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Unread 29 Jun 17, 10:08 PM  
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Scottishnellies Sack The Kitchen Trip LIVE - Day 6, Animal Kingdom, Shopping, Teak, Hollywood Studio

I was up at 6 today and Kieran was not far behind me. Kevin got up about 7 and we made our coffees and took up our regular positions outside by the pool, watching the goings on. We did manage to get a picture of the hawk today. He was being a right wee menace to the other wee birds this morning, chasing them all out whichever tree he would decide he wanted to sit in, only to go and chase them out of another one. Randy the villa owner contacted me to say to let him know if the alligator comes by again, as they have to report that and have them moved on if they are too confident coming up to the villas. Apparently it usually means someone has been feeding them which would obviously become a problem. Who would be stupid enough to feed an alligator? Or leave food out in an area so full of wildlife? Honestly, some folk. He hasn't been back yet, and Kieran is taking Alligator watch very seriously.

As usual we loved our time sitting out together. As an aside, today is 26 years to the day Kevin and I met, when we were just 17 and 18. So a sort of anniversary. Throwback picture (when Kevin had hair God Bless him)

We started getting ready and while I was in the bedroom I looked out and saw the most gorgeous wee bird landing in the bush just outside the pool mesh. The bush has big bright red flowers on it and this wee bird was the same bright red colour all over. It was absolutely beautiful and I have never seen anything like it. I shouted Hannah and Kevin over and they both got to see it but I was too slow to grab a picture before it flew off. I so hope it comes back. That is now both the turtle and that wee red birdy I have missed and am desperate for a photo of!

I ended up changing our plans for today. I had originally booked FP for today at AK. Then when we bought the Seaworld & Busch tickets last minute, I slotted Seaworld into this day instead. However, having read the reports of Flight Of Passage being so amazing it seemed too much of a waste to miss a FP for it today. I do have another one for Saturday which was meant to be our full day at AK, but if I rode it then and loved it, I would be gutted I had missed a FP for it today. So I pushed Seaworld forward to Friday instead which had been planned in as a rest day.

Got ready and left the villa at 9.30, heading to Denny's for breakfast. We usually just do villa breakfasts but the kids like to go for one proper American breakfast out. Kevin had a grand slam

The kids both had a Banana cream pancake breakfast thing

I just had some of Hannahs hash browns and ate her egg yolks. I only eat Yolk and she only eats whites so we make a good sharing team!

I had a voucher for a free grand slam for signing up to the website before we left so this is the bill

Out at 10:15 and off to AK. Parked up in Yeti 52

We went into Its Tough To Be A Bug as it was only a 10m wait and we had some time to kill before our FP.

We took our time strolling through the area as it is great to look at all the animal carvings

I love this. It is so funny hearing all the wee kids squeal and even though Kieran is now 9 and has seen umpteen 3D shows now, he still reaches out to try to grab things as they come out of the screen. So cute!

Out and round to Pandora as it was time for our FP for Flight Of Passage. I was really excited for this! Most folk had said it is like soarin but so much better. As Soarin is one of my favourites, this bode well for me. The stand by was showing 120mins. We entered and took our time walking up the wee hill through the flora and fauna which looks so amazing. The kids marched on ahead too excited to go slow even though Kevin and I had explained we wanted to take everything in. There was nobody coming up behind us so we were able to get a good look at everything. They really have gone to town on the detail here, with shadows of banshees on the rocks and amazing colour in the planting. It was like an alien version of the Chelsea Flower Show!

Up and into the ride we had a 10 minute wait once we got to the front of the line as there was some disabled people being helped on. We had such a laugh with the CM here. We had started talking about the ride then it somehow moved on to Star Wars, then Tom Cruise and ended with this CM doing his best cocktail impression chucking around his water bottle. He was a chunky chap and when he was trying the do the behind the back trick he was going Oh No I am too fat man, Tom Cruise does not have this problem. He was hilarious.

Anyway onto the ride. Oh. My. Lord. This was OUTSTANDING! I absolutely loved it and knew we had done the right thing with our flying visit today to use the FP. It was incredibly immersive. I really felt like I was flying, swooping down over the sea and through the forest with the wind in your face and the spray coming off the water. And to feel it breathing between your legs was weird. You know you are on a seat, yet it is easy to go with it and just believe! What an amazing experience. Hands down now my favourite ride.

We came back out and Kevin did some filming around the area with his Go Pro. At this point I went in and cancelled our 3rd FP for Kali River Rapids, swapping it out for an 8:20pm FP for RnR at HS, as we thought we might pop back in there on the way home.

We then got some MM photos. The guy was really good and as we left Kevin said I bet those photos are really good, and they are. These are only some of them

We headed over to use our 2nd FP for Expedition Everest

Then we headed out of the park at 1pm to do some shopping. We headed to the Converse and Nike clearance stores on the 192 as you lovely Dibbers had posted finding more bargains here than at the outlets. The ones we went to were at 2549 Old Vineland Road.

Nike first, where as well as the usual shelves in size order they had 2 lines of everything $24.99

We got these 2 for Hannah, black $49.99 and red $24.99

The white leather Converse for Kevin $24.99 and black trainers for Kieran $9.99

Then into Converse where I got these wee sparkly numbers for $24 and cream laces for 58c as I think cream will look nicer. This cream is not quite the right shade but I will get matching ones somewhere. On maybe light gold.

And Kevin got a hoody for $18

There was a wee gift and toy shop next door

Where Kieran got 3 Fidget Spinners (buy 2 get one free) and 2 boys necklaces (2 for $7)

One of these lights up which he insists I show you on the Dibb as this is obviously very important stuff

We then drove back down the 192 to a Nike Factory store but no bargains in here. We were at the point it was slightly too early to head to Teak for dinner but not enough time to do the outlets first. We decided just to do Teak a bit earlier than planned and drove on over (takes about 20mins from where we were)

Wednesday night is ladies night so half price cocktails, but that starts at 5pm.

So instead I went for the $5 signature cocktails!

Kevin had the Godzilla Burger he had last time and enjoyed it just as much

Hannah and Kieran both had the donut burger but both asked them to swap the beef patty for chicken breast which they were happy to do. Hannah had plain fries

And Kieran had chilli n cheese fries

I had chicken quesadillas which is an appetiser but more than enough for me.

We sat outside where it was nice and warm. It is VERY cool inside, but too cool for me. While sitting the rain started chucking it down but it passed after about 30 mins or so.

After a cucumber cooler cocktail he asked me what I would like next and I asked him just for the sweetest cocktail they do. He came back with something he said was mango strawberry vodka and something. Lush!

We finished with a humongous sharing dessert that we couldn't even finish between the 4 of us as we were all so stuffed. Who needs the kitchen sink?

As usual this was very reasonable price wise. I mean that Brownie overload was $6 was crying out loud. It was bigger than my head. I don't think I could even make it at home myself for that!

We left at 6:15 and arrived at HS at 6:45. As we were driving over it started to rain a bit but not too bad. Enough to make me feel cold (does not take much). So much so that I borrowed Kevins brand new converse hoody and snuggled into that. We just got through the turnstiles when the sky went dark and the heavens opened. And oh Lordy did it pour it down. Kieran had gone to the restroom when it started so Kevin darted in there to be with him, and Hannah and I took refuge in the shop.

It became clear this wasn't passing too soon so we let the kids poncho up and go round to TOT which showed a 15m wait on the app, saying we would be round in time to meet them in the gift shop as they came off. Kevin and I waited another 10 mins then ponchoed up and went round. We eventually got them at the gift shop as promised (it had said 60m when they got there and they waited about 40 we think) and they had been on quite a while.

They were going to go on again with Kevin but by this time the rain was easing and the Q was back to 60m. So we headed round to use our FP for RnR, which showed a 40m wait. We loved it as usual and came off and back on to queue for another go. This took us to 9:15 and nice time to go see the Star Wars Fireworks.

All done we wandered back down Sunset boulevard with the rain off, the temperature just nice, and it all lit up. Lovely

We found a good spot and settled to watch the fireworks. These really are brilliant. We loved them last year and loved them even more this year, as we had a better view of the projections.

Then it was into the car and out of a very busy park. At this point I mentioned to Kevin that perhaps we should skip Seaworld tomorrow and have a rest day as the kids were really pretty tired. But Kevin said they would be fine in the morning so we would just go for it, especially as its not a late park. Mm Hmm.

It was 10:30 by the time we got home, so being later than usual I had a choice.

Type up the days trip report?

Or get in the Jacuzzi with Kevin and a glass of wine?

The fact this wasn't here this morning for those who like to read it over breakfast shows which won.


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1 week Anna Maria then 15 nights Villa
Unread 29 Jun 17, 10:21 PM  
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So excited to see your latest day beginning to appear. We are down to 6 weeks now and I fear our boys are going to explode soon!

As someone who suffers from travel sickness, how did you find the Pandora ride? I can't stand Mission Space or the Magic Carpets ride that used to be in Disney Quest. Was this a similar motion experience?

I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday and thank you for posting so consistently - you are making the run in extra special for our family.

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4th once in a lifetime
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Unread 29 Jun 17, 10:24 PM  
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And now heading to Teak! I don't think the boys will go to to school tomorrow. They are desperate to try the Challenge Burger. No chance, they can barely finish a cheeseburger most of the time!
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4th once in a lifetime
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Unread 29 Jun 17, 10:28 PM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 29 Jun 17 10:28 PM.
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Unread 29 Jun 17, 10:49 PM  
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Love the throwback photo I've been with my husband since I was 18. Teak looks fab as usual, never had dessert there.
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Onsite Disney with ddp
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Unread 29 Jun 17, 10:55 PM  
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Helping Mickey
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Great blog and take it you guys were parshal to the odd red stripe back in the day? 😂

Where about is teak as that Godzilla burger looks right up my street?
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Disney countdown first timers!
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Unread 29 Jun 17, 11:02 PM  
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My youngest son would love one of those light up fidget spinners!
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New York and Treasure Island... soo excited!
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Unread 29 Jun 17, 11:11 PM  
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Glad to hear the hot tub and wine won You are on vacation after all... Another great day, thanks for sharing...love reading all about it

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The last hoorah! All 4 together again
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