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Unread 15 Apr 11, 08:08 AM  
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Actually I think you are incredibly tolerant, I would have started complaining at the airport when I didn't get my phones!

I have no sympathy when we read these sort of complaints from people who have paid peanuts for a DIY home but you have paid a lot of money and have the right to expect absolute luxury!

I really hope you are having a lovely time and everything else is perfect for you.

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Back to Brightwater
Unread 15 Apr 11, 09:31 AM  
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Very Serious Dibber
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I agree with Sue...you have been so patient and tolerant, I would have lost the plot completely by now ! When I consider the amount of money you have paid (although any amount should get you at least get you a clean, well equipped home) and worked so hard to save, it makes my blood boil when I read about all the issues you have experienced, it's simply not acceptable and Virgin should have been running around like headless chickens to get you moved at the beginning of your hols. Well done on managing to make the best of things and still enjoy your holiday... you're certainly a better person than me !
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Next Lindfields visit only...
Unread 15 Apr 11, 11:07 AM  
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Dibbing with Tink
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Gosh your amazingly tolerant. If you're not happy I'd make Virgin take some action in resort, your contract is with them not Imagine ( there job is to make as much money for the least effort).

I was once given a great tip by a guy who used to spend weeks flying around the world staying in hotels (he said it wasn't as glam as it sounded!) complain in the nicest possible way and put the other person in your place e.g. Would they be happy to spend 14k for a 'special' once in a lifetime holiday and be treated in this way. Sympathize that the villa owners are not having the best of times by why should your party suffer you've paid money in goodfaith to Virgin who have contracted Imagine to provide, via an agreement you are not party to, a villa for you. It is for Virgin to remedy the problem for you.

Take photos and video in any case (do a commentary of the issues as you film it) and regardless of Virgins remedy inresort make sure you put in formal complaint form whilst in Florida and get a copy of it to bring back to the UK.

Above all please try to not let it spoil your holiday too much. Just keep thinking of everything else that's so great away from your villa.

Edited at 11:12 AM.
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Stick Cyprus were off to Florida instead
Unread 15 Apr 11, 03:16 PM  
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Tour Operator Villa

Very sorry to hear about your plight. I'm afraid as others have said this is probably a consequence of the poor rates paid by tour operators.

Sadly they will probably now move on from Imagine and continue the saga with a new management company and villa owners.

I firmly believe that visitors have a much better choice available to them by using the 'DIY' approach.

There are thousands of good quality homes available in the market and the cost is not high when compared to a package. Customer service will almost certainly be better and the end result a holiday to remember for the right reasons.



PS The BBQ may well have been used by someone other than the owner - and left in a poor state.
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Unread 15 Apr 11, 04:51 PM  
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Apprentice Imagineer
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So sorry to hear of your problems, we had a 'lucky' escape from a Virgin Villa when 28 days before we were due to fly they wrote to us to inform us that our chosen Villa at Windsor Hills was no longer available. It was only after they cancelled did we begin to hear the horror stories about Virgin Villas. Funnily one of the 'alternative' Villa's we were offered was Emerald Island which we refused as we didn't think that it was of the same quality as Windsor Hills.

You need to keep complaining and document everything, do not accept their 1st or 2nd offers, they are just standard gimicks to pacify customers!

Try not to let all the problems spoil your holiday, after all you are just going to use it as a place to get your head down after a busy day. If you are still unhappy insist that you be relocated to a equal or better quality Villa. We found DIBB and excellent source for sounding out area's and locations for Villa's. Unfortuantely all the Dibbers private Villa's were fully booked with 21 days before our flight. But it has invaluable information on how to 'check out' private Villa owners details to see if they have outstanding taxes ect which could indicate that they are about to foreclose!

Good Luck with the rest of your hols, we returned to the UK this morning after a fabulous 3wks at Formosa Gardens and the weather has been great, which I hope you get too
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Unread 15 Apr 11, 10:23 PM  
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Trying for More Ears
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We had huge problems with a Virgin Holidays Villa on Highlands Reserve about three years ago. For those that dont know, it is a great villa community but we were unlucky with the so called 'superior' villa we were given. We also paid a lot of money.

Your story about broken furniture and general dirtiness coupled with indifference from staff was exactly what we experienced. After I got home and the anger with the treatment we had received throughout the holiday continued to simmer inside me, we (very reluctantly) took legal action. I am a solicitor by profession so I guess it was easier for me but it was only when we took an 'official' approach that we saw any proper response from Virgin Holidays. We eventually settled for a four figure sum but that didn't fully compensate for the loss of what should have been a great family holiday. I can bore you all with the details of what was wrong with our villa but I learnt that you are better to book direct and avid the big companies.

I am not a villa owner so I have no gain in saying that I would rent out a Dibb Villa any time before going again with a big company. Virgin as a company can be very good and I would certainly fly with them but I wouldn't use their villas again.

I reiterate that Highlands Reserve is a great villa community, it was the villa that was the problem. I hate the compensation culture but if Virgin do not respond to genuine complaints then you should take action against them.

Most important though is dont be put off of an Orlando holiday, we have been back since and we are going this year. It is still, in my opinion, the best holidiay you can have
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Florida here we come!
Unread 15 Apr 11, 10:45 PM  
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Well the pool was finally fixed exactly one week into the holiday; so we are now able to use it- shame there were only six days left...

We are still awaiting the plush toys and promised vouchers from Virgin that were promised as compensation for the lack of toys etc and lack of villa address, these should have been delivered as promised to the villa 3 days ago- still no sign.

We have photographed the broken and stained equipment, but to date we have not managed to speak directly to the Virgin rep- we have documented our attempts to communicate and lack of response. What we dont want is to waste the precious days of our holiday - we are hardly at the villa- but we will be taking it up on our return if we do not get a reply from Virgin sooner.

How ever we will not book with Virgin again- a real disappointment and their lack of communication and keeping to their promises only adds to our complaint.

I will keep you updated!
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Unread 16 Apr 11, 04:03 AM  
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Trying for More Ears
Join Date: May 08
Was about to post a message on the forum, when I read yours. We have been going thru the same issues. We arived on the 8th, with a superior villa with pool heating. At first impressions it looked good, until we found the problems. The pool heating did not work, also the pool was not cleaned, no Internet access, alarm had a zone fault, no information pack in villa, and various other minor issues. Raised the issues with Imagine and Virgin, but 5 days later we we still without any fix's. The final straw was when we found a Snake in the pool, just after my son got out of it. We had lots of broken promises from both virgin and Imagine, but this time we would not leave until they moved us. We are now in a new villa that is amazing, but the hole thing has left us feeling disappointed. We will never be renting a villa with virgin again, and stick with a privately booked villa. We are not sure about what level of compensation, as we feel like we have lost 5 days of are holiday.
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Our Florida Holiday.
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virgin villas
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