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The 260 Mile West Coast Wander - August 2019 - Day 25 - Deja vu day? - Last Disney days


Wednesday 28th August

Our last day in Disneyland

We had a bit of a lie in this morning what with our late night yesterday even I didn’t wake early. We were still up in time for some breakfast though and got down there 15 minutes before it closed off. It was lovely and quiet and there was still plenty of food to enjoy.

Back in our room we got ready for the day as we would be staying in the parks all day today.

It was cloudy when we first opened the blinds this was the first time we’d not seen blue skies but as we walked down the road the sun came through and it looked like we’d be set for another beautiful day.

Getting through security took a lot longer this morning it wasn’t too busy but the security checking my bag wasn’t very thorough and literally had me take everything out of my little backpack.

It wasn’t too busy in Disneyland either well Main street was fairly quiet anyway.

Headed over to one of our favourites first - Big Thunder Mountain to pick up a fastpass. It was one of those where to put your tickets in and the time for the fastpass meant we could use it straight away. How cool was that and the ride was as brilliant as ever.

Picked up a fastpass for Splash Mountain afterwards, we walked along the river to Mark Twain’s Riverboat as we had a bit of a wait before our water ride.

Whilst waiting for the Riverboat to dock up we saw Tiana, she boarded the boat before all of us and I couldn’t wait to go over and say hello to the beautiful princess. I thought it was so lovely that she sailed along the river with us all.

The cruise along the river was so peaceful and a lovely way to spend some time.

Once over with it was time for us to ride Splash Mountain, we picked up a return time for Smuggler’s Run along the way.

I sat in the middle of us all and Jamie wanted to sit at the front. We both got soaked so definitely picked the wrong seats lol

We had a ride on Winnie the Pooh afterwards somehow we’d not spotted this cute little ride before. It was walk on which was great and what a lovely attraction it was.

Time for us to go on another classic - Disneyland Railway.
We did a full circuit around the park and it was a real surprise when we came to the Grand Canyon/Primeval World section of the railroad. Now we weren’t expecting this part but it was a lovely sight to see. The whole journey had been really relaxing and we ended it back in New Orleans Square where we started.

Whilst we were here we picked up a refreshing drink from the Mint Julep Bar along with a few cups of cold water which all helped to cool us down.

I popped into the Pandora shop and I treated myself to a cute Up charm and this so reminds me of Disneyland now.

Then it was time for Smuggler’s Run so we made our way over to Galaxy’s Edge. I took the kids on whilst Scott watched the bags. Everyone assumed their usual positions and whilst Hayden and I appeared to have advanced on our gunner skills the pilots didn’t seem to be improving!

The kids were keen to try some of the coloured milk so we went to the milk stand next. Poppy chose the blue milk which she declared was awful and oh my word I had a little sip and yes it was vile! Hayden liked it though so it wasn’t wasted. We did wonder in the green flavour would taste any better but we’d queued up once and couldn’t be bothered to queue again so we’re not sure what it’s like?

It was time for a proper snack now to get that awful taste out of our mouths
Decision time!

We stopped by at the partner's statue for a few pictures as this was the first time we'd not seen this area really crowded. A cast member offered to take our photo for us which was really nice of her.

Walked over to California Adventure next, just love how easy it is to do this. Scott took Hayden and Jamie on a favourite of theirs Incredicoaster whilst Poppy and I had a look around some of the shops. Poppy bought some sweets from Bing Bong’s for her school friends.

Got a return time for the Racers then we had something to eat in Flo’s café. Loved the classic Motown tunes that they had playing in here the café had such a great vibe.

We still had a plenty of time before RSR so Poppy and I braved Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree! This was such a fun ride we couldn’t stop laughing. The car’s really swung you about and silly me forgot to take my ears off, next thing I knew they were flying through the air. Thankfully they landed in a safe place and when the ride had finished I was able to retrieve them!

Still had a bit of time to spare so we went over to try another new ride - Monster’s Inc, Mike and Sulley to the Rescue.

What a lovely family friendly ride this was which told the fab story of Monster’s Inc.

Afterwards we had a cocktail whilst the kids had some soda and we chilled for a while in Hollywood Land.

Our time had now come around for us to ride Radiator Spring Racers and we were so happy to be able to ride this one more time.

Scott took the boys and Guardians of the Galaxy and then we left the park, it all looked so lovely as we left especially Cars Land. Still couldn’t believe how real this whole place looked.

Said our goodbye's to California adventure and we walked back over the path to Disneyland where we wanted to have a look around Toon Town. I so wanted us to visit here but what we’d totally forgotten was Toon Town closed earlier. I couldn't believe it!
Bye Bye

Instead we had a look around Galaxy's Edge as we wanted to see the new land at night time. The place took on a whole new feel and the sights and sounds of this place made it all feel very immersive and real.

After our little night time tour we headed over to Fantasyland to ride Dumbo as we'd yet to go on this classic.

Walking through Fantasyland we could see that the Electrical Light Parade had just started and it was so much quieter up there. It looked like a really good spot to view the parade as the characters were virtually at the side of you. Disneyland had such a cosy feel about it.

It’s a Small World was as charming as before and we enjoyed again looking for the different characters.

When we came out the parade was just about to end. We walked back across the park to the Enchanted Tiki Room. Whilst we were sat outside waiting to go in the fireworks started and we were able to watch them for a little while before we went in.

Watched the show which was so wonderful to see, a real treat and we were practically the only ones in there too.

As we were in the vicinity we decided to go on another new favourite of ours Indiana Jones. There was a bit of a queue but it was totally worth the wait.

The line for the Jungle Cruise was walk on so we thought why not? We’d never gone on this in the dark so it would be interesting to see how it would differ. Well it was a great experience we so enjoyed sailing around in the dark. Our skipper was so funny!

Time was now getting on and the park would be closing in 20 minutes but we still wanted to make the most of Disneyland. Said we’d try big Thunder Mountain and when we arrived we were overjoyed to see there wasn’t any line.

It was great to ride this family favourite in the dark and somehow it felt like the train was going a lot faster!

When we came off Poppy got really upset and started to cry as I’d said this was our last ride in Disneyland. We chatted about all the amazing memories we had and how we’ll never forget our time here and Poppy felt a bit better.

Walking out we passed through Fantasyland and we heard the cast member on King Arthur’s Carousel calling to say the next ride would be the last. Scott, Poppy and Scott went up to have a ride whilst Hayden and I watched everyone.

At that point this wave of emotion came over me and I had a little cry myself. Being here, seeing my kids and other families sat on there too all smiling and so happy to be enjoying time with their family. It was a special moment for me and I felt so blessed and happy too.

We walked through the castle for the last time – how lovely to do this on our final visit.

The ELP was making its way back up Main St so we walked down through the shops. Of course I couldn’t help myself from looking around and I treated myself to another Pandora charm, the gorgeous Sleeping Beauty Castle charm. I also picked up a cute Dumbo soft toy for Poppy which she’d been looking at the past couple of days.

Whilst I was stood at the till I could hear Scott talking to someone, I wondered who it was and when I turned around I saw that it was the lovely Dibber Lauren. We knew she was visiting Disneyland with her parents at the same time as us it was so nice to bump into her.

We chatted about our time in Disneyland, which rides we’d enjoyed and the differences between the two parks here. Also talked about our overall holiday it was lovely to hear of their experiences in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Because we were talking with each other on our way out we forgot to say goodbye to Disneyland which is something we always do. Maybe because we didn’t it will mean we will return someday?

Lauren's father was picking her up so we walked with her over to the pick-up spot then said our goodbyes. Her family still had a few days left there.

Walking back to the hotel my legs felt oh so weary at that point. I think it was because I knew this would be our last walk somehow my thighs had just had enough and gave up!

By the time we got back to our room it was 12am. It was way too late to thinking about showers so we just brushed our teeth, changed and went to bed. At that moment I felt totally shattered but so contented with our day. What a brilliant time we had.

Steps – 32,585

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Ahhhhhhh your last day! Sad times. I totally would have cried too Julia. I always do at Magic Kingdom on our last visit.

Your morning ride with Tiana sounds fab. Have “just around the river bend” in my head now.

Your photo from splash mountain is fab. Love all your expressions!

How was the mint julep? Shame about the milk!

And stupid me for not noticing the miles title 🙈 (can I still blame baby brain)?

Just noticed your next countdown Julia-hope you’re feeling ok about it. This year has us so many ups and downs hasn’t it.

Hope you’ll post about your day/trip home too. I do enjoying travel days for some reason (although obviously the way out is more exciting ) xx
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What a brilliant last day - the parks look extra special at night - I so want to go see Cars Land.

Your charm is lovely and a great reminder of your trip.

Its nice that you bumped into Lauren.
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What a fantastic last day. Looked like you had a magical time. Gorgeous photos as always. I reckon you will return one day!

M x
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What a wonderful last day. It seems you did almost everything in both parks! I've really enjoyed reading about these Disneyland days - loads to do but easier to manage than WDW. It's a shame you missed Toon Town - you'll just have to go back!

It's lovely that you were all reminiscing about your holiday at the end of the day - great memories for you and the kids too. Love the castle charm, such a nice reminder of your time there.
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Lovely last day, always a sad day but also a happy day, knowing you will always have those memories good bad, fun, and sad of your holiday.
Loved reading your trip report has given me so many ideas for our family holiday to the west coast and disney land, when all this madness of covid is over.
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