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Old 5 Feb 17, 04:52 PM  
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Ben and Libby's Happily Ever After - The Wedding Day (Part 1)

Day 4 - Wednesday 19th October 2016

The Wedding Day (Part 1)

At 6.40am on Wednesday 19th October 2016, I was woken by the sound of my alarm playing softly in the darkness of our beautiful room. The day was finally here - the day wed been planning for 2 years, thinking about for 3 years, and dreaming of for 12...it was wedding day time!

I actually felt really calm and excited, I wasnt nervous at all. I did start to get real bad butterflies a bit later on though, but at this early stage I was just eager to get going! Hair and make-up was coming at 8.30 so we had a couple of hours to chill and get organised. The 3 of us lay awake chatting in the dark for a bit before we started getting up and using the bathroom etc. Victoria then sat up in bed and opened her birthday prezzies as it was her birthday if you remember! We said Happy Birthday and hugged etc and that was really nice My Mum made us all a coffee in the cute little machine, and we sat drinking it as the sun rose outside. I then started to think properly about getting ready as I had an important task to accomplish before Beaute Speciale came my brows! I like to pencil in my own brows and me and Victoria (who was doing my face makeup, I was doing my eye makeup. I love that we separated the 2 - thats make-up fans for you! ) decided I should do them first and get them right, and shed work around them. Sometimes my brows can go wrong so it was definitely best that I wasnt rushing to do them at the end. Trust me, bad things happen when I have to rush doing my eyebrows. So I nipped into the bathroom to shower and then do my brows where the best light was, and while I was in there my Mum and Victoria tidied our room up and only kept out the essential stuff we needed to get ready.

My brows actually went really well which was like a miracle from the eyebrow gods, and after double checking with Vic that they were even and the same on both sides, I was feeling pretty chuffed. Eyebrows tick!

At 8.35, there was a knock at the door and Cindy from Beaute Speciale was there. She was so so lovely, and super apologetic because she was 5 mins late but we honestly hadnt even noticed. I was a bit surprised as Id had Bianca for my trial and was told itd likely be the same, but I actually didnt love my trial so I wasnt too fussed. We decided to have Victoria get her hair and make-up done first, so she sat in the chair and Cindy got all her gadgets and gizmos out on the table. I sat and chilled on the bed and remember thinking I was so relaxed and that we had loads of time! Hahah, ohhhh if only Id known. Me and my Mum sorted some breakfast as I was famished she went across to the boys room to grab our half of the brekkie supplies.

I even took a photo! Hows that for a focused bride mind haha!

We had ham and cheese croissants warmed up in the microwave, and fruit on the side. So delish! I actually had 2 croissants cause Im badass. I then started writing Bens card which we were exchanging before the wedding, but I had to stop as Vics hair was finished and it was my turn. Victorias hair looked amazing, super big and volumised (photos coming up!) We loved it!

I showed Cindy photos of my trial and what I wanted, and then she set to work curling it all. I basically asked for big, half up half down, with a swoopy fringe. And obviously it was clear in my trial what Id had as I had lots of photos. My Mum put Father of the Bride on then, and Victoria started putting Mums hair up and doing her make-up. Time was getting on by this point but I didnt really realise how long my hair was taking. Cindy then showed me my hair in the mirror and I wasnt happy with it It wasnt big enough so I asked for more volume, I think shed realized she was a bit behind so I felt this was a bit of a big ask but I wasnt loving it at all! So she backcombed it a bit more and then I guided her how to clip my side kind of swoopy bit into place basically with my headband on it wouldnt go the way Id had it at the trial as I didnt have my headband then, so that was a bit tense. I then realized it was 10.45 and we were supposed to be ready for 11.30! Like not ready to go, but all done and dusted with hair and make-up, ready for photog/videog to come at 12.15 and 12.30. Wowzer, did that morning fly by or what! It felt like 2mins ago it was 9am and I was relaxing on the bed without a care in the world! That time definitely wasnt going to happen and I felt a bit annoyed because I had really wanted that chilled half hour just to regroup and relax before it all went crazy, and I def wasnt going to have that. Darn it

I wasnt overly happy with my hair still but I felt super rushed and Victoria still had to get her make-up done, so I called it quits and went into the bathroom with my eye-makeup stuff to get that all sorted. You know when you just know time is getting on and even though youre not 100% happy you feel quite pressured to just be okay with it? Once I had my eye-makeup on and Id applied my false lashes I was feeling calmer as that was another big job, and just like with the brows if the false lashes go wrong it can have many, many repercussions! Having to take off all my eye-makeup and start again worst case scenario as when you remove the lash it makes the real lashes all spidery...urgh, just a mare! Luckily they went well and I didnt have to reapply or anything.

We then put my veil on! (these photos are from after Ashley Jane arrived but I dont have any normal ones so gonna tease you with some profesh ones!)

It was 11.15 by this point and I was really trying to remain calm but I just felt things werent going as well as they should have been. Victoria could tell I was silently freaking out so she asked Cindy to hold off on her make-up for a sec, she would do mine, and then Cindy would finish off hers at the end. This definitely seemed like the best plan so that I could be all ready for the media teams to arrive. So Victoria got to work on my face after Id moisturized, and my Mum made the wise move of cracking open a bottle of pink fizz and handing me a glass. This had an instantaneous calming effect haha.

Victoria finished my face, we added a boatload of highlighter and then enough make-up setting spray to set my face possibly until the end of time. I was done!

I got out of the way whilst Cindy finished off Victorias make-up, and went to stare in the mirror for a bit to just double check everything looked okay. I was feeling really anxious about my hair as I didnt think it looked very good and I wanted to curl a few more bits myself with my straighteners. In the end I decided it couldnt really do any harm, so I cracked out the old GHDs and curled a few bits the way I like them. I sound like super high maintenance reading this back haha, I hope you all understand that I just wanted to look perfect! As someone whos never had anyone else do their hair and make-up, it was just a struggle for me to accept how I looked as I felt I looked really different. Mum and Victoria both said my hair was perfect though and I knew theyd tell me, so I tried to push my worries to one side and go with the pros haha!

Me staring at le mirror, applying lipgloss

At just before 12 there was a knock on the door Ashley Jane and her assistant photographer, 20 minutes early! How amazing! I was so so happy to see Ashley and I honestly felt instantly calmer. I apologised for the stressful atmosphere haha, I felt like Id annoyed Cindy by asking for her to change my hair and giving off the vibe that I wasnt happy with it, plus the wedding playlist Id put on earlier had finished so we were just in silence ha! I honestly didnt even care though because I was so focused on getting everything organised and making sure my hair and make-up remained flawless. Ashley set up, Rachel headed over to the boys room, and Cindy finished off Vics make up. I remember having a whispered conversation with Ashley about my hair and whether or not it was okay. She said it looked perfect and to stop worrying. Haha! Victoria looked gorgeous! I had some more fizz, and then there was another knock at the door. David and Kristina from Trinity. Yay! They came in with all their kit, introduced themselves to everyone and then set up. They started filming straight away, and I was really worried that I was gonna look angry and stressed in all the video (I dont though, dont worry!)

Our background viewing:

Beautiful decor

In the midst of all this I perched on the desk and wrote Bens card. It was totes emosh and I was trying so hard not to cry before the day had even started haha!

Once Id finished, Mum popped the card over to the boys room, and grabbed my card from Benj Honestly, having those opposite rooms was a godsend! Mum and Vic were able to nip between the 2 rooms all morning and it just made everything so simple.

While all this was going on, Ashley Jane was wandering around taking detail photos, and this is where the professional photos really start! Yay!

My handkerchief from DFTW

Gorgeous wedding day perfume, La Vie Est Belle

My shoes!

This was Bens Great-Grandmothers broach and it meant a great deal to me that I was able to wear it pinned to my dress for the ceremony

The whole gang!

Me putting the finishing touches on!

I believe it was around this time that there was a knock at the door, and my floral was delivered! Yay! It was just mine and Victorias bouquets, my Mums boutonniere was waiting for her in the GF lobby, along with my Dads and all the other boys. The lady who bought the flowers was THE BIGGEST BABE! I loved her! She came bounding in with the two massive boxes, congratulated me and hugged me, and opened the boxes to show us the floral. Oh my goodness, they were so so beautiful. LOVE! The amazing Heather Sparby at Disney Floral had just absolutely nailed what Id wanted and I was so happy! And then, the lovely floral lady saw my dress hanging up and started tearing up and saying how beautiful it was! Well of course, then I started tearing up! And so did my Mum! Hahahah it was so cute us all stood there hugging in front of my dress in the corridor of the room Such a cute memory! Then the lady had to go so I thanked her and we waved goodbye, and that was that! A whirlwind of emotion haha! I had to go and check my eye-makeup as I wasnt expecting to start crying quite so early!

And then, all of a sudden it was time to get into my dress. Eeeekkkkk!


Time to get in! This was all staged, video and photog capturing every second so there are a lot of photos haha! I love them all I was having a bit of a moment where I couldnt believe this was happening, I was actually PUTTING MY WEDDING DRESS ON!

So. Many. Photos.

I love this B&W one!


Then it was time for my Mum to put my garter on haha!

We then took a quick photo of me with my cute shoes, this was a photo Id specially requested! Love!

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Then it was time for Victoria to put my shoes on! I felt like such a princess with everyone doing everything for me ha but they insisted!

Final touches! Putting my earrings on!

My Mummy put my bracelet on

We also pinned Bens Grandmothers broach into my dress - I was really nervous about having this on me cause its like insanely old, and lets just say I dont exactly have a track record of not losing stuff...however, I really wanted it, Ben wanted me to wear it, so we decided to go for it. We pinned it on inside my dress and it felt pretty sturdy so we hoped for the best!

Now that I was all ready, I nipped over to the mirror to check my dress and see if everything was okay, and I also put my lipgloss on. A lot of planning had gone into my lip covering for the day - in the end I went with a matte liquid lipstick underneath that stays on forEVER but does get quite dry, so I added a lipgloss over the top which worked perfectly I had to reapply a million times during the day and evening but I didnt mind, and honestly it looked flawless all day as did all the rest of my make-up, thanks to some excellent products and incredible work from Victoria!

Lipgloss on and feeling good, I spritzed my perfume ALL OVER

Like seriously all over. I put so much on and the spraying just seemed to go on forever and everyone was laughing ha, but I didnt want to be able to not smell it! No danger of that! Its an absolutely beautiful perfume by the way and I wore it all through my honeymoon too, so now when I wear it for special occasions it just transports me back to those happy memories

At this point, David asked me if we could do my first look with my Dad in the lobby of the DVC building rather than the GF lobby because it would be so much quieter and easier to get good shots, and I said that was fine. My Dad had been picked up from SSR at 12 by a towncar along with Bens Dad, step-mum and brother, and was already in the GF lobby with Ben et al watching them have photos. We were just going to meet him there, so actually this worked out better as it meant he just needed to stroll over to the DVC building and it could kind of kill a bit of time. So my Mum Whatsapped him and thankfully he got the message haha, he very rarely does so that was super good!

Next up we had to film/photograph me reading Bens card! I sat on the sofa here and this was really cute, I totally started crying (for the first time in about 10 thousand separate occasions that day! )

Adorbs! After this little moment we went and had a little photoshoot on the balcony of our room!

Then we came back inside and I had another mini photoshoot of just me! I really love these ones

My GORGEOUS flowers!

Hidden M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E

Love these two!

And then...that was it! It was around 1pm and we needed to be moving! My Dad was waiting for us in the lobby of the DVC, so at this point our photog and videog teams packed up and headed downstairs, telling us to follow in about 10 minutes. Eeekk! So then it was just me, Mum and Victoria in the room, and all of a sudden it was very quiet. Now that my hair panic had subsided, I was starting to feel quite nervous. Not nervous really, just full of anticipation and excitement and not really knowing how to feel about how absolutely huge this day was going to be!

At this point in the story, were going to take a slight break from me (I know, devastating) and pop on over to the other side of the hallway and into the boys room to see what they were up to! So Im gonna interview Benj as he sits here next to me playing PS4, and well hopefully be able to get a good picture of the day! Here we go

The boys woke up quite early, Ben thinks about 8am, and they all hung around in their PJs for a while. They had breakfast on the balcony, had a beer on the balcony (i didnt know this until he just told me! ) and watched the world waking up. They talked about the day and what was gonna happen and how they were all feeling. After that they all took it in turns to shower, and then started ironing their shirts etc. My Mum popped in and they plated up our breakfast for her to take. At some point Jason and Ian strolled to the shop at the GF to grab some gin and rum to put in their hipflasks, and Benj stayed in the room and practiced his speech (cute!) They got back, loaded up their hipflasks, and then started getting ready. Then Rachel the photographer arrived! First of all, she photographed all our details, including the cufflinks I bought Benj <3

Our gorgeous HP ring box

Ben was already fully dressed as he was freaking out hahahah, so Rachel made him take off his jacket and tie and shoes so she could photograph him.

She had bought with her my card for Benj, and a pair of socks Id bought him that had only arrived as we were leaving the flat haha so I had just stuffed them in my bag to travel, and then remembered on the wedding morning!

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Then Ben opened his card from me

Final card shot!

And once that was done, it was time for them to make a move and get on over to the GF! So the 3 of them and Rachel strolled over to the lobby, taking this gorgeous photo on the way

...and thats where well leave it!

Back to the Bridal room!

I spent some time conducting final checks on my lipstick (none on teeth!) hair and make-up, and then did a final spritz of perfume. Me, Mum and Vic had a little hug and then I triple checked that I had everything I needed in my little handbag. Phone, lipgloss, concealer, mirror, mini perfume, ID! Check! We then all took a deep breath, and it was go time. EEEEKKKKKKKKK!

We walked out the room, bouquets and bags in hand, and then walked down the hallway. Victoria held my dress up behind me and I found I could walk quite well holding the dress up with one hand and my bouquet in the other. My Mum held my bag for me, and we headed to the lift. Ths was mega surreal! We got in the lift and went downstairs where my media team were waiting. David told me my Dad was waiting by the front doors, and I should just walk very slowly up to him, pause, and tap his shoulder. Mum and Vic hid to the side, and I started walking when David gave me the go ahead. It was really quiet in the lobby and the 2 ladies on the front desk were smiling and waving at me hehe, cute!

Heres the moment as it happened

As you can see it was pretty emotional, I lost it as I was walking over to him haha, and I am so over the moon with these photos. If any future brides are reading this and you love the idea of a first look with your husband but you cant imagine doing it, I so recommend doing one with your Dad or Mum or something! This was the first time my Dad saw my dress as I didnt let him come to any appointments or anything haha so it really was special

After Id composed myself we had a little photo together!

And then we regrouped, I had a cup of ice water which was much needed, and then it was time to make a move! We needed to walk down to the GF lobby to meet my brother and his GF and the twins, and have some family photos on the staircase So we checked we had everything once again, and then walked out the lobby, this time with my Daddy accompanying us Ashley took this great action shot as we were walking which I love!

And I think Ill leave it there for now! Ive written an alarming number of words and weve only just left the room haha but I think we all knew this was going to happen! Ill probably split the day up into 3 or 4 sections because I really want to share every since second and have a detailed record of the day, so I hope thats okay with everyone We had over 2000 photos back from Ashley too and they are all so lovely, they need to be shared!

So the next section will be family portraits at the GF lobby, bridal portraits of me, and then the ceremony I really hope youve all enjoyed, until the next time! x
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Gorgeous photo, sounds like a lovely day so far. You looked beautiful and gorgeous dress ☺️

I did a reveal photo with my dad and it's one of my fav photos of the day, it's a great idea ☺️ X
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Beautiful photo's and you looked gorgeous in your dress! That moment with your dad had me all teary - looking forward to seeing more of your big day! xo.
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What can I say except you look absolutely stunning

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Wow - what a lovely report! I am holding back the tears here! Such lovely photos. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to the next instalments and photos!
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I remember how quick that morning goes! You look beautiful, dress, shoes, flowers...everything is gorgeous and elegant.
Totally welled up on the Dad pictues
Looking forward for part 2...
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Wow! It all looks amazing and your dress is beautiful, you look absolutley gorgeous. Love the photos, especially the ones of Ben reading your card and your reveal to your dad.

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Oh so emotional reading this! You all look so amazing & I understand the time disappearing stress so well. The flowers are stunning, & I love the pics with your first look. Can't wait for more! X
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I can't wait to go back...
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