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Unread 28 Jun 17, 01:34 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Scottishnellies Sack The Kitchen Trip LIVE - Day 5, Hollywood Studios & Cici's Pizza

I was up at 5:45 today and Kevin at 7am.

The 2 of us sat out by the pool having our coffee again, watching a big hawk circling around and swooping down to hunt. Never ending entertainment out there, we love it. Got ready and left at 8:15, arriving at HS at 8:35. Parked up in stage 46 and jumped the tram that was about to leave anyway.

Bag check done and in we went, joining the crowds waiting for opening.

9am came and the whole crowd moved forward. We were heading for RnR as we had FPs for TSM, ToT and Star Tours. But RnR is an absolute family favourite for us so it is a must do. It seemed like everyone had the same idea and this was the crowd surging along Hollywood Boulevard.

The queue was right out of the ride and through the area to where the car is above your head at the entrance. By the time we passed under the stand by q sign it said 60m wait and it was only 9:10am.

I had such a sinking feeling as last year we had a bit of a nonsense day at HS when the queues were too big but thankfully everything improved from here. We actually only waited 32 mins as the queue moved quickly.

Look at that ride photo. Hannah tried to pout but could not hold it when the ride shot off. Looks so funny!

The Q time was 85m by the the time we came off (after stopping to dream about having hair of course)

Hannah wanted to wait, but 85m for a ride I have already done that day? No. We finally agreed on queuing for ToT even though we had a FP later as the 3 adrenaline junkies love it. I hate that bloody ride. Every year I do it once thinking I will learn to tolerate it. Then every year I immediately regret it. Guess what folks? Check my face

Never again. The video is even worse. It showed a 45m wait but we actually only waited 27mins. I love it when the queue is quicker than posted! While in the queue there was a family behind us with parents about ages with us and kids roughly the same age as ours. The parents were wearing we are celebrating badges, and when I looked at the writing underneath his said 'My wife is cancer free' and hers said 'I am cancer free'. I near burst into tears right there in the queue and had to gulp it back. Reasons to live life to the full eh?

By the time we got off ToT and I pulled myself together RnR was showing 90m so no repeat ride for us today. We headed round to do The Great Movie Ride. I know some folk are not keen on this but Kieran loves it, and Hannah will do anything for a seat in the aircon.

It showed a 25m wait and that exactly what it was. While in the queue an American lady told me my dress was soooo pretty. Good old primark eh girls? We had the cowboy which was the first time ever. We always get the gangster. The cowboy made a nice change. Although I couldn't understand a word he said because the Texan drawl he was faking was awful. No matter. Kieran applauded his wee hands off at the end.

When we came out we went round the corner and sat at the tables in the shade outside the Commissary and had our backpack coolbag lunch.

It was now 12 and time for our TSM FP. It showed a Q time of 90mins

We all enjoyed this as usual. Kevin and I were on together and he got the high score of 145,500 and I was happy with my 126,500 as that is my highest ever! I don't know what the kids scored as they could not agree who had what it the numbers changed each time they tried to tell us. Mm hmm.

Some restroom stops then it was time for the ToT FP. I sat this out in the shade and waited. No way I was subjecting myself to that twice in one day!

Next up was treat time from the bakery. It is a wee tradition for us to have a sweet treat to watch Indiana Jones.

I had a Mickey Peanut Butter Cup

And the kids had popcorn

Receipt here

Loved Indiana as usual. Oldie but goody. While there a wee girl in front was eyeing up Kieran's popcorn and her mum was apologising profusely. So we poured some into the bag my cup had come in and gave her it. She was all thanks and started eating it. Then 2 minutes later she turned round and handed it back with a disgusted face. It was hilarious! Her poor parents were mortified while we could not hide our giggles.

We came off in perfect time for our Star Tours FP. We had a new film we had never seen before and it was really good. What made it even better was this guy in the back row in his 50s who must have never seen anything like it. He was squealing and laughing with such surprise. Brilliant!

We left the park at 2:20pm as we had done all our major rides and it was heaving now. Into the car and stopped at Walgreens where I got Hannah some face stuff and added a few things that were on the What Medicines Do You Stock Up On thread.

Then onto Walmart where, as well as villa supplies (and fidget spinners for Kieran) I stocked up on some of the things in the Walmart Must Buys thread. Well I have to try what dibbers recommend eh?

We drove home for a quick stop to unload everything before heading out for dinner.

The kids were desperate to try CiCis all you can eat Pizza. We drove straight down the US27 to one there.

Kids eat free on a Tuesday so we paid for 3 adult buffets, 3 adult drinks and a child's drink.

The kids really enjoyed this as they could eat Pizza forever. Kevin said it was fine but he would not go out of his way to do it again. I don't actually eat pizza (can not eat the dough) so had soup and salad. It was ok and the blue cheese dressing was yummy. Pizza pics coming up so droll on by if not your thing.


When we came out the sky was black and it was bouncing down. We popped into Dollar Tree next door (3rd Dollar Tree in as many days) and ended up with this lot

Drove back up the road home

And now Hannah is in her room satisfying her social media needs. The boys are in the pool, but mainly watching 3 wee birds we have not seen before coming in and out of the Bush outside. Still raining on and off but they are loving it anyway as the pool is cosy. I am sitting at the pool writing my TR, enjoying a glass of wine and working on a wee change to tomorrows plans.

We are all going to have some time in the games room later, then Kevin and I will no doubt be back in that Jacuzzi later tonight. Heaven.

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1 week Anna Maria then 15 nights Villa
Unread 28 Jun 17, 01:51 AM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 28 Jun 17 1:51 AM.
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Unread 28 Jun 17, 06:06 AM  
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Another fab day Helen - I love the ride pics, and the story about the couple with the Celebration badges.

Looking forward to seeing what hat your plan change for tomorrow involves 😀
Ems 🎢🎡🎠
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We still love Florida but have caught the European theme park bug
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Liseberg - Will Helix be Our New #1?
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Unread 28 Jun 17, 07:21 AM  
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Megandllsmum's Reviews
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A lovely day again helen and the ride photos are fab.
Nice to see Kieran swelling his fidget spinner collection I showed Lilly the latest ones and she's jealous lol. We visited cici's last year it is what it is filled a gap after a tiring day when we couldn't be bothered with going anywhere else... and cost next to nothing to eat there which was the best bit lol.
Love the couples celebration badges you mentioned... a great way to celebrate brilliant news ❤️
Have a lovely day today xx
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Need something to look forward
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Unread 28 Jun 17, 07:30 AM  
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Lovely pics and report, you look gorgeous in your dress, definitely going to be stocking up on medicines this time.
TOT I always think what am I doing on here as soon as the service door lifts open at the top 😬 Xx
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Christmas at Disney .
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Unread 28 Jun 17, 07:38 AM  
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HS looked busy but you got loads done.
So jealous, I really should get up and get ready for school rather than reading your fab report. Still it's only just over a week till we will be joining you in hopefully sunny Florida!
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Universal Mardi Gras
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Unread 28 Jun 17, 07:39 AM  
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slightly serious Dibber
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What another great day. You sound like you're really relaxing. Enjoy today.
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Port Orleans Riverside
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Unread 28 Jun 17, 07:49 AM  
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Great day, your story about the girl with the popcorn really amused me 😂
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Florida & South Carolina
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