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Unread 16 May 19, 07:34 PM  
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Apprentice Imagineer
Join Date: Jul 14
DLP Oct 2018

This will be a very brief report, mainly as I forgot about it and now I am just using my iPhone photos as a reminder of where we went, what we did and when we did it. strangely I need no reminders about what food we ate (hubby is always amazed I can tell him what he ate 14 years ago at a certain restaurant... )

This is our third DLP holiday but first in 9 years!
We caught the ferry over
4 nights at hotel Cheyenne
Free half board but mainly topped up meals
2 character meals

So this holiday was originally WDW. Long story short, the day I was due to book Orlando SIL announces her latest pregnancy, as she and hubby run the family business it meant Orlando was shelved, again! Instead we had a few shorter holidays before and during her Mat leave; Boston for hubby and I (loved it! But SIL delivered prematurely at 34/40 whilst we were out there, ooops! Lots of stress and we felt guilty, but couldnt of been predicated as she has never been early before... )took the kids to NYC at Easter for their first time (our third) and then DLP October. So at least we had a flash of USA and Disney in our lives to keep us going!

Its me, 36 year old, midwife (often changed to madwife ) obsessive holiday planner, food orientated (as are all midwives for some reason )

Hubby, 38, most chilled, happy and content person you could meet. Never gets excited about holidays until hes there, but puts up with me talking holidays 24/7 and is happy for me to organise anything and everything.

Son, 15, great kid, towers over me now but is just like daddy, a gentle giant, he is very kind and thoughtful, and lives to eat, if he goes an hour without a snack he thinks he is hard done by...

Daughter, 11, at the time she was a very sweet natured bundle of joy. Pre teen moods have since hit so that description is now out of date She is all about the merch, adores Disney and was most excited about the meets

So thats us, nothing too exciting.

We went 18-22 oct so they did actually miss one school day, oh well

Pre travel day;

I had the day off. I say that, I had just finished three chaotic nightshifts the day before, so my day off today was sorting the house out after my three absent nights! I dropped the dog, our beloved Casper off at the dog sitter. Now, this is about a 4 hr round trip as I take him to a work colleague who doesnt live locally, about an hour 15 away, plus roadworks. But I wouldnt send him anywhere else as trust them completely. And he loves it so much that just saying their names gets him shaking with excitement...

Lots of forced hugs and kisses and sweet nothings from mummy, but he was desperate to ≈≈≈≈≈≈ off with his friends, didnt give me a second glance

Back about 2pm, hubby finished work and was now home. Whilst I finished packing daughters bits and bobs;

Hubby decided to do his usual, last minute check of CDs to take, panic he didnt have the right clothes, despite me telling him weeks ago to sort them as I would be on nights on the run up and cant do last minute washing see there is a down side to being married to a super relaxed person...

All sorted and we picked the kids up from school and quickly home to change on then onto the road for a 3hr road trip to Dover. We have now done it all, flown, Eurostar and ferry. We think we prefer the ferry as liked not waiting around an airport, and more food and leg stretching options. More on that on travel day...
The planned had been to eat once we reached Dover, I had my eye on Nandos for months
In the end we stopped mid drive as apparently their stomachs were self digesting! They all had Burger King and I had Thai curry, with tempura prawns, worst food photos of the holiday, sorry!
It was nice, so nice infact daughter started eating mine when I went to the toilet I didnt want to seem like a gutsy pig of a mother who deprived her womb fruit of food, so let it go. Im still hangry 6 months on...

Back on the road. And onto PI, it is totally opposite the port, which is great and easy. But also noisy as lorries come and go all night. Apparently, anyway. I wear ear plugs to sleep so hear nothing with them in so deep I am loosing memory cells from trauma .
We asked for a wine bucket and ice for boozey stuff and that was given

And then it was a few episodes of family guy (terrible parents, I know, big whoop, wanna fight about it? Sorry, a FG reference..but its allowed when we are all forced into one room as I am too tight to fork out 30 for a second room despite the fact we hate sharing..them more so as despite the fact I hear nothing, I am the noisy one as I snore, badly. Cruel twist of fate for them hey?

Over and out for pre travel, pretty uneventful and boring!

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1st family Floriday
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Unread 17 May 19, 10:13 AM  
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Apprentice Imagineer
Join Date: Jul 14
Travel day

Rubbish nights sleep for the others, I cant say I slept too well either, the room temp goes from turning you to jerky to making you into a human ice pop.

Up at 05.15 and quick showers all round before leaving the hotel at 05.55 for ferry at 6.45. As you can see it is very close to the hotel

Very simple process to board. We then sat waiting to be released from the car deck.

We decided on the bistro over the canteen as the menu looked nicer, and perhaps a higher standard of clientele, despite that they let us in anyway

Cooked breakfast, eggs bendict and drinks all round, was nice enough and not too expensive. In standard dreamadream family style, we finished breakfast before we evening left port

We then spent time roaming the ship, of course i did the Jack and Rose move on the deck, but lets say it was more windswept that winslet... back indoors to the warm! We browsed duty free, this is where it lacks in comparison to airports, but there we go. However the cheap wine was a winner, but that would wait til our return, or sadly not as the case (or lack of ) may be

Wasted a bit more time, kids getting on ok so far

We disembarked on time, again very simple. Then a straight 3 hr drive to DLP. It was fairly simple, no great dramas. We did get lost a few times, but thats what we do. My grandad would be ashamed, he was a flight navigator in the RAF. He would look at any map in the world once and could find his way around. We cant even follow a live satnav

So we arrived. I choose hotel Cheyenne based on cost and theming. We have done Newport bay one Christmas and adored it, and we did Santa fa when the kids were young. As this was our third holiday of the year it had to be budget. I will talk more about this later on, but big regret on hotel choice for one reason only...
Check in was painfully slow. Hubby and kids went to get Starbucks lunch whilst I queued and queued... about an hour. I have no idea why it took about 15mins per family, as we were done and dusted in 5 mins. But we are simple folk

Into the room. Loved the theming, just as I imagined. Helped that there was a trundle bed as kids will not share. So much so we had to take a blow up bed to NYC as hotel wouldnt provide an additional one...

Normally when giving a room tour I use the phase and this where the magic happens and this is where the tragic happens is more accurate today

Dumped our bags and off we went.

Hotel Cheyenne is about 10 min stroll to the parks.
Into Disneyland Park. All set up for Halloween, we loved the theming

We rode the Snow White ride, Pinocchio, carousel and a few others. I think we went on BTM but have no photos so cant confirm.
We had dinner reservations at plaza gardens. Ow I know its not the best but in the past it has been great as something for everyone and you get a full meal without leaving the park.
We had the free half board so it was included, including drinks.
Lots of choice with meats, pastas, salads, breads and cheese etc.

Then onto the puddings, this is where our family gets their moneys worth, oink

I then have no idea what we did after this. My phone must of died as thats where my photos that day ended.
Then onto a night of torture, next instalment in a mo

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1st family Floriday
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Unread 17 May 19, 12:21 PM  
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Apprentice Imagineer
Join Date: Jul 14
Day two.

Ok. This is the only real ranty pants moment. Now we had read the beds in hotel Cheyenne were on the hard side. And having spent the last month on our new Simba mattress we had been sleep spoilt. But it was something else, concrete slab more like. In all seriousness I actually pulled the bed apart to make sure there was actually a mattress, and miraculously there was. We had barely slept a wink due to this After a few mins our bones were aching. Hubby developed a bad back after the first night! So much tossing and turning. The kids bragged they slept well in their beds, whoopey do for them This is not what you want after a long drive and days in the park on your feet. All I could think it is thank goodness I am a fatty fatty fatster otherwise I would getting bedsore on where my hip bones should be
So the next morning I went to reception ready to open up a family sized can of disappointment at the poor people at reception. Me being me stormed over there and as soon as I saw the person at
Reception the anger disappeared and I was very apologetic at finding their beds not to my liking The nice guy was sympathetic and said they were new and have had some complaints.
So. I asked to upgrade to SL, NPB or NYC, and worst case DL hotel. Nothing was available. Nothing!? It was half term and the park was full apparently!
He said there would be an availability at SL tomorrow night, at a cost of 250 a night, so 500. At that time I said yes, let me know when it becomes avalible, or if anything else crops up with a cancellation.
And off I went back to the room, where no one had done anything to get ready since I left 30 mins before opened both barrels on them and off we went after showers and such like.
And that is where my anger ends. Im not an angry person really, honest!

Anyway... we had reservations back at plaza gardens for the character breakfast.

First we did EMH and walked onto peter pan. Wow. Just wow! It was my fav cartoon growing up and it was just stunning. This is what Disney does best!

Then onto dumbo, no wait. Either mine was broken or I am carrying too much pre Christmas mince pie weight as mine wouldnt go up and down like everyone elses oh so much fun just going around and around

Onto breakfast reservation at 9.
Again, food was ok, something for everyone. The usual bacon, eggs, sausages, pastries, cereals, cheese and meats, fruit etc. Everyone loved the sliced potatoes. But why oh why dont they do Mickey waffles here?! Daughter was disappointed.

So the characters. Lots of fun. They spent a good amount of time with us. The only one who didnt get down well was Scrooge, but thats because he knocked daughters ears off by accident lol

Before it all turned nasty...

I think it was about 80 top up from HB, money well spent
All stuffed and ready to start the day off we went.
We grabbed a fastpass for BTM for a bit later on. We had a look around frontier land, went on the ship

Wondered around frontier getting our bearings again, this is what I lovE about Disney, there is always something to see and do!

A walk past the haunted mansion. We were gutted as had all looked forward to this but knew months before it wasnt open, still disappointed though

Onto BTM, we adore this ride, it is our total favourite. As is it is for most people as FPs all gone. On that note, we totally messed up using FPs. I thought you had to wait to use your FP before booking another, I didnt realise it was on a timescale thingy, so many missed opportunities!

Then onto the star tours ride, it was walk on.

On reflection I should of walked away... lets say I was seconds away from a rocky ride on chunder mountain... simulation rides are not for me it seems, and I dont like Star Wars anyway

We had to head back to the room as I felt like I was going to faint, banging headache developing. Not helped by last nights bed dramas. I somehow slept a little and felt a wee bit better, finally accepting I hadnt experienced a brain haemorrhage and it was just motion sickness

Off we went out for dinner. I booked Hunters Grill at SL. Maybe it wasnt such a good idea as walking into the foyer and knowing lovely, comfy beds were mere steps away and denied to me...
Anyway, it was a lovely looking hotel and may well stay here next time.
Hunters grill was really nice. Def a step up from plaza gardens. Freshly carved meat, quiches, better quality vegetables (I know, I know, on holiday?! But we are a big veg family, I feel really sluggish if I dont have at least 6-7 portions a day. And mummy anxiety means the kids have to eat at least a few a day on holiday or else I convince myself they will get scurvy, and I dont have time for that!) There was a gorgeous tarragon and mustard sauce I have dreamed about since. But wake up to saliva on the pillow, not tarragon sauce...

The puddings were better too, but I had had about 3 plates of mains so little room for pudding, but this was my vain attempt;

And daughters

There was also ice creams to go, which the kids did.
Hubby had 2 beers, I had a coke due to the earlier illness and, son coke and daughter water (she loves water, fine with tight ≈≈≈≈ me!) I think the top up from our half board voucher was about 40

We then headed over to the park to watch the nighttime illuminations. I have a feeling we did a few rides too, but no photos for some reason.

We then went to Disney village for a wonder around.

For some unknown reason our daughter had also taken a large orange to go from HG. This played a big part in the evenings entertainments, she is a little strange #orangedoesntfallfarfromthetree

Now this would of been fine had we not gone into the crystal shop to browse and pretend we belonged in there clientele base
Whilst hubby and I were discussing one particularly beautiful, yet at the same time somehow tacky, item I looked up and daughter and son were rolling the orange down the banisters of the stairs. Which would of been fun had there not been a glass cabinet with a 12,000 beauty and the beast figure at the bottom of the stairs, right in the line of the orange

Now I didnt pay attention during physics at school but I may have some memory of learning that a speeding object weights more than a stationary one? So that 200g approx, orange would be catastrophic. So I grabbed them both by their ears (real, not Disney ones) and pulled them out of there and far away from anywhere they could cause damage. And then and only then could my sphincter relax.

We then browsed the big Disney shop. Daughter is obsessed with buying stuff, nothing specific, just likes buying things. She may have got a pair of Mickey hands that night, who knows.

Quick dance in the stage to some Disney standard Halloween music

And off to the torture chamber, sorry, bedroom...

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1st family Floriday
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Unread 17 May 19, 03:01 PM  
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Apprentice Imagineer
Join Date: Jul 14
Day three

Another tortuous night. I almost comprehended staying back this morning and sleeping in the kids comfy beds whilst they did park time. I flipping love sleep, I rarely have a day off without a few hours nap. But had a word with myself and reminded myself 1. Youre on holiday and will regret missing out on the experience 2. You can sleep forever when you are dead and 3. Hubby has zero organisational skills and it all falls on me to get everywhere where and when we need.

So dragged myself out the door with a large Starbucks that hubby sourced to tease me out of the pit. Hot chocolates and orange juices for the kids

And I believe we snacked on a few cereal bars from home as wont be eating just yet.

We were up early so had a quick stroll around the hotel, but quickly got bored, but really liked what we saw

Quick walk to studio for EMH
The hubby and kids went straight for nemo, on and off in 20. I did que with them but decided not to ride as heard it was scary. Lots of posters to say not to ride with high BP, which I have. Normally its ok but stupidly forgot to take my meds this morning so best left. I met them outside and they all said they loved it! No way can you get a photo of them on it!

Then a walk around the toy story area, it is very well done.

No one wanted to ride RC racer for some reason!
Slinky dog was down at the moment so we hung around ready for when it opened to pounce.
Hubby and son went on the parachute drop one and swore it was great and you get good views of the parks.

Oh ok, Ill give it a go then!
One of the worst experiences of my life. I almost put out a Code Brown emergency call I gripped son so badly he swore his arm hurt for days afterwards The family opposite apparently found this most amusing and filmed me throughout, but as I had my eyes closed I have to believe son. You know, the lying son who told me it wasnt too bad, so Im not sure if I will surface on a FB meme at some point..

Onto slinky dog as soon as it opened. It was a fun little ride, I cant wait to ride the big ass one in wdw!

Fast pass for Ratatouille. I loved this area of the park, so authentically French. I didnt ride this after star tours ride yesterday made me sick as a dog. FB enquires said it made people just a sick, not worth it. The family loved it, but all felt once was enough, quests now over 80m!

EMH done we went for breakfast. We headed to Annettes. We went here for dinner in previous trips so thought it would be nice. And it seemed the 2 upgrade each for a cooked breakfast would be good as we didnt really fancy the free quick breakfasts on the HB plan.

It really wasnt great. Such a strange array of food, it was both American, English and French all at the same time, none of it particularly great.
The service was also rubbish, black coffees no milk finally dropped off after we had finished our meal
Then we went off to do the movie tour, this is the kind of Disney my family like!

Then we did another slinky dog ride. Debates about ToT and everyone agreed it was a step too far for our woosie family.
Then we popped into the court and shopping court there, ice creams and cupcakes all round and full fat cokes as I felt we were flagging with Theo days to go...

Quick ride on Aladdins carpet ride and over for art class.
Now our daughter is something of an ace artist, she even has her own art room. She loves doing Disney sketches. She has been offered money to do sketches for friends and family.
So I thought she would totally love this. Mainly she did, but she got annoyed with herself that her picture didnt look 100% at the end. She could of done it perfectly at home free hand, but found the instructions a little confusing. I reassured her it really didnt matter as she does better than that anyway!

Then off to the stunt show, it was good and passed a fair amount of time

Then we back to the hotel. I popped by reception to just make sure I hadnt missed a message about another hotel being made available. Nope, no messages. They had no record of my issue I knew I shouldnt of discussed it with the staff at the end of their nightshift... I discussed the issue again, and there wasnt much they could do but offered to send more pillows and bedding to the room to soften the mattress, I gracefully accepted. Within mins the go kart arrived with 3 new pillows and a blanket.
Showers and stuff and off out for dinner at Chez Remy. Quick photo on route. Sadly dont have many of me and the kids on this holiday, but neither would of you looked like me (2st down since this holiday after seeing some of the photos... )

Into chez remy, the theming is top notch! We loved it!

So onto the food! Best meal of the holiday, by far. We all went for the salad starter and it was demolished. As much as we have tried to eat as much veg as we can at the buffets its still not quite enough or super fresh, but this was. Even son who is slightly picky regarding salad scoffed the lot (havent seen him eat salad so quickly since the beautiful cheerleader style waitress in Olive Garden teased him by saying how disappointed she would be if he didnt eat all of his salad, ahhhh boys and their hormones...so easy to manipulate )

Then onto steak, fries and ratatouille all round. I am a fussy steak eater, it has to be rare, and flavourful. This was cooked to perfection! So tender and beefy. The ratatouille was beautifully fresh.

The kids ate all the steak. So now I can no longer argue not cooking them steak at home after saying they wouldnt eat it all and it would be a waste
The top up price was about 40 with drinks. Totally worth it
We planned on pudding in the park watching the fireworks.
On the way out of the studios closing we did the monsters inc thing, still no idea what it is but the squids loved it and spent ages on it.

Into the park

Hubby and son remembered its a small world from their last trip. Daughter was totally unaware so happy to ride, I may be alone if this but I love it daughter most def did not

Snacks for the fireworks, Apple tarts and hot chocolates

Once again the fireworks were fab, I only seem to have a video of it, no stills. It really is stunning. If not a little cold by this point. Hubby being the gent he is gave me his coat to stay warm

And back to the hotel for another sleepless night x

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Unread 14 Jul 19, 05:32 PM  
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Ok, it seems this trip report isnt quite as interesting as I hoped but I am continuing anyway to look back on in years to come!

Onwards to day 4

Another rubbish sleep...
Hubby ran out and grabbed strong coffees to get us going
We did EMH at Disneys park with the plan to do Buzz light year and then Peter Pan.
We got onto BLY in 5 mins. This may be controversial but I dont get the fuss about this ride its not for me!

Daughter and I then ran off to ride Peter Pan again, by far my favourite ride! Well, equal to BTM.
Whilst we cued hubby and son went to the scrum that was the counter breakfast included on our package. We hadnt had it yet as it didnt appeal, but we wanted a light breakfast today as had lunch booked at Auberge de Candrillion.
PP was fab as usual. Hubby and son arrived as we came off with breakfast, both took abouT
20 mins cue, I def drew the better straw there...
Breakfast was brioche with omelette, cheese ? Bacon, it was better than I feared but I wouldnt want it more than once on a holiday, it came with a nice chop au pain, orange juice and hot chocolate. Filled a gap.

The park was way busier today, as it seems half of England had started half term with the first stop being DLP
So we decided to potter today, we had already ridden rides we wanted so happy to go off the usual path ways.
We headed to the back of the park and rode a slow water ride, iirc it was through Disney stories, nothing exciting but passed the time. We then went on Casey Junior Le petite train, on how we loved this lol, I told you arent massive thrill seekers!

We rose this several times, happy days!
We then headed to Alices labyrinth area

Same child and place, 12 years apart...

We headed to BTM but the FP machines were broken after 30 mins waiting ;(
Daughter treated herself to a new stitch coat and bracelet

The plan had been to go back to the hotel, freshen up ready for our princesss lunch in all our finery. Then remembered we are a bunch of skanks and couldnt be bothered, they would have to take us as we were...
so, lunch. The highlight of course is the interactions. They blow us away. So such detail. They know their back stories inside out. We had many lovely moments. We love that DS doesnt care about street cred and gets involved in everything. He loved meeting the princesses, cinders being his favourite but then she did teach his to stand like a prince

Duaghter is naturally a little more reserved than big bro. But she said she couldnt eat as was so nervous, too cute!

Onto the food, decisions decisions

I had read in advance the food wasnt great, even then I was hopeful, as after all this is France...
I started with a glowtini, nice enough.

I think hubby had a beer, son a coke and daughter had some sort of juice.
Cheesey bites to start, always a winner.

Starters, son and I went for giant prawns in a butter sauce. These were bad, very very bad.
They were not fresh, ice cold, they tasted very dirty and dry and chalky

No idea what hubby ate
Daughter had the kids salmon starter, she enjoyed it but its right up her street and how can toast and smoked salmon go wrong?

For mains I had some sort of chicken and mushroom stew. It came in a big pot and looked dramatic. It was dismal.

Son had a mushroom pasta thing and said it was very nice, finished it all

Again no idea what hubby ate or why I dont have any photos?! But sure it wasnt the same as me, just asked him and he doesnt remember
Daughter had the kids cod with pasta and a lemon sauce, she didnt like it much, it was very bland, we are quite a flavourful family!

Onto pudding, this was a redeeming feature. Daughter was given the usual white chocolate shoe, she doesnt like white chocolate so we all shared our raspberry pillows, which were very nice, we smashed the shoe between the rest of us no problem

Did we enjoy this? Yes. The interactions were great and meant no cueing to see them in the parks. And I remember visiting DLP when the kids were young and money was a lot tighter, I remember dreaming of going in here. So glad we are in a position to not think about the cost of these experiences any more.
Would we do it again? Nope. Maybe in WDW as it looks like the food is better, which is surprising given this is France!
Anyway I think the total, with half board voucher taken off, and drinks included it was about 180.

The plan had been to do BTM with our fast pass we grabbed before going into lunch. But hubby came over a bit funny. He said he was having palpitations and didnt feel right. He has never had these before. Of course being the mature health care professional I am I went into panic over ride, thinking he was going to die (family history of ticker problems, but he had a check before when having an emergency op and unrelated bradycardia and all normal) and worrying how will I 1; go on without him, 2; drive home. I had a talk to myself and put my medical head on and reassured myself many of us get palpitations occasionally and if otherwise asymptomatic and short lived rarely means anything. But BTM was off, I frog marched us back to the hotel for a rest for hubby.
Over the next few hours I must of checked his pulse and resp rate about 20 times, and asked him how he felt 1000 times
It all settled and he felt fine, and never experienced it since. I suspect it was all the excitement of the princesses

So after a rest and Starbucks

we headed back to the park. But first daughter was insistent that she HAD to ride the gokarts outside NY hotel. Yep, go to an amusement park with all fun included and she wanted to spiff 10 on a crud ride. I was on a making happy family memories mode, you know, just in case so off she went, and flipping enjoyed it.

We turned up to our BTM FP 3 hrs late, ready to try our luck but the guy at FP entrance needed no bribing or threatening and on we went. We love it in the dark, a very different ride!

We had a climb up the big tree house, then wondered around.
We got a good view point for illuminations. For some reason I have no photo or videos, which is a shame as they are spectacular. But I do have a photo of son nice again eating, I think this was a Nutella crepe, not sure if anyone else had one, but I suspect yes as lunch was a let down foodwise

We then browse through to the shops whilst the crowds dispersed.
On the way back to the hotel we stopped off at Earl of Sandwich. It was nice enough. I remember being annoyed that they didnt have the sand which I wanted. Hubby said it wasnt my food day, spot on!

And that was it for our final night, back to the bed of nails we go. Good job I didnt sleep well as I could check hubbys breathing all night

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