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Old 7 Jun 19, 02:08 PM  
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'Once in a lifetime' trip - WDW onsite & DDP Feb 2019 - Day 2 - Magic Kingdom, Festival of Fantasy p

Welcome to day 2, my index can be found here

Our plans for the day:

Fast Passes:
Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin at 9:00am
Splash Mountain at 12:55pm
Jungle Cruise at 1:55pm

Tony's Town Square Restaurant at 11:30am for festival of fantasy priority viewing

So, due to the time difference we were all up at 'stupid o'clock' to a very dull & overcast day, still we were in DISNEY!

CBR in the daylight was beautiful

We headed down to breakfast at about 6.30, (me & hubby had the American breakfast & kids had Mickey Waffles, no pics though, sorry ).

As it was still quite early we had a look round the CBR shop & brought some rain ponchos as it was pretty miserable outside, however, they were quite expensive at $25 each per adult & the kids weren't much cheaper + Scarla had destroyed hers by the end of the day (making holes in it) so next time we will defo get these before we travel, then we headed to get the bus to MK

We got the bus from centre town, which was the second stop but it was still heaving, tbf, there weren't that many occasions when they were really busy which is just as well as Scarla really doesn't like them being packed, especially if she has to stand.

Anyway, thanks to the Dibb, i was aware of the DAS so my first stop at MK was getting this set up for Scarla, who would have really struggled with the queues and it would have just added more stress to everything, it also made her feel quite important as the DAS rides were 'her' rides

The process was very simple, they asked why she couldn't queue, took her picture & that was it. No evidence required.

Then we entered MK & WOW. i must admit when i saw the castle i was quite emotional & it all felt a bit surreal having been watching vlogs & reading about it for soo long

The kids had both been given badges at CBR due to their birthdays while here & Alex had decided to wear his, even though he still had a couple of days to go, however, everytime some said happy birthday he was correcting them & was getting a little bit fed up with it. It was quite funny to watch though

We headed straight for our first fastpass

After this we had a bit of time to kill before our ADR so we had a wander through the emporium.

Now i had used the Disney dollar envelopes from the Dibb & had given the kids $20 per day ($50 on their birthdays) which eventually worked quite well, however, as this was the first day it was a bit of a nightmare trying to explain to the kids that if they didn't have enough they would have to save some money & buy later, as of course, they wanted everything NOW

After this we still had some time left so looked to see how long the wait was for Cinderella & Elena at Town Square, this was only about 20 minutes so we decided to go see them.

Scarla especially was overwhelmed meeting the princesses, I particularly liked Elena as she was very personable with the kids, chatting to Alex about the best type of birthday cake (chocolate, obviously) & she seemed to spend a bit more time with them, whereas, with Cinderella it seemed to be a bit more rushed.

We then headed to Tony's town restaurant for our ADR. We were both a bit nervous on this as it was our first, however, our server was lovely & explained what we could & couldn't have. The food was really good, so i was relieved as i had read a few dodgy reviews & had only booked it to get the priority viewing. I had steak, Darren had fish, Scarla had mac & cheese & Alex had pizza, again no pics, sorry.

Next up was splash mountain. I was secretly a bit worried about this as the kids have never really done roller coasters so i wasn't quite sure how they'd react + Alex had really not liked the idea when looking at YouTube videos in prep. Still, i booked it anyway in the hopes he would at least try it. I needn't have worried, it ended up being his favourite ride

Me & Scarla were in the front & got absolutely drenched, but as we were already wet from all the rain it didn't really matter

Scarla pressed every button when leaving the ride so i ended up with loads of pics of random strangers on MDE so kept hold of her for any future rides lol

i wanted to visit Gaston's tavern as he is my favourite character fro Beauty & the Beast, much to Scarla's dismay so we had a quick look & i used a snack credit for a coffee.

Last up was Jungle Cruise (& the sun had come out) so we headed over to that, things were starting to get a bit much for Scarla by now so she had a bit of time out on the way while me & Alex did magic carpets

it was now about 2.20 so we headed to the Town Square to claim our spot for the parade. This is definitely worth doing as there were not many people in this area so the kids had lots of space & we even got a bench to sit of which was nice, only downside is the wait for the parade to reach us as it is at the end, a bit frustrating for the kids as they could hear it for ages before they saw it. Still all was forgotten when it came round the corner. I have no pics of this, however, as my phone had died by then, i hadn't taken into account how much i would be on it, checking MDE etc, however the kids got their photo taken by the photopass photographer.

After this we had all had enough for the day & the kids were itching to try CBR pool so we caught the bus back, dropped Darren at the room & headed to the pool

Now neither of the kids can swim, however there are plenty of life jackets & lifeguards so i sat by the side with my book. Scarla had decided she didn't want a life jacket as they were blue, which was fine as she was in the shallows & is generally quite nervous so doesn't tend to stray far, that is, until she decided to go down the slide without telling anyone straight into the deep end. One minute i was happily reading, the next i could hear her crying/spluttering, the lifeguards were straight on the case though & she was out in a couple of seconds, fine but shaken. needless to say, she wore a life jacket after that & didn't go near the slides again

As we had had a big lunch we grabbed some snacks before heading back to the room at about 19.00 & we were all flaked out by about 20.00 thoroughly exhausted.

Next up:

Day 3 - Hollywood Studios, Hollywood & Vine & Fantasmic

Feb 2019 - 2 weeks onsite at CBR with DDP
Oct 2022 - 3 weeks offsite in 4 bed villa at Emerald Island

'Once in a lifetime' trip report - CBR + DDP Feb 2019

Edited at 11:23 PM.
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Old 14 Jun 19, 08:06 AM  
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Busy Day..goodness glad she was ok and wore the life jacket after that
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Old 21 Jun 19, 10:47 PM  
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Sounds like a great first experience of magic Kingdom you did well to last as long as you did... our dd only lasted til midday on our first day - jet lag is a killer!
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Old 21 Jun 19, 10:59 PM  
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We stayed at CBR last year and I loved it, such a gorgeous resort. It was SO hot when we were there that my OH didnít ever want to explore the resort, we were watching a YouTube video of CBR today and he was bemoaning the fact it was beautiful and why didnít we ever get to see it!

I am with Scarla on the busy buses, it is really stressful, and even if you get a seat you feel guilty because some else usually feels they are more deserving of a seat than you are.

Love the idea of $20 a day spends for the kids.

Aw Scarla, the first day is tough, we are always absolutely shattered by early afternoon.
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Old 12 Nov 19, 05:14 PM  
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Did really well for the first day you guys! Great MK day!
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Old 8 Jun 20, 12:16 PM  
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Lovely first day, well except for the pool incident. We loved CBR and it's interesting to see the weather in February.
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Old 30 Aug 20, 08:09 PM  
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Another day and another lesson learned. (We were like this on our first visit) We now buy the ponchos 10 at a time on Amazon for about £7.99. Amazing how much mark up Disney put on them. Sounds like you had a great day!
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Old 19 Oct 20, 12:44 PM  
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We've been several times and still in awe when you start at Main Street and see the castle, makes the trip worthwhile :-)
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