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Unread 17 Feb 10, 07:42 PM  
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Day 7 - Pre-wedding day and Boma

Day 7 - part 2

We then got ready for our meal at Boma and were picked up at 4.45 (wearing our ears!). Our reservation was at 5.10, and we checked in almost dead on this time. We only had to wait three minutes for our table but Rob and Row hadn't arrived, so we waited another ten minutes until they were there, then we were seated. I had a delicious passion fruit mojito for a drink, and Rowena had a glowtini (I think that's what it was called!). We had a delicious meal, and were also given a special congratulations dessert platter to share. We got lots of comments from other diners too, who were lovely.

A glowtini

Passion Fruit Mojito

Some of my dinner!

Kids eating



Millie with the Minnie from her gift basket

Wearing my ears!

At about 7.15 we went out to the Savannah to look at the animals - Josh dropped his dummy down the bank, so we let a CM know and she fished it out! Millie then wanted to listen to the storytelling around the firepit, and followed that by joining in with the musical instrument parade. She got a lovely certificate for doing that. Carl and I relaxed in the rocking chairs and enjoyed watching the animals. Before returning to POFQ we shopped, and I finally bought the Wishes CD - I never bought it on our last trip and regretted that ever since! We eventually arrived at FQ at 8.50, and headed straight for bed as we knew we had a big day ahead...

Tomorrow - wedding day!
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Unread 17 Feb 10, 07:51 PM  
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Day 8 - Wedding Day part 1!

Day 8 - Monday August 17th

OK, as we had so much going on on the actual wedding day, plus many photos that I want to share, I'm going to post this in sections!

SO we started the day after our first night in the King bed at POFQ - that was wierd, simply because the bed was so big! Plus, I didn't sleep that well - I kept running over things in my mind. We woke up at about 7am, and started to get showered etc. We killed time by eating a bit of breakfast, and watching TV - found some highly amusing infomercials, which kept us entertained! I also surfed the internet briefly as I had logged on the night before and was still within my 24 hours' access.

Mum and Row were due to arrive with my dress at 10.15 so Carl went off to the arcade. It felt wierd knowing the next time I saw him I would be in a wedding dress and walking down the aisle to get married! Shortly after, dad and Rowena arrived carrying my wedding dress, and other bits and pieces. Mum went to tell Carl he could go out and wait by the car. I unpacked the rest of the items from my carry-on suitcase, including the veil and the jewellery. I then opened the jewellery that was a gift from Carl, and it was beautiful - it went perfectly with my dress!

Now I'm going to tell you a bit about the boys getting ready at the villa, as Carl is here with me! He arrived back at the villa at about 10.50, where Robin made some lunch for everyone. At this point it was dad, Carl, Robin, Joshua and Amelia, as dad would be bringing Amelia to POFQ in a taxi later on. They killed time by watching TV, chatting, and playing with the kids.

Dad and Amelia left at 11.40, and Randy Chapman arrived at midday, right on schedule. This was the time that Robin and Carl started to get ready. It's a lot easier for the men to get sorted than the women!

They dressed Joshua up for the photos but undressed him again as he dribbles so much!

Before Randy left, the limousine had turned up, so some shots were taken out there. Randy also took the opportunity to get some photos of Carl with his own car, as he said he had never got photos of a groom with his car before.

Shortly after this they headed off for the Boardwalk.
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Unread 17 Feb 10, 08:15 PM  
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Day 8 - Wedding Day part 2

OK, so we've left the boys at the Boardwalk, so now I'll go back to what I know about first hand - what was happening over at POFQ!

At 10.35 Patricia Lejeune arrived. Immediately I could tell we were all going to get along well - Patricia is just so much fun, and really made me feel at ease. She started off by prepping my hair, which involved tonging it - by the time she was done I looked like Shirley Temple, lol After this she started on mum's hair and make-up. While waiting I watched some TV and chatted, before Row and I headed to the food court to pick up some snacks and refill the mugs. It was quite amusing going over with my hair like that - it would have been better if I had been wearing my "Bride" tracksuit bottoms but mum had forgotten to bring them over, so I'd have to wait until dad got there.

Dad and Amelia then arrived just before midday, and they had a wander around the resort so that Millie didn't get bored. Meanwhile Patricia applied most of my make-up, and started to finish my hair.

At this point Randy arrived and got straight to work taking photos of just about everything! Next for me was putting on my dress. Mum was trying hard to lace it up but having a little trouble, so Randy stepped in and helped her! Bizarrely my dress had a lace up inside, then a zip, then decorative buttons! But we got there in the end.

Once my dress was on, and I'd put on my jewellery and shoes, Patricia finished doing Rowena's hair and put the finishing touches to my hair and make-up.

Finally she put the comb in my hair so that my mum could attach my veil. Finally I felt properly like a bride and I couldn't have been happier with my look - Patricia did an absolutely amazing job, and I can't recommend her highly enough.

After this it was time for Patricia to finish off mum's hair by putting in her fastenator, while I went outside to pose for lots and lots of photos! Luckily we had the beautiful fountain and the courtyard view that the manager had thoughtfully given us the day before - I'm so glad we came back to POFQ - I knew three years ago that it would create a beautiful backdrop and now I know I was right!

We also had fun trying to get photos of Amelia during all this time - at some points she didn't want her photo taken at all, at other times she came creeping out and started posing for Randy! Luckily he was really good with both the kids, and knew exactly when to get the best shots of them and when to leave them alone.

I'll leave it here for now - leaving you in antici... pation! But my next post will update with the journey in the car, and the arrival at the Boardwalk.
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Unread 17 Feb 10, 08:23 PM  
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You look AMAZING, your dress is beautiful! Congratulations
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Looking forward to going back to AMI
Unread 17 Feb 10, 08:41 PM  
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Originally Posted by Alyson View Post
You look AMAZING, your dress is beautiful! Congratulations
Thank you so much
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Unread 17 Feb 10, 08:58 PM  
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Day 8 - Wedding Day part 3

Day 8 - part 3

I left you at the point where everyone was just about ready to go. The next step was to go out to the parking lot, where I saw the limo and the Model A Ford for the first time. My dad was well away talking to the driver of the Ford - apparently he is one of a number of drivers that Disney calls on for special occasions - he was really sweet! I knew at once that Carl would be thrilled with the car when he saw it.

The drive to the Boardwalk was good fun, as we didn't go too fast, and the driver kept sounding the horn, which was very loud! When we arrived we pulled up in the entrance way, and it felt very real! There were quite a few people outside, and they all called out congratulations and some people told me I looked beautiful. Normally I get embarrassed by lots of attention but I was determined to enjoy it on my wedding day!

Tanis came out to meet us, and it was wonderful to finally see her in real life. After we had taken some photos with the car, she asked us to wait a moment, as Carl was just being moved to another area. When we finally went inside we saw Robin and Joshua, and I helped Robin to sort out Josh's outfit because he didn't know exactly how he was supposed to wear it.

This was also the moment that I had my first look at the flowers, which were beautiful. Tanis pinned the boutonnieres on mum and dad, and handed Rowena and me our flowers. At this point mum was nearly in tears (she told me this later) because people kept asking if I was her daughter and saying I looked beautiful!

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Unread 17 Feb 10, 09:06 PM  
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Day 8 - Wedding Day part 4

Day 8 - part 4

Robin and Joshua then went to catch up with Carl, when they all walked along the Boardwalk to Sea Breeze Point. Randy then brought Rowena, mum, dad and me out onto the balcony for various photos.

At this point Amelia decided to play games with Randy, especially peekaboo!

After a while of taking photos, I realised that although I had put my face sun cream on, I'd forgotten to put any on my arms and shoulders! So I asked Rowena to check with my mum and dad, but Tanis came to the rescue and had some, which Rowena and dad then plastered me with, lol. Tanis then said it was time to make my way to Sea Breeze Point, so we headed back out the front to the car - by now I was really feeling nervous!
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Unread 18 Feb 10, 06:45 PM  
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Day 8 - arriving for the wedding

Day 8 - part 5

In my last post I left it as we were leaving the Boardwalk Resort to head off to Sea Breeze Point.

Well, I got back in the car along with my dad, and we drove along the service road at the back (the same one we had walked alongside on the day we got drenched!), then coming out onto the Boardwalk.

As it was the middle of the afternoon, there were lots of people about to call congratulations. The driver kept hooting the horn again, too, and I knew that by now Carl would be able to hear it! On the DVD of our ceremony you can see Randy running along behind the car as he got a variety of shots, and we also had Andrew, who was a bit like our bodyguard, walking alongside. As we got close he had to stop us and hold us on the Boardwalk as they weren't quite ready yet.

Eventually we pulled up just outside SBP. Rowena and Amelia were waiting at the front with Tanis, and I could see Carl in the distance at the end of the altar - he had obviously been told to stay facing in one direction only!

At this point, Teresa Knox came out to meet me and gave me a big hug. I asked if Carl was nervous, and she said that he was a bit flushed (he always goes red when he is nervous!). She ran through what was going to happen, and Tanis arranged my train.

Next up was to explain to Amelia what she needed to do, although she said she didn't think it was good to throw the petals, bless her!

The violinist then began to play Circle of Life, and Rowena started to walk up the aisle, followed by Amelia.

Amelia threw a single petal, then looked at it, went back and picked it up! When she got to the front, Rowena helped her to empty out the bag, then Joshua joined in with scattering them.

As this was happening, I had a little wobble and thought I was going to cry (Circle of Life always does that to me, never mind the wedding!) but I pulled myself together and got ready to walk up the aisle to get married...

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