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Old 15 Apr 18, 09:12 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Scottishnellie Goes Girly In Turkey - Travel Day Glasgow To Voyage Belek

Woo Hoo! It was today! Woke quite early and pottered about with Kieran. Kevin was working today so had got up and gone to work first thing so it was a sleepy goodbye in the morning. It felt so strange that we wouldn't see each other for a whole week and we would be leaving before he got into work. Showered and headed out for a massage I had booked for 10am. I get terrible problems with my neck and shoulders sometimes and the stress of the past few weeks had done nothing to help that. My neck was like concrete so I was hoping to ease that a bit before the holiday. As I expected the massage was agony and the girl said I would need one every week for a good six weeks to have any hope of really sorting it out. Oh well.

After the massage I went and got Kieran and we headed to Morrisons to buy a couple of pizzas for his and Kevin's dinner tonight. Something easy Kevin can just shove in the oven after a 12 hr shift. When I took these home I put some beer in the fridge for him too. What a good wife eh?

I took Kieran to a wee Bistro for brunch as a treat since I wouldn't see him for a week. He had a pancake stack with bananas and syrup and I had Eggs Arbroath with smoked haddock. Yum.

Hannah I spent the afternoon getting ready and final packing. I was hopeless lugging the cases about trying to weigh them. Missing Kevins help already! When we finally did weigh them we were 2kg over. I took out a pair of ankle boots and swapped 3 pairs of thick PJs for 3 wee light nighties and that was us dead on. Don't laugh about the thick PJs. I am always freezing remember.

Andrew brought Dianne and Emma over just after 3pm and then my mum and dad arrived. Mum to take Kieran until Kevin finishes work, and Dad to take us all to the airport at 4:30.

As we headed out the door Hannah took another of her Ninja selfies. This is what she does to me now. Takes a selfie with her posing and me oblivious in the background. Usually scowling or wearing my best resting you know what face. She is a midden. She thinks it is hilarious.

The airport is only 5mins along the road so we were there in no time. We had all checked in online so Hannah and I were allocated 27 a&b and Dianne was a few rows in front in 23 a&b, so although we hadn't paid for seats when we booked we still got seats beside the girls. Despite checking in online bag drop took forever as they only had 1 person on that desk. They had 4 people doing full check in so they were actually going through much quicker than us. There was a family who joined that queue when we arrived and they went through a full 10 mins before us. Things like that drive me nuts. I have no patience.

Once through, and security cleared with no issues, we hit the duty free. Dianne bought herself a new lipstick and some perfume, and I bought perfume too

I also spotted a watch I really fancy so will dropping hints to Kevin for my Birthday in July

Went into boots to pick up a salad and sandwich then WH Smith's for a couple of magazines then it was wine time

Then it was down to the gate for boarding. As we walked down the tunnel to board the plane Hannah decided this would be a good time to start downloading films from Netflix. She is bonkers. Well I say that but in fact she managed to download 2 films by the time we took our seats.

Flight was due to go at 18:50 and we set off on time. Flight was nicely uneventful apart from Hannah having a huge bloke in front of her that insisted on throwing himself around in his seat after he had fully reclined it. He did it so much he knocked the bottle of coke she had on her tray right onto the floor at one point. Thankfully she had the lid on. He and his wife were so rude. There was a man in front of Dianne traveling on his own with a toddler. And when we were getting off the plane a family down there were trying to help him gather his stuff as the toddler was flat out asleep in his arms. And this daft bint in front of us was shouting at them that they were holding up the whole plane. It was like 30 seconds the selfish bat, and nobody else was bothered. Some folk.

Anyway, off, through passport control and our cases were already circling for us. Out of the exit and there is a big row of desks clearly numbered for transfers and pick ups. I had booked a private transfer and we were in the minivan and away within 5 minutes. Ive no patience for that whole coach drop off thing.Took 35 mins to the hotel and we were at check in.

We had booked the cheapest rooms available as we were trying to keep the budget down so knew we were due to be in block A behind reception and that's where we were. I have been lucky enough to be upgraded to the fancy Laguna duplex rooms almost every other time we have stayed here. Years ago when Kieran was a wee blonde toddler we stayed at the Royal Wings in lara beach. And every night before bed we took him to the patisserie for a snack and there was a wee waitress in there called Rukiye who fell in love with him. A few years later in our first stay at Voyage Belek here was Rukiye waitressing and she made a beeline for Kieran. We became friends and as she climbed through the ranks in the hotel ending up in Guest relations she used to do wee favours for us every time we visited. We are still friends and she has recently moved to the Titanic Belek so no more extra perks at the voyage.

We were allocated rooms just 2 apart which was great and were not disappointed. The rooms are lovely. I love this hotel. It just has so many extras that other hotels don't and nothing is too much trouble for them. Simple things like they supply the pool towels and its as many as you like, changing them throughout the day if you choose. None of this one towel per card nonsense. It has endless places to eat and drink so you are rarely in the same place twice so it doesn't get that boring all inclusive repetition you get in some places. And the standard of service is just second to none.

We unpacked and headed for the 24hr restaurant. Forgot food pics but we had a chicken wrap, grilled chicken, cheese toastie and cheeseburger all with chips. They were fab. This restaurant is the Mexican from 7pm to 11pm on the nights it is open. At all other times it is the 24hr restaurant serving all sorts of food and drinks.

Then we headed back through the reception bar to the room, stopping for a cheeky Pina Colada on the way

When we logged into the wi-if we had pictures from the boys at home. So they were all still alive after their first few hours of being solo anyway!

It was now 2:30 our time and 4:30 Turkish time so we fell into bed.

Forgot to mention. I am always going on about how close we are to glasgow airport and here is a pic of our wee house circled as we took off. We love spotting the house during take off or landing. Landing is better as it's lower so you can see the garden and cars but still clear at take off. Little things that amuse us! 😁

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Old 15 Apr 18, 09:24 AM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 15 Apr 18 9:24 AM.
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Old 15 Apr 18, 09:51 AM  
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Sounds like a good travel day
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We will be back
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Old 15 Apr 18, 10:31 AM  
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Good travel day your room looks lovely

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Old 16 Apr 18, 10:20 AM  
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Deck 4, Disney Wonder
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Hotel sounds lovely!

Looking forward to reading more.
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Old 16 Apr 18, 12:40 PM  
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A really good travel day.
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First Time Cruising & NYC
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Old 4 May 18, 11:46 AM  
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Just found this report, looking forward to a binge read Great travel day x
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Florida 2019
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Old 6 May 18, 08:12 AM  
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Jakey Neverland
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Great travel day apart from the rude man, he would have annoyed the life out of me.
Natalie Xx
Don't wait for the Storm to Pass, Learn to Dance in the Rain..
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5 years later we finally go back Florida
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