I didnt take any notes or really too many photos that werent food, plus I need to finish my wedding trip report and start my California PT so really theres just a lot of trip reports flying around already and I dont think adding a full Orlando TR to the mix would be the most sensible decision. SO, dining it is, with probably a full trippie thrown in there anyway as apparently Im incapable of not doing that (see 2015 dining report for reference).

Some background info: we flew out on the 19th April with Virgin, stayed at the Comfort Inn International for all 7 nights, visited MK and Epcot and spent the rest of the time shopping/chilling/drinking/eating.

Full details of the cast, trip plans and itinerary can be found in my pre trippie here. I've even already written Day 1 and it's ready to post! So, lets get to it!

Edited at 07:13 PM.
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NYC and Orlando!
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Unread 7 May 18, 07:13 PM  
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Day 0 - Wednesday 18th April (Pre Travel Day)

We were both working all day and as is always the case, both had insanely busy days. We both do 8 til 4 and promised each other wed leave at 4 on the dot and each be home between 4.30/4.40, for a speedy change and 5.00pm ETD. This did not happen. I had one of the most crazy busy days at work everrrrrrr despite getting all my cooking done earlier in the week and writing a nice to-do list to tick off on the day. I eventually left at 4.15. It was a fabulous feeling though, walking out of work for a whole week and a half, and I left my stresses in the carpark and drove away from them!

I called Benj once I was in my car to apologise and see how he was getting on and although hed left on time, traffic was horrific and his sat nav said hed be home at 5.10 Not ideal but what can you do! I got home about 4.50 ready to change, clean up and get my case zipped up, but I realised Id given our cat sitter my key so couldnt get in without Ben haha! At this point I just gave up, it was a gorgeous day so I sat down outside our flat and just enjoyed the sunshine for a bit. Benj got back all frazzled bless him and we went inside and did asll the last minute bits we needed to. We decided not to change and just get on the road ASAP. We eventually left the flat about 5.20 which wasnt awful!

Traffic was actually really good so we pulled up to the hotel at 6.40 (I did take notes for the first few days by the way hence the precise timings! This absolutely will not last.)

Our hotel was the Sandman Signature at Gatwick. It was really nice, super posh! Our friends booked it for us as a birthday prezzie for Ben which was so cute! We felt very lucky to be staying there as we werent planning to book a night before hotel for this trip

Check in was smooth and we booked a table in the hotel restaurant for 8.15. We finally got up to the room about 7pm and FINALLY we could relax!

The room was so lovely!

I was feeling so gross still wearing my work stuff so wanted to shower ASAP but also wanted champagne haha! Ben went to source some ice from somewhere, then came back triumphant!

We then cracked open the bottle of champagne wed bought (I had grabbed some champagne flutes from the bar on our way up to the room) and we cheersed!

I then hopped in the bathroom and had a loooooveellllly long hot shower I laid on the bed in my towel painting my nails and drinking my champagne and I finally felt so so relaxed and excited for the holiday

We watched some TV, Ben showered then we both got ready for dinner and headed down about 8.25, running a bit late but we didn't think it'd matter (and it didn't!)

(These are from my Instagram stories, we both took loads this trip and then saved the stories at the end of each day so we have mini vlogs to look back on! Ill add them in to the dining report )

The restaurant was dead haha there were like 5 other groups in there, but it seemed nice and we got given a cute booth table so I was happy

We ordered drinks first, it was 4 margaritas so Ben got a Classic and I got a Raspberry one. The waitress also asked if wed like a jug of water so we said yes. And then...we waited. She came back minus drinks and we ordered our starter and main, but still no drinks.

Our starter then came out! We had no drinks, not even the jug of water that shed suggested! I wasnt impressed because we then asked two different waitresses for our drinks. Mouth. Dry.

Our nachos were yummy though, they werent as amazing as the description promised but they were good:

A half pound of melted cheese atop tortilla chips, finished with diced tomatoes, spring onions and jalapeos. Served with salsa and sour cream (v)

(Obvs we added guac!)

Our drinks eventually came and they werent great, not strong and tasted just like flavoured water really. Speaking of, still no jug of water!

Then, as we were still eating our nachos, they bought our pizza out! I was so annoyed, honestly the service in this restaurant was appalling. Id go so far as to say its up there with the worst dinner service weve ever had!

Thankfully, the pizza was amazing which made me care less about the awful service. We just shared a margarita but it was wood fired with a chewy crust and tasted incredible.

I asked for water a second time and they bought us some out.

Pizza dexcriptiuon: MARGHERITA
Rustic tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil

We were slightly put out by the lack of topping options, add spicy beef!? Nothing else!? So random! We just got the bog standard and it really was delish.

We were super over this meal by this point though, so I asked for the bill as we were still enjoying our pizza as I had a feeling it wouldnt be a speedy task and I was right hahaha.

When I got the bill though, I was like ooh thats more than Id expected, 46! I looked at it properly then HIT THE ROOF, theyd charged us for TWO nachos and ADDED a 6 gratuity on! I dont think so sonny jim! Feeling highly fed up about the whole situation I flagged down another waitress and asked her to take off the nachos we didnt order and the gratuity we wouldnt be paying. Absolutely ridiculous! Ben was like cringing into his watery margarita hahah but stuff like this really bothers me. She changed the receipt and came back with a much more palatable 30 bill, which we paid then immediately left.

I took some photos of the very grand staircase!

Once back up in the room we were full but not stuffed which was nice. We got our PJs on and got into bed, then watched TV for a bit before turning it off at 10.30 with our alarms set for a 6.30am wake up. We were going to Florida tomorrow!
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NYC and Orlando!
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Unread 7 May 18, 09:05 PM  
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so excited!
I loved your food/trip report from your frugal festive trip!
Just caught up with your wedding trip too.
Can't wait to read more - shame about the poor service at the hotel restaurant.
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Unread 7 May 18, 11:25 PM  
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Excited...me ? 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
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halloween horror nights the return
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Unread 8 May 18, 10:00 AM  
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Service sounds awful but at least the food was nice! Looking forward to more
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Unread 8 May 18, 12:35 PM  
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Woohoo great start

Shame about your sucky first meal but i'm sure there are much better things to come!
My Dining & Trip Reports
(for Orlando and New York)

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The next return?
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Unread 8 May 18, 03:41 PM  
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I'm following! We've stayed at the Sandman Signature too and thought it was lovely... except for the fact we had to park our car on the grass verge as there were no parking spaces left! Good job we weren't leaving it there the whole time lol. Excited for more! And I like the fact that it's a dining report with added details
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First time at Disney!
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Unread 8 May 18, 06:31 PM  
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If that's half a pound of melted cheese I'm 10 stone Following!
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Dining/Trip Reports:
The Prisoner of Vineland Mall (2019) 6 days of passion, romance and fine dining...ok so it's mainly eating
Scream if you want to go Fatter! (2018) This report contains images some dieters may find distressing
The 12 Days of Easter (2015) Rumoured to contain up to one good joke. Let me know if you find it
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