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The Land, Sea and Wedding Trip - Day 20, Going Home, Highs, Summary and What's Next

The Land Sea and Wedding Trip Oct 2015 - Day 20, Going Home, Highs, Summary and What's Next

The previous day is HERE.

Friday 30th October 2015

It was that horrible day where we finally had to go home. Even after being away for so long, I was not ready to go home and could quite easily have stayed longer, either on the ship or back to Disney. This feeling wasn't helped by a bad night's sleep. Madison had cried out a few times, she does this occasionally when she gets too hot and I think that is what was wrong during the night.

The alarm went off at 5.50am and woke me, so I did at least get some sleep. We got up, had showers, got dressed, etc. and were ready quite quickly. We packed the last of our stuff and Phil left at 6.50am to go and meet the guys in the atrium to go and get the cars. (We had booked a one day rental for today.)

We left a few minutes after Phil to go and meet Mum, Bethany and Piper at Cabanas at 7am. We had cereal, toast, croissants and muffins. While we were there, Phil came back. He wasn't allowed to debark as we had an outstanding balance of $39 on our account, from purchasing the wifi the previous night. I had thought this would be charged to our card on file but it wasn't (maybe as we had already paid off our balance before purchasing the wifi). I gave Phil $40 to pay it and he rushed off to get that cleared so he could leave.

The girls and I finished eating and went down to Shutters as I needed to collect the USB stick with all of our photos on. This took a few minutes then the others met us in the Atrium. By 7.30am we were walking off the ship.

The process here is to collect all your luggage, if you haven't kept it with you, before you go through security. We had a lot of stuff so I asked a porter (Alec) if he could help. He was so helpful and in just over 10 minutes, we had all our cases, bags, car seats, etc. and were waiting outside for Phil, Dad and Ryan to return with the cars. I tipped Alec $12 and we then waited for the guys to return

Our luggage

It was about 8am when the guys came back. We had a white Town and Country

This wasn't as nice as the first car. It was not in as good a condition inside, it smelled of smoke and one of the middle two seats would not slot back into place. My Dad and Ryan really had to bash and bang it to lock it in place.

We loaded up the cars and were driving away at 8.15am. Goodbye Disney Dream

We hit a bit of traffic and then as we drove up to the first toll, we came to a complete standstill. The queue slowly moved to actually get to the toll and pay ($1) and we then slowly drove through the booth and then just stopped on the other side. Not one car was moving. Not any that had gone through the toll booths. Not any that had a sun pass and hadn't had to go through the toll booth. It was a standstill and not one car was moving. We literally sat in the car in the same place for 20 minutes and we then saw the cars in sun pass lane start to move. A few minutes later, the cars in the front of us started to move and over 30 minutes after driving through the toll booth, we were back out onto the main carriageway.

Even onto the main road again, the traffic was very slow moving and there was a lot of stopping and starting again. At about 9.35am, we drove past the cause of the hold up, there had been an accident and we saw one of the cars involved. The back of the car was very badly damaged, Phil and I both said that we hoped someone hadn't been sat in the back of the car as they would have been seriously injured if that was the case.

We were disappointed as our plan had been to go to the Beach Club/Yacht Club/Boardwalk and rent a boat for half an hour (we now knew we would no longer have time) but after seeing the accident, it put things into perspective a bit.

For anyone interested, the second toll was also $1. We came off the 528 at junction 16 onto the 417 south. The third toll was $1.50, as was the 4th and final toll. We came off at junction 6, for I Drive and World Center Drive and at 10.15am, were driving back under this

We drove up and around the ramp to get to the surface parking area at Disney Springs. We parked up at around 10.20am and started to unload the cars of all the luggage, to do check in with Virgin at their desk on the West Side. We took everything over and joined the queue which wasn't too long. Unfortunately, there were two queues, one for Premium and Upper and one for Economy, but there was only one guy taking payment for both queues so it was quite slow going.

Thankfully, all of our cases were underweight (some only just!) and we weren't one of the two families there at the same time as us that were off to the side unpacking and repacking their cases to shift the weight around! Anyway, we paid the $10 per person, got our boarding passes (no seat changes) and were finished just after 11am.

Phil and my Dad went to move the cars to the parking garage and we walked along the water from West Side to Splitsville, where we met Phil and my Dad.

We went into Starbucks and got 2 chocolate chunk croissants ($2.95 each) for Madison and Kaley, and a double chocolate chunk brownie ($2.95) and an tall Americano ($2.95) for Phil. The total including tax was $12.57 and I used my Starbucks gift car to pay. It was a bit depressing a couple of months later to use my card in Birmingham and see where it was last used

We carried on walking round to the Marketplace and went into the World of Disney Store. I had quite a bit of spending money left so decided to get Mum a couple of Pandora charms for Christmas and Mother's Day. They had exclusive, limited edition Minnie and Mickey ones so I got those. They were $90 each but we got 10% discount with Mum's DVC card so the total was $172.53 including tax. We got Madison a necklace (no receipt so I don't know how much), Phil got a poster art book and a tote bag that was on offer and I got a Christmas cocoa set ($12.73 including tax)

These were all delicious

I don't have many photos for today so will share a couple more purchases that had been made at some point or other

Ice cubes

Straws (these were from the girls' Goofy's Candy Co treats)

We had a message from Dan showing us their room at the Poly (they were staying for two extra nights)

We had finished shopping now so walked back towards the parking garage. We had to stop for a couple of photos first

Silly sad faces

And a more normal pose!

We then went to the parking garage, to level 3, row 8. We were on our way to Florida Mall at 12.15pm and it took just over 35 minutes to get there. Our original plan had been to go to Ruby Tuesday's but that was no longer there so had decided that we would go to Outback instead. With the time now close to 1pm and us wanting to do a bit of shopping and also get to the airport in good time, we decided to leave having a proper sit down meal.

We went straight to the food court and easily found a table. Phil had a bacon double cheeseburger with onion, lettuce and tomato ($7.79), fries ($3.79) and a large diet coke ($2.69), total of $15.20 including tax, from Five Guys. No photo, sorry. He really enjoyed this again.

Madison and Kaley each had a chicken tenders and fries meal ($7.09 each) from Chicken Now ($15.10 including tax)

This was pretty standard but they ate it all

I had a two item combo from Asian Chao ($8.19) and an egg roll ($1.69), total $10.53 including tax. I had the honey chicken and bourbon chicken with fried rice

This was lovely again, though I wish I had gotten a double portion of the honey chicken as I much preferred this.

Finished with lunch, we went for a wander round the shops. I got some white peppermint M&M's from M&Ms World ($2.24 plus tax), which were amazing, such a lovely flavour. We went to the Disney Store and bought Kaley a Sofia the First amulet ($13.79 including tax). We didn't see anything else that took our fancy so just continued our wandering until it was time to meet up with everyone back at the cars at 3pm.

We left and stopped at the first gas station that we came across, which was the RaceTrac on West Sand Lake Road. It cost us $11.85 to fill up and we were soon back on our way to the airport. There was another toll to pay on the way ($1.25) and it wasn't long before we were at the airport. We dropped the car off at Alamo, took out the hand luggage and car seats and went into the terminal.

Phil, Ryan and I took Madison, Kaley and Piper's car seats, and Piper's pushchair, to the check in desks to drop them off. This was the first time in a very long time that I have had to go to the desks here and part of me wished we hadn't paid to do check in at Disney Springs as there were no lines whatsoever. As we walked over, we realised that Ryan didn't have his passport but thankfully, they only asked to see mine and didn't need to see all of ours to check them in.

We couldn't help overhearing the conversation at the desk next to us. (Sorry if this was a dibber.) They were being told that they had to pay for their additional suitcase. Their answer to this was that they paid for an extra (empty) suitcase on the way out and surely that payment was for both the outbound and inbound journey?! They were being told that no, you have to pay for baggage each way so this family had paid to bring an empty case over to America and were then having to pay to take a full case home! The guy was not at all happy and was trying his hardest to argue with the staff and saying he wasn't going to pay but they weren't having any of it and were telling him that if he wanted to take the case, he had to pay the extra bag charge. I know we shouldn't laugh but it really was amusing.

We didn't get to hear the outcome as we were sorted quite quickly but I do hope they managed to get their case back, even if they had to pay for it!

We met up with the others who had set up camp outside the perfume shop, alongside the moving walkways. (I understand these are now gone?! These have happily entertained our girls on our last three trips and will be missed when we next go.) It was 3.45pm so we still had just under 4 hours until our flight. In hindsight, we probably could have had dinner in Outback.

We took it in turns going to look in the shops. I'm quite sure the time above is right but my first receipt is from 4.44pm so the timing may be off somewhere. We went into the SeaWorld shop first. Kaley had a polar bear beanie ($11.95), Madison had a seal beanie ($10.95) and they each had a bobble with ribbons on ($7.95 each) making a total of $41.32 including tax. It was Hudson News next where I bought US Weekly (again!) ($4.99) and a coke zero ($2.79), a total of $8.29 including tax.

Next we went in to the Magic of Disney store. The girls each had a bit of money left on their FairFX cards so in three transactions, to use the different cards, we got two colouring books ($4.95 each) and two packs of crayons ($6.95 each), a total of $25.38.

I also had a mini Cinnabon but I have no photo or receipt. Once we were done, we went back and sat down for a while. We also took it in turns to take the kids on the moving walkways a few times. We all took it in turns to get changed into comfy, travelling clothes as always, then gathered all our belongings to head towards security, around 6pm.

One last photo landside

Security here was an absolute breeze! The lines moved quickly, there was no faffing taking electricals out of bags, etc. the staff were all so well organised and we were through really, really quickly. The experience was the exact opposite to our experience in Manchester, which had taken ages! We walked through to our gate but there were loads of people sitting there already, with no available seats, so we went and sat at gate 86 instead.

Our plane was at our gate and would be Hot Lips for the return home.

I took Madison for a wander, not that there is much to look at once you are through security at MCO! We got two bottles of water from Stellar News ($2.69 each), then got a ham and Swiss on rye sandwich ($7.99), a chicken and bacon wrap ($7.99), a fruit cup ($4.29), a grape cup ($4.29) and two packs of chips ($1.49 each) from Fresh Attractions. Total including tax was $29.34.

One of the sandwiches

These were ok, I got them just in case any of us wanted anything to eat. We sat for a while, went to the toilet, etc. and before we knew it, boarding started. First up was those with special assistance, upper class and premium economy and then those sitting in the bubble, which included us.

There was lots of faffing, getting settled and sorting hand luggage, but we were all sat ready to go at 7.25pm. Mum, Dad and Phil were in the extra leg room seats, Madison, Kaley and I were in the row behind, and Ryan, Bethany and Piper were behind us.

I have no idea what Madison is doing!

We started moving away from the gate at 7.50pm and the Captain told us it would be a 7 hour and 5 minute flight home. We were soon in the air and drinks were being brought around. The kids food followed not long after

They had chicken, mac and cheese and veg, along with a tuna salad, cheesecake and a kit kat.

The adult menu

I had the beef in red wine

This was ok but was very hot. I'm not sure what Phil had, probably the same.

I got Madison and Kaley settled to try to sleep and Kaley fell asleep just before 10pm

Madison fell asleep not long after

I tried to watch Spy but I was so tired and kept dozing so I paused it and gave up.

I will apologise now in case this was a dibber, as this isn't a nice story, but there was a family sat behind Ryan, Bethany and Piper, and their little boy, probably aged around 3, did not want to sit in his seat. They had struggled to sit him down for take-off and he really did not want to be sat now. Well, he just screamed. Literally screamed his head off for what seemed like forever. He was so loud, I don't know how Madison and Kaley were able to stay asleep. Finally, after a very long time, and after several visits from the cabin crew, he calmed down.

For all I know, this child may have had some issues I wasn't aware of, however, when we landed and were waiting for our baggage, he was running around, trying to get the trolleys, climbing on the baggage belt and basically not listening to anything his parents were saying, so I drew my own conclusions to what his problem had been.

I managed to get a bit of sleep and Madison and Kaley did really well. 'Breakfast' was brought around about an hour before landing

This was ok, it was something to do more than anything.

Kaley was awake by now so she watched a bit of TV. I tried to watch more of Spy and ended up with less than 10 minutes of the film left when we had to turn everything off! We were soon on our descent and landing back in Manchester.

We had a bit of a wait to get down the stairs but once we were off the plane, we were through immigration really quickly. Three of our bags came out straight away then we had to wait ages before another came. Another wait and then we finally had all of our luggage at 8.10am. We went out and called Meet and Greet and they said they would be there soon. We went to the toilet, went outside and the cars were there waiting. We loaded up the cars and were on our way at 8.35am. We stopped at the services at Knutsford for some coffee and croissants

It was depressing seeing the dollars in my purse and knowing they were no longer needed.

The journey home was easy, there wasn't much traffic and the girls dozed on and off. We did have to stop briefly as Madison didn't feel well, but we were soon on our way again. We called into Tesco to pick up some essentials, got home, unpacked and put the washing on, and that was it, our incredible holiday was over!

There's a brief highs and summary and what's next in the post below!

Continued in next post

COMPLETE - Another Birthday Trip, October 2019
COMPLETE - The Land, Sea and Wedding Trip Report, October 2015
COMPLETE - Danielle's Report of her Wedding Day
COMPLETE - Five Little Ones Take the Adults!
The link to the post with my Christmas reveal is HERE
IG - Lisas29 and familyanddisney

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Continued from previous post

This report has taken me so long to finish this time (sorry!) and the holiday was so long ago that I don't know if I can remember all the highs and lows! Here goes with what I can remember, though I am only going to list the highs:


Dan and Dave's wedding obviously - We had the most amazing day, we all had so much fun, we loved our dinner, we have amazing photos and memories of the day and even our awful, stressful monorail journey is something that brings back such fun, happy memories

Getting to go on the Grand One Yacht twice - This is a truly incredible experience and I would highly recommend it

The Disney Dream - As above, an incredible experience that I would highly recommend. I DEFINITELY want to do another in the future as I need a Castaway Cay day do-over!

Portobello, 'Ohana, California Grill, Raglan Road, Yachtsman's Steakhouse, Be Our Guest, Outback Steakhouse, BJs Brewhouse and the Cheesecake Factory - Delicious meals at all of these places

Epcot around the World - I love to do this. I love being able to taste so many different foods and using snack credits on the dining plan makes it so much better

Family time - spending so much time together, making new memories, riding new rides together and just having a great time

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique - this was another amazing experience and was lovely getting to do this with both girls

Disney itself - it really is just the most magical place and I can't wait to go back and see all of the new things that are already there and the many new things still to come

Thanks to Phil, we have so many incredible photos again and he has made photobooks, put them all on discs to watch and of course I have this trip report to look back on too. He really does take some amazing photos, sacrificing being in them himself, and I am so grateful

There are obviously so many more and I could go on and on and be here all day if I list them so this is just a snapshot of some of them.


This below is my summary from our 2013 trip…

We had an amazing holiday together and made some great memories for us all to share and remember. Every morning, after Kori has had her breakfast at Mum and Dad’s, she walks my Mum into the playroom and asks for one of the holiday DVD’s to be put on. She loves looking at all of the photos and that it what it is all about; memories for the ‘five little ones’ and us adults to have forever………or at least until the next time………

The same sentiment applies after this trip, however, there are now 6 little ones (soon to be 7 as Ryan and Bethany are having a little boy in April) and it is now Saxon that leads my Mum into the playroom asking for the holiday on.

Before getting onto the what's next, I'll end this holiday by sharing the Wedding video again

What's Next

This part isn't as exciting as it was last time I am afraid, though does have a pretty cool 'what's next'. We have 2019 in our minds as Michelle and Jamie want to get married over there. My Dad works shifts though so until we know what his shift pattern is, and when his holidays fall, we can't make any sort of plans at all. I also have 2021 in my head - Phil and I both have a big birthday that year and it is the year there will be a new Disney ship so I'm hoping we can make that happen.

Onto what we do actually have planned and booked and that is rather special. Madison and Kaley both dance and their dance school is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year. As part of the celebrations, the school will be dancing at Disneyland Paris! We ummed and ahhed for a while as to whether to go as the cost was high and we are saving for a house but in the end, we decided that we could go to DLP any time but the opportunity for the girls to dance there may not come again so we said yes!

We are going there at the end of May and I understand they have a lot of special additions as it is their 25th Anniversary. We are really looking forward to visiting here for the first time, though I am a bit nervous as I know nothing about DLP and there isn't as much information available as there is for WDW.

I wasn't sure whether to do a pre-trip/trip report for this but I love looking back on them so will hopefully get one started soon. It will be called Dancing at Disneyland Paris and I'll add the link here when I start.

I want to finish this report by thanking everyone who has read along and commented and stuck with me as this has taken ages to do. Though hard work and time consuming, I have loved sharing our holiday and love that I have this to look back on. I hope I have helped at least one person with all of my detail and am happy to answer any questions if anyone has any.

Until next time……..

Lisa, Phil, Madison and Kaley xx

COMPLETE - Another Birthday Trip, October 2019
COMPLETE - The Land, Sea and Wedding Trip Report, October 2015
COMPLETE - Danielle's Report of her Wedding Day
COMPLETE - Five Little Ones Take the Adults!
The link to the post with my Christmas reveal is HERE
IG - Lisas29 and familyanddisney

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Whenever I read the end of trip reports I get sad and feel like I'm coming back from Disney too Shame about the noisy child on the plane but at least Madison and Kaley slept through. I've really enjoyed reading this thank you for sharing! and I look forward to reading about DLP
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Thanks for sharing once again Lisa, I'm glad you saw this through to the end.

Danielle's wedding day really was beautiful, she looked so happy and her dress was perfect for her. I loved it!

Congratulations to Ryan and Bethany on their news! I bet Saxon will be excited to have another boy in the family.

Enjoy DLP, I'm looking forward to hearing about your experience there. I was so keen to go back this year for the anniversary celebrations but I've had to restrain myself!
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Well that was a fantastic holiday
Thanks doing your trippie I have enjoyed reading along

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Thanks for sharing your report Lisa, I've really enjoyed reading along. It sounds like you all had an amazing trip, so many highs and exciting moments .

2019 isn't too far away!

Disneyland Paris sounds fab, I danced when I was younger but never got to go on any trips like that .
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Disney Dreaming :)
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Aww thanks for sharing your lovely holiday! I've totally loved reading all about it and looking at all the gorgeous pics!

Roll on May! How exciting! Xxx
A link to all my Trip Reports

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Another fantastic report thanks for sharing.
Hampton Lakes - October 2007, The Hamlets, Westhaven - July/August 2009, The Sanctuary, Westhaven - July/August 2012, Dibb Villa Highgate Park & 1 night at HRH - July 2015 2017 6 nights NY, 11 nights in Florida Dibb villa, Westhaven, Xmas 2018 Villa 1 night RPR 2019 7 nights in New York, 2020 Dibb Villa booked in Highlands, 3 nights in Cape Coral
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theDIBB Guidebook
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Great trip report. Looking forward to DLP one
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Your report has been lovely to follow along, thank you! So glad you had such a great trip, and that you have a new love of cruising! Yay! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🛳🛳🛳
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