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Unread 12 Apr 17, 12:51 AM  
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Lallan's Family Vacay March/April 2017 Live-ish! Day 11 - Magic Kingdom & American Kithen 3.4.17

Day 11 - Magic Kingdom & American Kitchen 3.4.17

Walked - 11,866 steps (4.8miles/7.8km)

Spent - $153.69

Last visit to Magic Kingdom today
The plan was to meet my mum and dad for the park opening and we had our first FP booked for 9am which was for Thunder Mountain. We left the villa at around 8:15am and Osceola Parkway had quite a bit of traffic so it took longer than usual. Then the lines of cars waiting to get in to MK was busy and a bit manic. It took us forever just to pay the $20 parking and get directed to a space. We eventually got parked up in Mulan and had to wait until there was room on a tram. Then we had to wait an age to get through bag check. We decided on the ferry over as most seemed to be heading for the monorail. Still we had to wait for another ferry as there were just so many people. By this point it was almost 10am and we were going to miss our FP window for Thunder Mountain. My parents had had quite an easy time getting in the park taking the bus so they were already in so I told them to ride without us and we'd meet them at our next FP Space Mountain. It was almost 10.30am by the time we got there to meet them! Such a lot of time spent trying to get in this park, it can get frustrating at times but it's worth it

So we ride Space Mountain which was great. I love this ride! I was sat at the very back and it felt much faster than I remembered.

Our last booked FP was Tomorrowland Speedway so off we went to that. The boys all enjoy this...me not so much, it's quite bumpy!

Next I got a FP for Dumbo. After this we cooled down for a bit in the play area.

Next FP was Goofy's Barnstormer. DS3 refused to ride as even though it's a little one it's still a rollercoaster!

Next I managed to get a FP for the tea cups.

Feeling a little peckish we went over to Gaston's tavern. It cost me $20 for x2 LeFou's Brews, a coke and a massive warm cinnamon roll. We had other snacks with us so we sat outside for a while and had a little lunch.

It was 1.15pm by now. We got another FP for the little mermaid since we were close by and I love it

We got some pics taken by Beast's castle and Lumiere made an appearance...

After this I got us a FP for It's A Small World. Really impressed that it picked up my magic band on here and said goodbye to me at the end...

I got a last minute FP for Mickey's PhilharMagic and we went in to the show at 2.10pm. Everyone just loves this show, it's fab

We had a wander round and for nostalgia's sake we went in to Country Bear Jamboree. It was funny being here with my mum and dad as it reminded me of being here and seeing this as a youngster with my two brothers...great memories of my own childhood.

Next I Got FP for Aladdin. After this we thought since we saw the country bears we may aswell visit the Tiki Room too, for old times sake. It may well be the last time we see both these as they are looking very tired now in comparison to all the other attractions.

Here's a pic of DH showing his enthusiasm for the older rides lol

We headed down Main Street towards the exit to watch the 3pm Festival of Fantasy parade. It was lovely

We were all hungry by now so tonight's early dinner plan was to head to the B Hotel just outside Disney Springs. I had bought a $50 restaurant.com voucher for the hotels restaurant, 'American Kitchen'. We got here at 4.30pm. The hotel foyer is lovely, very posh and modern!

The restaurant was completely empty! Our lovely server Heather brought us some water in the cutest Mason jars while we looked over the menus. She explained how everything on the menu was farm to table and that they grow all the herbs and veg on the big truck in the middle of the restaurant and in the crates on the walls. There's not the biggest of choices but everything they do have on offer sounded really good:

We ordered some drinks. My dad went for a blonde beer called Coppertail which he loved! He ended up having 2 and they were $7 each. I don't normally drink alcohol but I really liked the sound of their passion fruit margarita so went for that...a tad pricey at $12 but it was lovely, maybe a bit strong for me but I did enjoy it!

We started with some wings to share. We couldn't agree on BBQ or buffalo so Heather said no problem we'll do half and half. We were only charged for 1 portion but we were served 2 big portions, one BBQ and one buffalo! I forgot to take a pic of these but they were very tasty.

DH had the American Burger, I had the Chicken Club, dad had the Fish Tacos and mum had the Turkey Sandwich. DS1&2 both had Grilled Cheese Sandwiches & DS3 had pepperoni Pizza. The pics don't do the sizes any justice, you can't actually tell how big the plates were but they were huge!

The food was fantastic. Really very tasty indeed. The chef came out after we'd finished asking if all was well. He spoke to the boys and said he was gonna bring them some of his hand made gelato free of charge. A really nice thing to do and the gelato was lovely! We all thoroughly enjoyed it here. Bill before my $50 gift cert would have been $114.90... so it was $69.12 inc tax. We should be tipping on the bill before the gift cert so we halved it and left $45 each inc tip. The service, the food and the surroundings were great. Would really recommend a visit here if you can.

Here's DS1 who's name is Baillie posing in the lobby after dinner:

And here's my mum enjoying a wee seat in the lobby :

We were parked up again and back in Magic Kingdom again by 6.30pm. We got our last pic by the castle. I think it's my favourite one we've had taken...

And mum and I met tink!

We headed straight over to Tomorrowland for our Buzz FP. DS3 enjoys spinning this ride, he doesn't actually care about the shooting of targets! He knew when the pic was coming and pulled a funny face...DH and I were to busy trying to beat each other's scores. And of course he won as always. I'm rubbish at these things!

Next we went on a fave of mine, the Carousel of Progress...'there's a great big beautiful tomorrow...' you end up singing it for days lol! Before this started I managed to get a FP for Pirates Of The Caribbean so we set off there next. And after that there was just enough time to squeeze in a last FP for DS3's fave the Haunted Mansion before Wishes. We got off the ride at 8.55pm so literally had 5 minutes to dash to the front of the castle and try and bag a decent viewing spot. The park was super busy and leaving it so last minute we struggled to find somewhere and had to settle for a tree partially blocking our view. Here's a pic or two...

And that's my last pic of the castle

It was chaos trying to get out the park. Everyone seemed to be naturally walking towards the monorail so we went for the ferry.

Traffic coming out the park and on the I4 to take mum and dad back to hotel was busy and we never got back to the villa until almost midnight as we stopped in at Walmart and spent $68.69 on some food n drinks and bought DS3 the remaining FNAF figures he needed for his collection.

Another very long day today and we are all shattered! I feel like I was definitely in drill sergeant mode today as I rushed everyone from ride to ride but it meant we got so much done and kinda felt like mission accomplished as I know we won't do Disney again for a few years so it was last time at Magic Kingdom for a while.

Lazy day planned for tomorrow then time to hit some more shops!

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First Holiday of the year...Ibiza!
Unread 12 Apr 17, 01:14 AM  
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New Photo Added by lallan - 12 Apr 17 1:14 AM.
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Unread 12 Apr 17, 08:03 AM  
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Wow, that was a marathon getting into MK. A great day, loving reading along.

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Going home!
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Unread 12 Apr 17, 08:59 AM  
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OMG you got so many FP in today, well done you. A really long and busy day. The restaurant looks fab as does the food.
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First Time Cruising & NYC
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Unread 12 Apr 17, 02:35 PM  
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A long busy but great day

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Unread 15 Apr 17, 07:33 AM  
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You really made the most of the FP system today!
American kitchen looks lovely.
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Relaxing @ Westridge & RPR
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Unread 15 Apr 17, 08:08 AM  
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Busy day there . Dinner looks brilliant. Not heard of that place before, good deal you bagged there .
All my trip reports are HERE

From the Bayou to the Beach - latest trip report index here
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Always dreaming ...
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Unread 29 Apr 17, 05:44 PM  
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Another great day, food looks lovely

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