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Eat and Play Card
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Unread 14 Aug 19, 02:31 AM  
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Relaxing at the Grand Floridian
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Mobile 4 people, 2 weeks, 1 room! Offsite trip report, Monday 12th volcano bay.

After eating at sizzler Sunday night none of us could face a proper breakfast! Kids had another cup of dry lucky charms which I really hope they dont expect at home and we shared the cookie pie from Carlos bakery and some shortbread we bought at home for the plane but didn't eat.

We got to volcano bay not long after 12 and got sunbeds on the beach under an umbrella but I soon realised that wouldn't offer any shade and being blonde and fair skinned I would last about an hour before burning even with my factor 70 lol. So we went in search of better shade and found 2 beds under a wooden canopy with a fan near the rapid river... perfect. That river is wild, even the lazy one you get drowned with waves and water squirts you in the face, I didn't want to go in anything and the the regular pool with calm waves was all I liked... Cecil and the kids disappeared for hours, ds even went on the scary one in volcano where floor drops! At one point I woke up to a noise and it was all 3 of them standing over me laughing saying they had been watching me sleep from all the rides with my book on my face!
Needless to say we were all too busy to eat, I'm surprised at how little we're eating, sure I ate more last time, maybe this blog is to blame lol
So we had some hula hoops and jelly sweets throughout the day and just water as we forgot our refillable cup and didn't want to buy another.
Then we went to nearest place to us about 2pm and had burgers to share thinking we would then be hungry enough to go out for dinner later.
Cecil and I shared a bacon cheeseburger meal and kids shared chicken tenders. We had 2 milkshakes but forgot to picture them until they were gone! We had chocolate and kids had choc vanilla swirl, they were really good, burger was good too.

Well you will never guess what... only Cecil wanted dinner! He said he wanted something fresh and wanted to get a sandwich and milk from Walmart so once again no meal! This blog is rubbish honestly! Our room has no crockery or cutlery so we got a toddler set as it was only $5 we got mega meat baguettes, cheetos, cheese n crackers, cookie dough, popcorn, apple fritters, choc bars and more junk to add to the junk we bought but haven't eaten from CVS and the mall!
We had the baguettes and crisps on our toddler plates and all looked at each laughing about the list of restaurants I have researched, dd lowered the tone further by eating squeeze canned cheese on doritos, we feel like hillbillys. Also had an apple fritter which was heavily cinnamon flavoured and very sweet and tried the cookie dough which was more like cake batter as very smooth.
Must eat better! And must stop buying stuff we know we wont eat!
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Our 2nd Florida Holiday!
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Unread 14 Aug 19, 10:05 PM  
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Sounds like a good day was had at volcano bay!
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New York and Treasure Island... soo excited!
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