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Old 12 Apr 17, 09:09 PM  
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theDIBB Guidebook
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Safe journey. I've really enjoyed reading along, thanks for taking the time xx
Xx Juliet xX

2017 is our Year of the Florida Mouse

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Old 12 Apr 17, 10:55 PM  
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Fantastic report, Thank you so much for posting. I'm considering QSDP for next year as the price has increased massively for OKW/SSR from our trip last year, I was really dubious about it, but feel much more confident now I've read your report and seen the pics!
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Old 12 Apr 17, 11:16 PM  
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Really enjoyed reading along. Hope you have a good journey home
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Old 13 Apr 17, 10:40 AM  
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Really enjoyed reading this, thank you for being so generous with your time. We always upgrade our DDP but this has given us food for thought... pun intended! Hope your first indirect flight home was easy peasy
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Old 13 Apr 17, 11:17 AM  
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We have really enjoyed your report Vicki, really interesting and informative.
Glad you all had a lovely holiday. Safe journey home. ☺
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Old 13 Apr 17, 11:45 AM  
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Excited about Disney
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Safe trip home! Thanks for the trip report and all the lovely photos of food.I've got some great plans for places to eat next year and I suspect we'll have a huge number of credits left too.
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Old 13 Apr 17, 01:25 PM  
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Thanks for all your posts, fantastic report. Having not been on a dining plan I've sometimes doubted the comments of others when they say you get so much food, they are obviously right. Given me some ideas for different places to eat this June.

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Old 13 Apr 17, 03:04 PM  
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Just caught up with the last couple of days. Thank you so much for doing this. We are at POR and plan to make good use of the food court following your comments. Blaze was already on the list, but definitely heading there now! Really appreciate the time and effort you've put in. Hope the journey home was a good one.
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Old 13 Apr 17, 03:13 PM  
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Safe journey home. X

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Day 14 continued - JFK and Delta food

Well, we're back safe and sound and in the Premier Inn North at Manchester airport to rest up before driving home. Not sure if we'll stay the night or drive home later, but it's good to crash and relax/sleep for a few hours rather than driving in a zombie like state.

So, we were flying indirect for the first time ever with a 3 hour stop at JFK. We found out that we would be flying in and out of the same terminal (4) so it would just be a case of moving from gate 39 to 22 and seeing what we could find that took our fancy. On the first short hop trip it was just drinks and snacks. We were given the choice of pretzels, peanuts or a granola yoghurt bar. I was surprised that they were offering peanuts as thought that had stopped due to allergies? No photos, but the children and I chose pretzels and Andy chose the yoghurt bar which was apricot cinnamon flavour - yuk!

We got to JFK and it was a fair trek between the 2 gates, but meant that we got to see a lot of food offerings. When we arrived at gate 22 there was a Shake Shack and Panda Express right next to it. I told everyone that I'd read good things about Shake Shack on here, but Izzy had spotted someone with a McDonald's bag and had a craving for chicken nuggets. So Brodie and I went on the hunt for McDonald's which was a few minutes away. I didn't fancy anythjng from there so ordered for the rest of them and got myself a meal from Panda Express:
Me - Chow mein noodles with Kung po chicken, vegetable spring rolls and a bottle of water.
Andy - Double quarter pounder with cheese, fries and a vanilla milkshake.
Izzy - Chicken nuggets meal with fries and a bottle of water.
Brodie - Chicken nuggets meal with fries (extra portion for Izzy and Andy to share) and a Sprite.
Whilst waiting for our order one of the servers called us over and asked if we wanted a free Oreo Mcflurry as one had been made up by mistake. Brodie was more than happy to accept
The children tucked in to theirs before I could get anywhere near them with a camera - even Andy's has a bite out of his! So, I've borrowed a Google image, although I'm sure you don't need one to know what chicken nuggets and fries looks like! Neither of them had the BBQ sauce though.

My Kung po chicken was tender and very spicy. There were these things in it that looked like burnt mange tout, so I pulled them out. Andy said that I should try one as it might be an Asian bean that I'd like. So I did, and it turned out they were some sort of chilli that set my mouth on fire! To help put the fire out, I commandeered his milkshake which was really good and nicer than the UK version, I thought. I like spice, but that chilli was a bit too much for me. The spring rolls were good - crispy on the outside and full of veggies in the middle. The meal was quite tricky to eat with the tiny knife and fork they gave me though and the portion was big, so I didn't manage it all. Andy and the kids enjoyed their first ever US McDonald's with Andy commenting that the burgers had a better flavour.

I'd spotted a Dunkin Donuts so picked up 3 for me and the children. I got:
Me - toasted coconut.
Izzy - chocolate with sprinkles.
Brodie - traditional jam (jelly).
Forgot the photos again, so these are also from Google.

I love coconut, and especially toasted coconut so was really looking forward to this. It was disgusting! They'd put some sort of spice flavouring in with the coconut which meant that you couldn't actually taste the lovely toasted coconut flavour. I had one bite which I forced myself to swallow and the rest went in the bin Izzy wasn't too impressed with hers either and said it was a bit stale, so I ate it instead. It was okay. Nothing special, but got rid of the disgusting taste of mine. Brodie seemed to enjoy his. We all agreed though that fresh baked (on the day) ones from Tesco are better

Our flight from JFK took off at 11.17pm and they served dinner which surprised me. It had been a few hours since we ate, so I was a bit peckish and thought I'd see what they were offering. They don't give menus out like the do on the Virgin flight, so when it came to choosing what you wanted it was from a verbal description of: cold chicken salad, hot chicken or hot vegetarian pasta. Not a lot to go on there. We chose:
Me and Brodie - hot vegetarian pasta.
Andy and Izzy - hot chicken.

The pasta turned out to be a spinach and ricotta filled pasta in a tomato sauce. The chicken was also in a tomato based sauce, though not the same one, and came with mash. I watched Andy cutting it up and it was pretty dry looking and he didn't eat much of it. The pasta was really quite tasty and I was pleasantly surprised. I paired it with the little salad and quite enjoyed it. I was pleased that the salad dressing was in a pot on the side too as it meant the salad had stayed crisp rather than going limp. We also got a mini pitta with crudités and some sort of dip. I couldn't make out if it was hummus or guacamole as the colour was a bit indistinct and didn't fancy trying it, so I'll never know. There was a mini ciabatta roll which both Andy and I gave to the children, and cheese and crackers. I ate both Andy's and my own portion of this. The mini brownie was very tasty indeed

I managed to sleep on and off for the next few hours and then breakfast was served.

This consisted of a mini bagel, some hideous purple coloured cheese/fruit spread concoction, cheese, honey yoghurt and a mini Minute Maid orange juice.
I do like bagels, but they have to be toasted so they go all lovely and soft, then slathered in real butter - mmmmm. An untoasted bagel is just hard bread! Andy enjoyed the yoghurt and I nibbled on the cheese. The best thing was the orange juice as it was partially frozen, so like a little slushy

That's all for airport and plane food. If we stay the night at the premier inn (looking likely as it's already 8pm), then I'll update with whatever we eat here.

POFQ: Our 'once in a lifetime' trip, 31st Oct - 14th Nov 2012
SSR: 40th birthday trip, 2nd - 16th Jan 2014
SSR 2 bed villa: my mums first trip, 7th - 21st Feb 2015
POR: An unexpected Easter break, 2nd - 15th April 2016
CBR: Another unexpected Easter trip, 29th March - 12th April 2017
CBR: 18th birthday surprise trip, 21st October - 4th November 2019
Food report - the unexpected Easter QSDP extravagana! April 2017
What do we want? FOOD! When do we want it? NOW! QSDP food report, Oct 2019
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