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Melanie R
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The Duchess does DLP - Day 2 Cocktails and Dreams

Cocktails and Dreams

So I woke up this morning to glorious sunshine having had something of a lie in - well anything would feel like that after a 3:45 start the previous day! I was soon up and dressed and heading down to breakfast at around 8:30, I knew I had missed EMH, but was planning a late evening in the park today so had always had a later start in mind.

There is a separate breakfast area for the Golden Forest rooms which has no queue and also serves a selection of hot items to go along with the usual continental fare. I had brought my Kindle with me this morning, but no phone so no pics - but I'm sure you all know what a croissant and bacon and sausages look like, so please use your imagination to fill the empty plate!

They had also changed the juice selection which was previously available to a mixed juice - it was actually very pleasant but I'm surprised you couldn't just have orange, unless they had run out!

I enjoyed a very leisurely breakfast before heading back to my room with a take out glass of juice and chilled in the comfy armchair for a little while before getting my act together.

I tidied the room a little, got changed into warmer clothes, packed some Mintballs into my rucksack and set off for the parks at around 10:30.

I made my way outside and although the sun was shining and the sky was a beautiful shade of blue, it was still freezing! I headed out towards the village, stopping only to admire the view over Lake Disney, when I realised I hadn't brought my meal vouchers or my hotel Fastpass - honestly, I felt like an amateur at this point, not a veteran on her 16th trip! I turned back and headed back to my room to collect them, then set off for the second time that day towards the village! No stopping this time, I powered on around the lake and was soon at the security point and was quickly through and into the Village.

I was heading for the main park today and was looking forwards to a full day taking in all the atmosphere and getting on some rides, so I was soon through the Village past the World of Disney without heading in (a first I think!) and was soon at the gates to the park. There were small queues at all the turnstiles except for the one on the far right which was empty, so I headed in that direction, bypassed all the other people waiting patiently and was straight in the park - why people blindly queue without looking for other turnstiles is beyond me, but there you go!

Walking under the station I had the same strange feeling from yesterday, that everything was so familiar but different at the same time, but this feeling passed very quickly this morning, and I was soon walking up a still quiet Main Street heading for the castle - it looks stunning at this time of year if you have the crisp cold weather but gorgeous blue skies, so I couldn't resist a little picture!

Although I had been in the park yesterday, the emotions of the day had taken their toll and I hadn't been able to appreciate the beauty of the castle, so I took my time today, just soaking up the atmosphere and then headed up to visit the shops based there.

The first stop was the Christmas shop - putting up the tree this year with all the decorations we had collected together had been very bittersweet and I was determined to buy some new ones for my collection. They had a decent selection and I was spoiled for choice, but eventually decided on these - the Elsa one was a special price if you spent over 15 so I couldn't resist

Rather than carry them around with me for the rest of the day, I arranged for them to be sent back to the hotel for collection later that evening - great service offered for all onsite guests

I carried on through the castle into Fantasyland and spent a very pleasant time just wandering and soaking up the atmosphere - the sun was shining, the sky was so blue and everything just looked so magical in this area - I do think that this is one of the prestige stars Disney parks in terms of theming and is a lovely place to chill out and take in the moment. I also wanted to check out Cinderellas carriage - it's something often missed by people as it is in the courtyard area of Auberge de Cendrillon - well worth hunting down if you get the chance!

Having wandered around enough, I decided it was time to do some rides - there was a lengthy queue for Its a small World, so I headed to Pinocchio and Snow White - bizarrely Pinocchio had a 20 minute queue, but Snow White was a walk on, so decision made! I had been doing so well today keeping emotions in check, but I'm afraid they got the better of me on this ride, and I think the cm was quite surprised to see me with tears streaming as I exited the ride, but they are far too well trained to comment!

I stood outside for a few minutes reflecting and deciding where to head, when I realised I was freezing, so headed into Chalet au Marionette for a hot chocolate and a doughnut using a pause gourmande voucher. This turned out to be the only one I used, but I actually really enjoyed a break and sat with my Kindle for half an hour just chilling.

After a well earned break, I needed some adrenaline, and with it being past 4pm by now, my hotel fastpass was burning a hole in my pocket - it had to be Big Thunder Mountain! I headed back through the castle and over to Frontierland and joined the Fastpass queue - it was actually moving very quickly and I was very soon sitting at the back of the train ready to have the cobwebs blown away! I know I've said it before, but this ride rocks since the refurb! The effects are all shiny and working, and the speed and cold weather combination really takes your breath away - definitely the best ride in the park at the moment!

I debated heading over to Phantom Manor, but there was a 20 minute queue, and I suddenly realised I hadn't had lunch today and was starving! I decided to head to the Main Street Deli for a croque monsieur and given it was heading towards parade time, I could catch the parade - I was clock watching a little as I had plans to meet up with Rachel & Anna and really didn't want to be late, so my heart did sink a little when I saw the length of the queue at the Deli, and also realised they were only serving from 1 side of the queue rather than the usual 2, however it moved steadily and wasn't too long before I was sitting outside with my meal and a nice little spot to watch the parade which was on its way judging by the music I could hear

The parade soon arrived and although I was watching through a sea of people, I had a decent view of the floats and characters and really enjoyed the parade, right up until the final Mickey and Minnie float which brought back all the memories of the last time I had watched this parade, and suddenly I was in floods again. I headed to the arcade at the back of Main Street which was quiet at this time of day and headed out of the park, mopping the tears as I walked - I was due to meet Anna and Rachel in the Fantasia Cafe and if I was quick I would have time to splash some water on my face before I met them. I headed into the lobby of the Disneyland Hotel and made straight for the lift, still feeling very emotional - the lift opened and I headed up to the next floor where Cafe Fantasia was situated. We had arranged to meet at 5 and it was very close to the time by now - the lift arrived and as the doors opened, I saw Anna and Rachel just leaning on the balcony waiting for me and just burst into tears - talk about making an entrance! We had a big long group hug and I was laughing and crying at the same time all the way down the corridor to the bar! I reassured them that it wasn't my intention to cry over them the whole trip, and we took our seats around a table with a very comfy sofa and some armchairs. We spent some time catching up when the barman came over and asked what we would like - well hello, we didn't even need a menu, what else were the Glowtini Girls going to order other than 3 Glowtinis!

They were absolutely delicious and went down very nicely while we were chatting. It was at this point that Anna presented me with this!

When we had our first recording together, they had sent the rest of the team pictures of their mugs that Anna's husband had done for them and we were all very jealous - now I have my very own which has been used at all the subsequent recordings, so thank you to Anna's husband!

We looked at the time and decided we had plenty of time for another cocktail each - I tried a red Glowtini (very nice! ) and Anna and Rachel both had a Rouge et Noir which they assured me were also lovely.

We spent a happy half hour sending pics to everyone a home, then went to settle our bill - not cheap at over 100, but well worth it for the ambiance and the delicious cocktails

By this time I had completely got my emotions under control, so clearly the best idea now was to head back into the park for Dreams - a guaranteed tearjerker if ever there was one!

We headed back in and stopped half way up Main Street to watch the show - you miss out a little on the water displays, but there was no waiting and not crowded so we could position ourselves so we had nobody in front with an iPad or child on shoulders. We all did really well until the Tangled sequence when all 3 of us had tears flowing! It was lovely to see the original show again - my last few visits have been at Christmas when they show a different version which is good but not as good as the original. It was really interesting that we all loved the same bits best - the lanterns and the Dr. Facilier sections

It was a very easy exit after the show, and we were soon heading towards the village - Anna and Rachel had plans to try Vapianos and I was planning an Earl of Sandwich and a Starbucks before we were meeting again in the Golden Forest lounge.

I wandered through the shops in the Village, checking out the limited range of merchandise available, when I spotted this!

I have a standing joke with my sister about onsies, as her entire family love them, but can't understand my love of Disney clothing - as this combined both, I had to take a quick pic to send her. As I was about to take the pic, a youngish couple wandered in front of me and the girl spotted it - she was exclaiming over it and making " I want one" noises, when he took one look at it, looked at her and said "if you buy that, you'll never have sex again!" they both then spotted me, realised I was English and had understood them, and moved sheepishly away - I never did find out if she bought one!

Having sent the pic to my sister, I headed to Starbucks where I was behind the 1 woman in the world who clearly had never ordered a coffee before in her life! It took her ages to work out what she wanted, then how to pay in Euros, then couldn't seem to grasp why they wanted her name and that she needed to go to the other end of the counter to collect her drink! Once she was finally sorted, I ordered my usual (gingerbread latte, venti) gave my name, handed over my money and still made it to the collection point ahead of the lady! I collected my coffee and the headed to the Earl for my favourite - Cannonballs! I took them both back to my room and had a little picnic

then with time to spare, picked up my Kindle and headed for the lounge. The steward remembered me from the previous evening and asked how my day had been before he went to bring me a Coke. I spent some time reading and relaxing until Anna and Rachel arrived.

We ordered some cocktails (obviously ) I had a melon tree which was delicious, Anna had a woodcutter and a Rachel ordered a Blackwood which she said was very strong!

We had a lovely evening just chatting and laughing until they turned the lights on, which we took as a gentle hint that they wanted us to leave so that they could close up! We settled the bill, then headed out to our rooms via the shop - I had my Mickey statue to collect from the previous day which was collected very quickly, then off to bed! We all had rooms on the same floor - just a few doors apart, so we said our goodnights and made plans to meet up the next day in the Studios.

I got back to my room and checked out my statue - one of the reasons for this trip being to replace him, and then got ready for bed, reflecting that it had been a much easier day than yesterday, and before I knew it, I was fast asleep dreaming of riding Tower of Terror the next day

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Glad today was easier - have the same statue too from DLP and absolutely love it!

The Glowtini's look fab x
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Melanie R
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Originally Posted by Leyfy View Post
Glad today was easier - have the same statue too from DLP and absolutely love it!

The Glowtini's look fab x
Thank you - I love the statue too - this one is the third one I've bought believe it or not - I'm planning on keeping hold of this one!

The cocktails are amazing - pricy but worth it
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Lovely update, thank you. Can't wait to hear what you all get up to next.
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Mel - what a lovely day, Building new dreams and what a great Dibbcast boozy do

Sorry it should be more refined than that

Three Glowtini Girls united in the spirit of The Dibbcast

Look forward to Tower of Terror tomorrow
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Hope you are a Listener

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I would have bought the onesie after a threat like that

You're doing great Mel x
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Lovely report of your day Mel. We visited DLP 2 years ago this week, we have our big Florida trip in 12 weeks but my mind is already straying to DLP 2018, we loved it in Feb despite the hit and miss weather, the castle just looked so stunning against the freezing blue sky would be nice to visit again after all the improvement works.
Xx Juliet xX

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Brilliant day! Love the statue and the Christmas decorations 💕

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Great day!
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Lovely day and glad you were feeling a bit better, I love the Mickey statue and the cocktails sound gorgeous.

Looking forward to your next installment
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