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Unread 24 Feb 19, 09:35 PM  
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The Hen Do To Dlp (thats Not) March 2019

Me (Sam) and my bestie Sharon are off to Dlp for 5 days, March 11th to 15th. It was meant to be my Hen do but we postponed the wedding, but 1 it would be rude to cancel a trip and 2 we have another excuse to go next year ( not that we need one lol ) .

We are both ap holders so are staying offsite in the Kyriad, this has become our Disney home since getting ap. We've decided to do a daily ap savings tally too.
When we chose the dates we knew we'd get Season of the Force ( both huge Star Wars fans) but then the Pirates & Princess festival dates were announced so we catch that too 😊 (Team Pirates )
So looking forward to this trip and keeping you up to date with a few cocktails thrown in

Travel day is here. Up at 5.30am, coffee made and into the car for the short drive to Dover. In the queue by 6.45am for our 8am crossing. After yesterday's storm today is lovely and sunny with low winds 😊

We arrived at the Kyriad at 4pm and checked in. We had been given a ground floor room next to the restaurant.

After dropping off our bags the next thing we needed was food. I'd only had my ginger biscuits for seasickness on the ferry and Sharon had had a blueberry muffin. We headed for Annette's. We had decided at the weekend that we would do a €30 a day challenge, to see how well we could eat on a budget

After looking at the Menu we decided on the Jukebox menu at €29.99. We each have an ap so knew we would get a discount too.
We got one of each starter and shared them, Sharon got the fabulous cheese burger and I had the avocado burger, with the desserts we again got one of each and shared them. For drinks we had tap water and our free juice cocktail for having an ap

This was the final bill. It came to €50.50 for 2 of us. That's with the infinity pass discount and tip added back on.

We were both stuffed and decided to head into the mk for a bimble round to walk off some of this food

And we are home 😊

It is great that we are catching two seasons this week. Pirates & princesses and Season of the Force

Team Pirate every day 😊

The princess lamps

Castle selfie lol

We walked over to the studios and waited for the Season of the Force fireworks

We love the breakfast buffet at the Kyriad both hot and cold along with pastries that I managed to stay away from this morning

Fountain selfie. Parks are busy today

Fast passes ready for ratatouille later on

We met with Remy too

Waiting for Mickey and the Magician

Tie fighter cookie and a hot chocolate from the Hip Cat Corner €7.49

Live band playing in the front lot

Dinner tonight was Earl of Sandwich dinner menu. We had the mac and meatballs and a fountain soda each. We shared a portion of potato wedges. We also used our ap discounts

We got this giant cookie for dessert to have with coffee in the hotel. With ap discount it came to €3.50

Character count for today was really good

Mickey Mouse
Phantom Mickey
Snow White

Day 3 started with EMH. We met Pluto and rode Peter Pan and star tours. We then went character hunting

Lunch was at Market house Deli. We shared a croque Monsieur and I had the unicorn cake. Sharon had the princess cake

Dinner tonight was in the sports bar, we shared these 3 dishes and had two cokes each. Total was €42 inc tip

Day 3 character list

Winnie the Pooh
Queen of Hearts
White rabbit
Dr Facillier

It's a cold and wet day here, so just after lunchtime we popped into Victoria's for a coffee. I had the pirate hot chocolate. Really warmed me up. Was €5 with no ap discount

Late lunch on day 4 at the silver spur steakhouse. Why have we never eaten here before. Would highly recommend it

Day 4 character count

Mickey in the MK
Peter Pan and Wendy
Chip and Dale
King Louis

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The boy won and gets to come
Unread 11 Mar 19, 10:24 AM  
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Have a great trip

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Unread 11 Mar 19, 08:41 PM  
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and boy that burger was good ...
Shaz - aka Torillien
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Trio on tour :)
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Unread 11 Mar 19, 08:53 PM  
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I am really missing Annettes with all your delicious photos!

WDW POR 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015 (Xmas), 2016 and 2018
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DVC for the 1st time (AKL)
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Unread 14 Mar 19, 11:08 PM  
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