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Unread 23 Jun 17, 11:19 PM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Scottishnellies Sack The Kitchen Trip LIVE - Day 1. Typhoon Lagoon

I woke at 3:55 and was able to fall back to sleep until 5:55 which was the latest lie on a first Florida morning yet. Usually takes my to about day 4 to get past 5am. Kevin had been out of bed for an hour or so already, as his knee was bothering him. He has had a sore knee on and off for about 6 months and hasn't been able to go running because of it, but it does not usually bother him day to day. However, he probably should have moved around during the flight more than he did as by the time we had flown over and did the drive to the villa it was sore and quite swollen. So he had gotten up to take some Tylenol. Kieran was also up, and he had had his breakfast and was in the pool by 6:30!

Plan for today was Typhoon Lagoon which opens at 10 so we planned to leave at 8:45 and stop at Walgreens for something for Kevins knee, the still be there for opening. When I went to Hannahs room to wake her and let her know, she was already up. Shockarooney. Told her the plans which she was fine with.

Kevin made up the days sandwiches and packed the backpack cool bag with those, bottles of water, frozen water, robinsons squashed, pop tarts etc. Breakfast had, washings done, bags packed, everybody suncreamed up and away we went.

Stopped at Walgreens on the 192. Kevin spoke to the pharmacist and got a compression strap and some Brufen. I had a browse about and bought some face wipes, chewy antacids, cotton buds and Benadryl itch relief cream (amazing for mozzie bites). There's probably more I want from Walgreens but am sure I will manage another mooch another day. We were laughing in the car about how this year Kevin has a dodgy knee, and last year it was his dodgy back at Universal. Dibbers will think he is falling to bits all the time!

Got to TL at 9:45, through the gates and up to the bridge to wait. This is when we realised Hannah was in trainers and she admitted she had not packed any flip flops. Why she did not wear the water shoes I had brought I do not know. Presumably not cool enough. So she was barefooted the rest of the day. Got a couple of good beds beside the pool and the kids were in diving into that wave in about 30 seconds flat. Kevin went to get them to take the round the slides whilst it would be quiet and I settled with my kindle.

They came back at 12 for a cool bag lunch and I suncreamed them all again. Not missing their faces this time to avoid the belting face Hannah had when I did that previously.

They had been on the new Miss Adventure Falls and had a photopass card to add to MDE.

Hannah thought I would like it. Kevin decided he wanted to rest his knee so would sunbathe for a bit. I went off with the kids for a go on this new ride. I don't mind the raft ones so much, but do not like the usual flume type rides as I have no doubt explained in previous trippies. We got chatting to a Glasgow guy in front of us in the queue who had been sent to suss it out by his missus before they took their 5 year old on it. As we got nearer he asked if Kieran wanted to go on with him and Kieran happily jumped in with him. Kieran told me him and the man were howling laughing at me screaming behind them. I did actually like it though. Despite my photo looking ridiculous.

The guy jumped off declaring his 5 year old would love it saying she is bonkers anyway! I decided I had earned my first dippin dots of the holiday. Hannah had cotton candy, Kieran had cookie dough, and I had Banana split. YUM!

After that the kids and I had a toorey round the lazy river. Twice. Love the lazy river but it was quite busy today. Was still bliss though.

Hannah stayed on for another few circuits, I went back to lie down and Kieran headed for the big wave again.

By 3pm we had hit that wall. It really was scorching and even I felt I had had enough sun for the day which almost never happens. We rounded the kids up. We had planned on using the showers there to get ready and maybe moving on somewhere else but we knew now we were not up for that.

So we just headed home via Target at rolling oaks for some cooked chicken and some potato salad and coleslaw for an easy dinner if we stay in. I also got a bottle of Malibu from the liquor store, and some bits n bobs from Dollar Tree.

Got home to the villa at 4:30 and Hannah headed off for a shower and some chill time on her ipad. Kieran got in the pool with the ring Kevin pumped up (using a pump from the villa).

Kevin also got into the pool, but with a beer. And I settled (in the SHADE with WATER no less. That is how much sun I had today!) to write up my TR for today so far.

As I write we are undecided whether to laze around the pool for the evening (sun is still scorching) and have the chicken dinner, or to get ready and walk round to the Irish Pub for fish n chips. I am leaving it to the others to decide as I really do not mind either way. Although I wonder if they do cocktails up there. Whatever we do it should not be a late night as we have an early start tomorrow, checking into All Star Movies and off to MK.

I will pop back later to add on the evening stuff. Short as it may be.

Loving life!

We decided it was too hot to walk round to the pub for dinner, and it was so glorious sitting beside the pool, that the chicken dinner won.

So we dished that up and just picked at that and sat around together chatting. Then we all got back in the pool and jacuzzi. That's probably the best thing about this villa so far. Sitting out there at night with that view of the sunset is just stunning. I have just noticed we didn't even take any good photos of the sunset so will need to do that another night. It is gorgeous. And the pool is roasting. I almost contemplated calling the management company to turn it down a bit as it was weird getting into a hot pool when it was warm outside, but Oh. My. Lord. When the sun was going down tonight it was absolute heaven bobbing around out there. Then sitting in the jacuzzi with a wee Malibu. Heaven.

And we are loving all the wildlife around the lake. You will be sitting there and suddenly all the geese from over the lake rise up and fly around. There are rabbits just across the lake, and we have 2 caterpillars hanging off the mesh of the pool surround, one which has just turned to a cocoon and one that has just started. We love this as we often buy the Lore Caterpillars and watch them turn into butterflies before we release them. So Kieran and I are now on daily metamorphosis watch!

Then to top it off this little guy above turned up to say hello, causing much excitement!

Here is a closer up pic

So I am sorry if it makes for a very boring evening to read, but for us it was just fabulous family time. Even if Pouty McPouty did make a return!

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1 week Anna Maria then 15 nights Villa
Unread 23 Jun 17, 11:43 PM  
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Our son and family were in In Typhoon Lagoon today all 5 generations and ggGrandma declared it the best day so far apart from the Hulk which she was on 4times
Hope Hannah's feet hold up but I can see flip flop,shopping on the cards
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Halloween Thanksgiving pre Christmas
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Unread 24 Jun 17, 12:30 AM  
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Excited about Disney
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Great start to your holiday, sounds like you all had a nice chilled out day. Love a wee dollar tree haul.
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Unread 24 Jun 17, 12:34 AM  
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Fab day, weather looks glorious! Enjoy your evening 😀
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New York and Treasure Island... soo excited!
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Unread 24 Jun 17, 02:44 AM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 24 Jun 17 2:44 AM.
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Unread 24 Jun 17, 05:33 AM  
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kl is excited
Excited about Disney
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Lovely way to end a great day. We love chilling in the villa at the end of fab day. Don't get me wrong we enjoyed going out for meals whilst in Florida but sometimes it was just lovely to get back to villa to completely relax and do nothing.
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Disney here we come again
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Unread 24 Jun 17, 06:01 AM  
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What lovely relaxed day!

Staying in sounds like the right decision - especially as you will have a packed day today!

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Visiting my boy in Hong Kong:
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Unread 24 Jun 17, 06:26 AM  
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Taffy1959's Reviews
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A perfect first day, I would have stayed around the pool too it looks so nice
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Endless Summer and RPR
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