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Ocean Florida
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Unread 18 Apr 18, 08:37 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Scottishnellie Goes Girly In Turkey - Day 4 Italian

I was up quite early today despite not needing to book a restaurant any more. My body has obviously caught up with its sleep and I am back to normal again with my 6 hours a night.

I pottered about then went to the garden pool where I was totally on my own. Well me and the wee waiter off the bar who kept me going in lattes as I was his only customer to keep him from boredom.

It was here I decided to start tying up the trip report even though I couldn't upload it to the dibb til I got home. I had tried to take notes but found when reading them back that one day was running into another and I was getting so confused. The only real defining factor was the different restaurants each night so that's why I have ended up titling the days that way!

I got my ipad and keyboard out and tapped away quite happy. At one point a group of lady golfers came along for their coffees before heading off to their coach. There are always lots of golfers here but Dianne and I have been saying how many more women there are. There are almost as many women groups as there are men this time.

Dianne messaged to say they had a long lie and would probably go for lunch before joining me. So they appeared about 12:45. Hannah eventually stoated up at 1:30 looking like the walking dead, white as a sheet, and came with me for lunch. We went to main buffet where I had soup and salad again and Hannah had various kinds of pizza and Turkish pastry. Then we stopped at the patisserie and took away tiramisu for me and a requested chocolate muffin for Dianne back at the pool.

Hannah made a wee pal beside the pool

It had been lovely and sunny all morning but started to cloud over after lunch and got a bit chilly. So we decided to head back to the room, put some clothes on and go for a wander. The sports areas were all heaving as people had obviously decided to go do stuff when the weather wasn't so nice.

We went to the caf bar at the beach. I had chicken and chips, Dianne had a chicken kebab and Emma had chips. Hannah was still full from her pizza. All we do is eat and drink eh?

We sat here and watched the world go by. Hannah took some sneaking pics of the ripped young guys playing volleyball and Dianne and I were teasing her singing the Top Gun 🎶Playing, playing with the boys🎶 from the bit where Mav and Goose play beach volleyball. She is a walking hormone that girl. It was actually quite funny as on one side of the net were these 3 tanned ripped young guys, and on the other side these 3 big beer bellied older guys in speedos. Dianne and I were telling Hannah that you get the young side but eventually they turn into the beer bellied side anyway!

There were still lots of people sitting by the pool though

Hannah went back to the room with Emma and Dianne and I stayed on a while then wandered up to the reception bar for some Pina colada and beer. I don't know how they keep this place so immaculate. It has white velvet seats everywhere. Gorgeous.

Got to 5:45 and we decided we better go get ready!

Legs out tonight in dresses as the Italian restaurant is inside so not so cold.

As usual the waiters have to get in on the pictures!

This was the first of the 2 restaurants we have chosen to pay for. But us still very reasonable at 7 Euros per person and Emma free as we knew she would only eat the kids menu in here. We have paid full for her for the steakhouse though as she wants a fillet steak that night.

Dinner in here was delicious. We tried to get them to skip as many courses as possible as there is just so much food, but we had all sorts of starters, pizza pasta then salmon for mains. I only remembered to take photos a few times though. I better improve on that before our Florida trip!

Tiramisu, canoli and fruit cocktails for desserts

And the usual bottle of wine.

After dinner we went to see what the entertainment was but left after 5 minutes as it was a Turkish dance show and was a bit depressing to be honest. Dark and foreboding with big dark heavy costumes and slow music.

The girls went out to the outside pool bar to watch the karaoke while Dianne and I stayed in the lobby bar, We eventually got our wraps and cardis on and ventured out to meet them. It wasn't nearly as cold as we expected it to be. Not sure if this is because it is under a canopy or because of the amount of alcohol we had by now consumed but it was fine.

That finished at midnight and we went to reception bar for more drinks while the girls went to pic up food to are back to the room. Headed home and I decided I wanted a bath before bed as my feet were freezing. I slipped on the wet tiled floor getting out and crashed down right onto my hip. I now have a huge big bruise but I am lucky that's all I did. Eejit.

Cosy now and into bed about 1:30.

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1 week Anna Maria then 15 nights Villa
Unread 18 Apr 18, 08:46 AM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 18 Apr 18 8:46 AM.
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Unread 18 Apr 18, 10:29 AM  
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You all look gorgeous. And the food...
Loving your trip report.
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Birthday trip to Tuscany
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Unread 18 Apr 18, 12:40 PM  
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You all look lovely. Another great day.
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Family Trip to See Mickey
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Unread 18 Apr 18, 01:05 PM  
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We have stayed at The Voyage a few times , your pictures are bringing back happy memories of a lovely hotel .
We have always stayed in the main building and being an older couple use the Adult pool and restaurant , it's such a relaxing hotel and they are constantly making improvements .
I agree about the portions in the A-La-Carte restaurants , especially the outdoor ones , Turkish, Mexican and Greek , we end up leaving half of the meal .
The patisserie draws me every time , I can't resist
I don't think you can fault this hotel, it has something for everyone .i love the tranquility of the Adult Pool with the bar and snack bar a few steps away from the sun bed but often take a very short wander to the main pool to see the activities going on .
We obviously can go when the kids are at school and have noticed the prices have dropped drastically since our first stay a few years ago , it's not a popular destination now which is a shame as it's somewhere that is luxurious without the high price tag .
I'm loving revisiting this hotel through your report and love all your outfits, thank you for posting
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Go On - Why Not ?
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Unread 18 Apr 18, 03:12 PM  
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Deck 4, Disney Wonder

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Oooh, you all looked very glamorous for this evening!

Once again a lovely sounding day even with the overcast skies; food, drinks and relaxing - what holidays should be all about!
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Birthday in the Sun!
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Unread 22 Apr 18, 12:43 AM  
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Another great day and more good food

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Unread 4 May 18, 12:26 PM  
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Another great day besides the fall, glad you didnt do too much damage to yourself. You all look lovely again all dressed up, food looks delish. Im really liking the look of that hotel
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Florida 2019
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My Magic Holiday

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