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Me, 3 and gluten free - Day 4 - shopping and Magic Kingdom

If you would like to read along, the index is here

Please do, i’d be happy to see you

Well after a substantial break i have decided to try and finish this trip report I may not be the most eloquent writer but i do enjoy reliving the memories from the trip

So Day 4! We are up at 7:15am, soon as breakfast is done, chunky is in the pool! It seems there was flies in there and this resulted in a very inaffective but overly exuberant attempt to clear them out with the pool net before she finally accepted she had to share the space

According to my notes, this is also the morning that monster tried to eat his own weight in skittles, there is no photographic evidence of this but knowing what a devil he is for sweets i can quite imagine it.

After cajoling chunky from the pool we head off to Joanns and Target, this is definitely a mum pleasing shopping day! I had been waiting months to go to Joanns, I love to craft, so a store full of fabric is my kind of heaven

Checking my Disney bible, i spent $160 in there . . . That was not our only visit . . They gave me a coupon! I HAD to go back this was mostly on character fabric that would have cost me a fortune over here so i’m sure that comes under money saving

From memory, Misery was not impressed with Target, we have been to the Australian version before and I think he was a bit spoilt by the amazing exchange rate (I think we had over $2.20 to the £ ) and the $1 rails they have. We still managed to spend $87.52 though Mostly on a new bag and linchbox for chunky as she just had to have the spiderman one!

Lunch was at Longhorns Steakhouse, Monster was a little disappointed as the ribs are no longer gluten free due to a change in the sauce but he rallied with Sirloin Steak and chips (i dont have a photo for some reason)

Misery and I both had the Kobe steak melt which was amazing and I was gutted I couldnt finish mine!

And chunky had chicken tenders and fries, it seems my camera skills left a lot to be desired that day

Meal came to £51.93 before tax and tip, it was delicious and im pretty sure we asked for the rest of both our melts to be boxed up to take home

Back to the villa to pick up bags and get sorted, then off to Magic Kingdom where i’ve messed up our first fast pass time pull up to Magic Kingdom toll booth at 4pm, open window and try to hand the operator $20 and she just waves us through still have no idea why we didn’t have to pay but we were not going to grumble our good fortune.

Parked up, monorail and hobbled our way to Buzz Lightyear, just made it by the skin of our teeth, its was 10 minutes after our alloted time but we still were allowed to scan in. I have no information on who won, so it obviously wasnt me and whoever did win must have cheated

Next it was on to the speedway where i made the collosal error of allowing chunky to drive our car even with a guide rail i feared for my life and that of the poor people in front of us! Monster drove misery and was a lot better controllled but they seriously struggled to get up that little hill at the end

Then we went into Laugh floor as chunky and I both have a love for Monster inc misery got picked as the guy who would buy us all churros still waiting for mine

Jake then did space mountain on his own, it was still a big fat no from the rest of us, and loved it just as much this time too

Next was peterpan but it had broken down so we walked across to ‘its a small world’ which was completely worth suffering through just to see misery and monsters faces chunky and I did a wonderful duet all the way round ‘its a small world after all!’ I think if Monster could have done, he would have lept from the boat to escape the shame

Under the sea, ahh I loved this and yes i did sing along

Monster and chunky then did barnstormer and dumbo while misery and I had a much needed sit down

We finally call it a night and head back to the villa, now i have a note that chunky got a cob on about a drink in a plastic bag i have no memory of this but it seems rather stern words were needed and it was a rather quiet trip back, never fear, my little chunky cant hold a grudge for anything and she was back on form before bed

Chunky and Monster had a sandwich, misery finished off his melt from lunch and i just had a cookie and a cuppa what a light weight! 1 cookie! I am suitably ashamed

Bedtime was at 11pm, we had an extremely long day, tomorrow is Epcot for the first time!
Finally experienced the Magic 2017, returnin 2019 for my 40th and son's 18th, with Gran too , 2020 - DH's Secret 50th!
1st Trip Report - me, 3 and gluten free
2nd Trip Report - DH's Super Secret 50th
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What a bargain lunch! I don't think you'd get a QS meal for 4 in Disney for that.
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