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Unread 26 Nov 19, 01:13 AM  
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Talking The We've Left The Kids Behind... Pre-Trip Report

Its my yet another pre trip report where I kid myself Ill follow it up with an actual trip report but that is yet to happen but here I am regardless pre trip report!

I really need to work on a title...

Having been to Florida just last year staying on site and on return being told that that's probably enough for a few years... I still fully expected to be back in 2020 and I made it happen What was he thinking...? This will be our 4th trip to Florida but it's our first with no kids. I'm not sure about anyone else but Im both ridiculously excited that were going back yet also a little sad that my kids dont want to holiday with us. But I'm mostly excited, I'll be honest. I could do with the peace and the cocktails. And as an extra bonus I have ready made live in dog sitters. WINNER.

So who's travelling?

Me: Fiona. Fee. Mam. Nana. 41 or 42 - I honestly cant remember - but its my birthday when were away (WHOOOP!) and Ill be pretending Im 39 regardless. This is me in a heavily filtered instagram pic taken in Amsterdam earlier this year. This is probably the only picture Chris has ever taken of me ever that has been seen in public. He needs to up his game.

I am the planner, the stresser, the organiser, the control freak, the sentimental one, the overthinker, the photographer, the one that needs a beer to get on Rip Ride Rocket, the ah **** it lets just book it-er. I love all of the Disney and Universal Parks and get really caught up in the magic and excitement of it all, much to the dismay of the rest of my family.

Him: Chris. The husband. Dad. Granda. DH. Hes just turned 46 which we all find hilarious. Almost 50! Here is is with our amazing grandson I took this picture. And the other 736527 in the 30 seconds either side of this shot.

Chris is mostly oblivious to everything around him and will only really pay attention if a beer, football scores or the prospect of me spending money is involved Hes the butt of all our family jokes but also the one who is the most fun. No ride phases him and his favourite parks are Universal and DHS, with Magic Kingdom being his least favourite park (so well visit there the most). He often thinks hes Batman or a Jedi Knight just because hes wearing themed socks or a themed dressing gown.

Because we'd usually be accompanied by DD21 and/or DS18 weve only ever stayed on site at Disney or Universal - because that's what suited us most as a family at the time. But this time as it's just the 2 of us, weve decided to stay off site for the first time. Chris has always wanted to stay off site and get away from the parks a bit more and so w're oing it! Were both very excited as were looking forward to pleasing ourselves, eating where we want, having a cocktail or 8 and not worrying about anyone else not wanting to do certain rides. But we will miss them not being there with us.

How times have changed


Originally we had a Caribbean cruise booked with P&O for the end of March 2020, but having did one earlier this year I just wasnt feeling it. I mentioned this to Chris but he ignored me which is not unusual. I didn't let it stop me dropping it into conversation at every opportunity. Then a couple of months ago Chriss cousin and wife were on their first Disney trip and they were posting it on FB and instagram . I used this to my advantage and brought every picture they posted to Chriss attention - sewing them seeeeeds And just like that he was on board and I was back to researching and planning (did I ever stop?). Within a week I had an outline of what we (we ) wanted and had began to get quotes.

As already mentioned, we always knew that next time we visited we wanted to stay offsite on idrive and we also wanted this trip to be more of a budget trip in comparison to our other trips (*looks to camera* reader: Fiona doesnt know how to budget) and because of plans throughout the year we restricted our dates to the beginning of the year. I wanted some warmth, but also wanted to miss Easter and for one reason or another we settled on May. My birthday month! We've only ever travelled in Aug/Sepr/Oct so I was a little daunted picking another time of year but we're doing a lot of things differently this time so I thought what the hell.

After contacting a few different agents, tried and tested, new and old, we eventually got a quote from Charter Travel that ticked all our boxes and we were happy with the price. We even managed to squeeze in another couple of nights within budget - increasing from 14 nights to 16 by taking advantage of the move of one of the May bank holidays from Monday to Friday. I was also able to get Rosen Plaza at the same price as I was getting for Rosen Inn @ Pointe aaaaaand I got economy delight thrown in too. HAPPY!

So this is what we booked!

Friday May 8th 2020 until Sunday 24th May 2020 (land Monday 25th)
Flying with Virgin - Economy Delight from Manchester
Staying at Rosen Plaza on International Drive
14 day Ultimate Disney Tickets
14 Day 3 Park Universal Tickets

Let the planning commence!


Port Orleans Riverside ~ Oct 2012
Hard Rock Hotel (no Disney!) ~ Aug 2016
New York, Sheraton NY Times Square ~ Feb 2017
Santorini, Dana Villas ~ Aug 2017
Yacht Club ~ Sept 2018
Caribbean Cruise, P&O ~ Mar 2019
Rosen Plaza, 16 nts off site ~ May 2020

Instagram ~ @fee.runs
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Just the 2 of us ~ 16 nts off site
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