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Ocean Florida
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Unread 30 Jun 17, 04:21 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Scottishnellies Sack The Kitchen Trip LIVE - Day 7, Seaworld & Villa Chillin

I was up at 6am and started yesterdays trip report with my caramel coffee from the machine. Am buying one of these when I get home. Will be grand in my newly fitted kitchen! But I need to find out whether Aldi at home has the pods I have been using from Aldi USA or whether I need to bring a stash home. Anyway, because I was doing my TR, and because Kevin was still sleeping, we didn't have our wee wildlife watch this morning by the pool. I abandoned my report again to get washings sorted and be organised for the day. I woke Kevin at 7:30 to ask was he sure we wanted to do Seaworld. He said yes so he got up and we started getting ready.

Hannah was at the coo's tail this morning, and there was a lot of cajoling and argy bargying trying to get her out the door. We eventually left at 8:40. The traffic was heaving and we reached SW at 9:30. We had the SW tickets above which now include the parking. We drove to the both, handed over Kevins ticket, she scanned it and gave us the complimentary parking pass

We bought the refillable cup for the day which gives the unlimited free refills all day. We did this before and it is perfect for keeping the kids hydrated and they love choosing the different flavours. No coolbag picnic today as you can't take food into SW anyway.

Our first stop was the newly adjusted Kraken rollercoaster which has now been fitted with VR headsets. We had seen rumours of massive queues and knew you could get a return time. We arrived at it at 9:40, used the wee machines and were given a return time of 10:16 – 10:31.

Since we had half an hr to wait we went for a go on Atlantis which was showing a 10m wait. This was in fact a walk on.

Kevin and I made a boob here as we both sat on the same side of the boat beside each of the kids. This meant our boat was a bit lopsided and lower at our side. See where I am going here?

I got totally drenched all down my left side as every time we went down into the water the boat had an absolute tidal wave come in over my legs. Came off soaking, whereas the kids were virtually untouched!

Back out and to the lockers at Kraken to put all our stuff in. $1 for an hr. Now I always liked Kraken as its quite loopy but not to many high drops, so I was really looking forward to this. Before going on we used the machine for another return time. This time 11:03. There is no limit to how many of these you can do as you just type your name, how many folk and hit a button. It spouts you a ticket with the next available time and that is it. The ticket tells you to expect a 20m wait once you go on. We walked all through until we reached the end of the line which only had about 50 people in it. We waited 25 mins to get on but it felt so much longer. My goodness what a laborious process this now is. There is only one carriage running at a time. You get on and pull the bar down as before. Then you take the headset out of a box in front of you and put it on over your head, covering your eyes and ears. The CMs then come round and tighten the headsets on everyone. When I got mine on I felt quite comfy then the girl pulled the straps really really tight and it was cutting in right across my nose.

As the coaster started the VR was really good. It looked like we were in some sort of tech station and the moving out and climbing up the hill was all great, looking like we were diving underwater and swimming around with fish. Then it all went (literally) downhill. As we went down that first big drop the picture was shoogling around all the over place and it just got really disorienting. As the coaster slowed, and it looked like we were sailing back in, so it was good again. Now I knew why she had pulled it so tight. But it had still shoogled way too much despite me now having a big Adam Ant stripe across my nose to prove just how tight it had been.

We did go on again with the other return pass, but none of the 4 of us chose to wear the VR this time. The ride is so much better old school. The only problem is, you now have this whole rigmarole for them to do the VR stuff for everyone else even if you just want to ride it as a coaster. When the coaster comes back into the station, the riders have to wait while the CMs come round and clean every headset then pack them away back into the boxes. Once that is done they lift the restraints for them to leave. The new riders get on and pull down the restraints. Then the CMs come round every person helping them put on the VR headsets and pulling them tight. The whole process takes around 5-7 minutes each time which drove me nuts.

So even though it seems like a shortish Q time it is very frustrating. We all left feeling they have ruined a perfectly good ride and we were all a bit flat.

Next was Mako which was only a 5 minute wait. We walked straight on and the one just pulling out was half empty.

This one has lots of drops which meant I did not really like it but could see why Kevin and the kids really enjoyed it. They all like that weightless tummy thing that I hate! So another few goes were had on that while I sat in the shade and checked the show times.

Next up was the big viewing tower thing which I really like seeing the views from. It was a 10m wait and was a nice wee chill ride.

We needed some food now so went to expedition caf. Kevin had an Italian Sausage Sandwich

Hannah had a Turkey Club Croissant

Kieran had chicken tenders and fries

And the receipt is here

Time for the Dolphin show which has changed to Dolphin Days. I loved the old one with the acrobats and all the bright colours. Now they don't have the trapeze and acrobats and it is just about the dolphins. Hannah still really enjoyed it but I was a bit disappointed to be honest. I don't know if Kieran liked it because he was struggling with the heat and being downright grumpy.

We went to Manta next. Kevin sat this out as he was also feeling the heat too much today. I went on with the kids and the ride photo shows what I think of this.

As we had been waiting to go on (10m wait) the kids had said they wanted to go back to the villa now and did not want to do any more of the park. I was fine with this. Hannah said she wanted to buy a fidget spinner first (she kept playing with Kieran's new blue one last night) and Kieran said he wanted more too. So once off the ride we scooped Kevin up from a bench, explained the plan and went for the exit

We drove back to the same gift & toy shop from yesterday where Hannah got a pink spinner the same colour as her nails. There is a certain irony in those very grown up manicured nails holding a fidget spinner!

And Kieran got 2 more.

It was interesting working out how much each of them were to pay from their money given the buy 2 get one free offer. Unsurprisingly they had different views. So I stepped in, decided the amounts and nipped that argument right in the bud.

We also had another look in the converse store at t-shirts for the kids which we hadn't picked up yesterday. Got these 2 for Hannah

And these 3 for Kieran

5 Ts for $34. Not bad eh?

We went across to the Aldi near here and picked up some more coffee pods and bits and pieces.

I took some photos of a couple of bits to show prices

Straight down the 192 home and out to the pool for some much needed chill time.

I threw together a quick dinner using up the walmart stuff we bought to try, along with some chicken I seasoned and cooked off. So dinner was a very odd combo of maple chicken, sausage patties, Tator tots, peppers, coleslaw and potato salad. No matter. They all scoffed it anyway!

After dinner we were all out at the pool again.

Later in the evening it got very thundery and we sat watching the lightning. Kieran was really excited as you don't see lightning like that at home. Then we came in and watched Wolverine on telly. We are set to go to Bush tomorrow so are hoping this chilled afternoon / evening will mean better tempers tomorrow!

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1 week Anna Maria then 15 nights Villa
Unread 30 Jun 17, 04:35 AM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 30 Jun 17 4:35 AM.
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Unread 30 Jun 17, 05:40 AM  
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Mental Minnie
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I've been reading along. Really enjoying your very detailed and informative reports. Another great day. Sometimes the heat just takes over and you've just got to go with the flo. You have really got some bargains. Love all the converse stuff. I bought my son (age 19) a pair of white leather converse a couple of weeks ago 70.00 and they are very like the ones you bought. The younger son (13) is loving all those fidget spinners. There are some brilliant ones out there. Great to see you all having such a wonderful time. Looking forward to Busch Garden report as we are going to BG for the first time this year. The boys are really looking forward to going. The rides look a bit too adventurous for me.
Have a great day, can't wait to read all about it.
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Unread 30 Jun 17, 05:54 AM  
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The VR stuff sounds like style over substance!

Another great day though - and great value for the t- shirts!

Index of my trip reports
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Visiting my boy in Hong Kong:
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Unread 30 Jun 17, 06:26 AM  
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Oh I could almost feel the heat and tiredness today .. You guys have been so busy. Not sure I like the sound of those changes at SW, kraken sounds a right faff and I loved the colourfulness of the old dolphin show. We find its a half day park for us now ... Glad you got some more bargains and some downtime at home. It's lovely mooching aout the villa just relaxing. Hope you have a great day at Busch.
All my trip reports are HERE

From the Bayou to the Beach - latest trip report index here ]
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Always dreaming ...
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Unread 30 Jun 17, 07:07 AM  
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Don't think we will bother with the VR stuff sounds like a real faff
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Halloween Thanksgiving pre Christmas
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Unread 30 Jun 17, 07:25 AM  
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Morning, two days in a row, yay! You sound like you could do with a rest day. More fidget spinners for the collection too.
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Aruba Jamaica I wanna take u...CBR...
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Unread 30 Jun 17, 08:33 AM  
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Taffy1959's Reviews
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Nice day at SeaWorld but what a faff to ride kraken now.

Enjoy Busch Gardens today
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Endless Summer and RPR
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