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Unread 3 Jul 17, 02:53 AM  
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Scottishnellies Sack The Kitchen Trip LIVE - Day 10. Vineland Outlets, Florida Mall & Hash House A

Today were going shopping. Yay!

Although we had a bit of a disaster of a start. We drove all the way up to the outlets before realising I had left my folder at home. The one with all the vouchers. Including our voucher for tonight's dinner. So yes, we did drive al the way home to get it and started the day all over again. major fail.

Anyway we arrived at the the outlets and parked in the multi storey to the right of the main entrance. Not only is it easier to find a space but the car is cooler when you get back

Then there is an easy wee walkway over to the shops

We went straight to guest services in the food hall to exchange our printed vouchers (by signing up to Simon Malls) for the discount booklet. As it was we didn't use any of the discounts from this as we didn't reach the minimum spend or whatever. As usual we were doing Puma and Nike together, then splitting up to shop more efficiently. Girls one way, Boys the other. Hannah and I circled our chosen shops on the map so we were wasting no time!

The boys were just winging it. I wont go into detail about every shop we looked in, but instead will just run through what we bought.

PUMA - 2 pairs of trainers identical for Hannah for school. Buy one get one half price so $67.52 total for both.

NIKE - Kieran's new school trainers. $31.94

AEROSOLES - Silver sparkly sandals and white and silver sparkly flats for me (told you I like sparkly footwear) Buy one get one 60% off so $59.62 total for both. They are both much more sparkly than they look in the photos.

DRESS BARN. OMG I LOVED THIS! I always buy Calvin Klein dresses for work when I am over here, as I love the shape on me and I need to be very smart for work. I prefer quality dresses with a smart jacket than a suit. I had already looked in the Calvin Klein shop and it was rubbish. Nothing I liked let alone at bargain prices, so I was a bit dumped. Then I went to dress barn. The majority of the shop nothing caught my eye. Then I found the $24.99 rack at the back and discovered they had a load of what I wanted. So. I got 5 Calvin Klein dresses for $25 each. WINNER WINNER! I love them all!

Feast your eyes on these babies (Like my new work wardrobe Paula?)

These first two (red one and grey one) I already have in a bright royal blue. Lovely on

The next two (black with red, and black with pale blue) I also already have a couple at home in different colours. I love the shape of these and always get compliments when I wear them.

And the last one MIGHT be too dressy for work as it looks quite glam on. I love it anyway

Receipt here to show just how bargainous they were (I totally skipped out of this shop!)

Incidentally Hannah loved these changing rooms. While I was trying on she was messing about with the mirror buttons. These change the lighting according to where you would be wearing the item you are trying. According to Hannah I will be wearing each dress in each environment about 6 times. And that was only the 2 minutes it took to try it on. Was like a bloomin disco in there!

KATE SPADE - I always wanted a pair of KS earrings and picked up these wee sparklers a 70% off so $22.37 for both

By now we were flagging and had half an hour to kill before meeting the boys. Hannah hadn't bought anything and although she had looked in Charlotte Russe while I was in dress barn was not as fussed on most things as last year and didn't even want me to go back in with her to see if there was anything to buy. We called the boys and agreed to meet them at Levi's before getting something to eat.

Kevin got some 501s in Levi. I did not buy anything as I bought loads of jeans last year, and have some I still have barely worn.

This was the only thing Kevin had bought. It was time to refuel so we headed to the food court

Kevin and just wanted something light and fresh so shared a salmon salad from Greenbeat. This was delicious!

The kids both had crispy chicken burgers and fries from Chicken Now

Lunch over it was time for NORTH FACE. We can be quite dangerous in here and have spent a small fortune in the past. We managed to restrain ourselves and only got the 3 things we had hoped to. A new hoody for Hannah (above)

A new hoody for me

And a new light jacket for me

Kevin didn't want or need anything, and Kieran seemed to be too big for the kids stuff but too small for the XS adult stuff.

We moved on from here to the Florida Mall 15 mins up the road. First stop M&M world where we somehow managed to spend $40 on M&Ms. Bonkers

SEPHORA - Just some oil for my hair as I ran out, and 2 more lipstains as I love them. One in the same rose colour I got the other day and a red one.

VICTORIAS SECRET - where Hannah got some of her beloved sprays $6 each. You will also see an underwear set I got but I am not sharing a photo!

Happy Hannah

We somehow fell into Bath & Body Works again. More foaming soap, more hand gels, and some new car fresheners and a sparkly holder for my car

I then took H into Charlotte Russe and bought her these. They are very pretty. And she is very pretty in them. And they will give Kevin and I hours of fun as she waddles about like whoopi goldberg in them (Ghost. Next time you watch it you will know what I mean). And a pair of sunglasses that had disappeared into her room before I took the photos. No doubt to take some snapchat selfies.

Oh - just realised I missed one from Vineland. A GAP hoody for Kieran. Cheap as chips

And back to speaking of selfies. While I am queuing to pay for Poutys shoes, look what she is doing. It's constant. As you can tell by my face.

When we met back with the boys Kevin had bought a pair for jeans from Penguin

It was time to call it a day and head for dinner. Tonight was to be Hash House A Go Go to use a voucher I had bought. I cant for the life on me find what I actually paid for this but I THINK it was round 20 for $80 towards the bill. Can only confirm when I am home in Scotland as I know I used a discount and didn't pay the $39 in quotes on the voucher.

Got seated straight away and the server was really helpful explaining the portions are huge and we should probably only order 2 or 3 mains to share. He was not wrong!

Here's some shots of the menu

We shared Salmon

Roast Chicken

And ribs

And they brought huge biscuits (but really they are scones eh?) covered in a honey butter sauce. We could barely even touch these but Kevin brought them home in a box saying he wants them with a big cup of tea!

I had a cheeky cocktail as usual

It was a good atmosphere and the music ranged from The Who, To Billy Idol, to Wham!. But I kinda like that. The bill with our voucher off is here

As we also took a cheesecake to go for the kids to share (which they are eating now while watching Jurassic Park).

Kieran had a go on the tractor while Hannah sang She Thinks My Tractors Sexy at him!

We drove home down a busy I4 with our favourite new song playing. Kieran fell asleep and when we woke him he said he felt fine it was just his eyes that were tired.

So that was today.

I'm off now as Kevin is in the hot tub with a glass of wine with my name on it!

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Unread 3 Jul 17, 04:17 AM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 3 Jul 17 4:17 AM.
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Unread 3 Jul 17, 04:54 AM  
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Wow - you shop so well I never have the patience!

And what a bargain at Hash!

Index of my trip reports
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Unread 3 Jul 17, 05:18 AM  
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Mental Minnie
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Great shopping day. You got some brilliant bargains. I hate shopping at the outlets (I know weird). Love Florida Mall. HH agogo looked delicious. We have never been to one of these.
Can't wait to see tomorrows report.
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Unread 3 Jul 17, 06:50 AM  
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Megandllsmum's Reviews
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Oh my god... you know how much I love a good shopping report ❤️❤️, major bargains especially the CK dresses which are lovely.
Hash house a go go looks brilliant too and another bargain ... you didn't spend a lot helen you saved a lot 😉😉... great report today x
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Need something to look forward
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Unread 3 Jul 17, 07:00 AM  
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Another great day, that's some brilliant bargains, especially the dresses

Movieland Hotel IDrive - 2002 / POR - 2012 / 3 Weeks at OKW - 2014 / Villa at Highlands Reserve - 2016 / New York and Orlando - 2018 / Caribbean Cruise MSC Seaside - June 2019 / Back to Orlando June 2020
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Gulf Coast and Orlando
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Unread 3 Jul 17, 07:11 AM  
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Some great shopping finds, nothing beats a bargain
See my dibb villa advert
Our video tour http://17571888.n48835.test.prositeh...rs/Forbes1068/

6 bed villa in the prestigious community of Tuscan Hills, with wall mounted flat screen TV in living room, tvs in every bedroom

email uppercairns@outlook.com
Phone 01346 541318
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Unread 3 Jul 17, 07:34 AM  
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What a great day I love the 2 dresses with this he different coloured bottom, looking forward to trying Hash House on our trip x
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Christmas at Disney .
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