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Ocean Florida
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Old 18 Apr 18, 08:58 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Scottishnellie Goes Girly In Turkey - Day 5 Turkish

I was up early again and out at the garden pool by 9:30. It was a bit busier today and lovely and warm already. Typed up my trip report, noticing how very repetitive it is. All we do is eat and drink!

Lots more kids here today and very noisy. No music at this pool though just people noise. Ive sat here so Emma can play in the pool when she gets here but I think Hannah and I might head for the outdoor pool tomorrow for more music and less kiddie noise for a wee change.

Dianne and Emma came up about 11:45 and Hannah finally stoated up at 12:40 after numerous phone calls reminding her that she had said she would get up and sleep in the sun instead of lying in her lazy pit. When Hannah arrived we headed to the main buffet restaurant for lunch. On the way in Hannah was saying she wanted a tuna sandwich so I said I would make her up one. When I went to the massive salad bar there was unusually no tuna so I asked one of the passing management. He said no problem, radioed someone and within 2 minutes a huge bowl of tuna appeared. Nothing is too much trouble in this place its amazing. Took a chunk of that, mayo sachets from the salad bar, a nice big slice of white bread and some butter from the bakery bit and made H her tuna sandwich at the table. She scoffed it and went for a wee white bap to put the rest of the tuna on.

I had soup again. I love the soup here. It usually has a weird name but tastes amazing. This one was called Chicken soup with egg yolk sauce but it tasted just like chicken soup to me in which I chucked lots of croutons and cheese.

Dianne had salad, followed by chicken stew and rice. Emma had spag Bol. Then we all raided the chocolate fountain for fruit and bowls of yummy chocolate. Oh it was so nice and when we got back to the pool we all had sugar comas and flopped on the sunloungers in the lovely hot sun.

We had a really annoying family beside us today. Dianne called him Mr fitness. He had an Essex type accent, tanned and talked about visiting the gym that afternoon and what he was going to do there. His wife was quiet. He had 2 boys about 7 and 9 I would say and he was so strict. There are fridges and freezers dotted all around the pools at this hotel stacked with drinks and ice lollies which you just help yourself to, so of course most kids do indulge a fair bit. One of his boys came back at one point with a can of Fanta and as he opened it the dad said you know the rules. You drink that you don't get one tonight. So the boy took a sip, thought about it then said no I will just wait til tonight and sat it down. The dad said no too late, You've already drank it so that's that. Later on when they were asking for ice cream he kept saying no and eventually let them get a tub of Doritos from the bar instead. Now I know we all have to be careful with our kids but surely that's a bit much when they are on holiday in a place where everything is on tap? When we came here last year we counted Matthew ate 10 ice creams on his first day, and that's only the ones we actually saw him with. They are mini ones, not full size by the way! The wife seemed miserable too. Was no fun sitting next to them at all.

Know what these are?

These are swim nappies which the hotel provide free of charge and families just help themselves. Don't see that at many hotels do you? They think of everything

I had a wee bit of excitement later that day when Kevin messaged to say he had been to collect his new car. Well new to us. It's a one year old Volvo XC60. We buy cars a year or so old then run them til they die so it was time to trade in our old 12 year vectra for this. He was very excited.

Kieran FaceTimed us from it saying it was awesome. I leaned to Hannah and said talk to your brother handing her the phone. Kierans goes all excited Hiya Hannah, I LOVE YOU! Hannah goes och shut up. Dianne was howling laughing at them. Poor Kieran! To be fair she did then chat away to him for a while about the holiday and the car.

It will be my turn at the end of the year when my wee 12 year old Corsa gets upgraded. Today was the first day I really missed my boys so its lovely to be able to FaceTime and catch up whenever we want. Dianne and I were saying that it feels fine while we are the ones away but that we will probably struggle with missing them more when they go away and we are at home less occupied.

We stayed at the garden pool most of the afternoon but when it started losing the sun and we could tell there was a good couple of hours left in the sun today we moved up to the main pool. Here we made good use of the skating waiters services and had a few cocktails

As it got near 6 pm we were reluctant to leave the pool as there was still such a lovely hazy heat and the cocktails were going down nicely, but we had the Turkish restaurant booked for 7pm so had to get a move on.

Back to the rooms, showers and hair and faces done. You know when you hit that point on holiday that you are fed up doing your hair and makeup every night? I hit that tonight. I wanted to leave that pool at 6:55pm, press a button and be ready at 7.

When I sent this pic to my mum that night she messaged back OH LOOK it is Wonder Woman. Made me laugh but for gods sake don't tell Pouty McPouty that 😁

Hannah still thinks it is hilarious that I have a whole other outfit on underneath that nobody can see!

Up to the Turkish and in we went to find Thomas serving in here tonight. They fair get about these waiters. We were generously plied with wine and all sorts of lovely food. Dianne and I agreed that for food quality the Turkish has probably been the nicest so far. The lamb and chicken were just delicious and we love all the different wee starters with big buttered pita.

When we left we slipped a few leftovers into a napkin so the girls could feed the pregnant cat that hangs around this restaurant. There are cats all over and they do a grand job. You never see a single beastie or cockroach despite how green and lush the gardens are. We gave her a wee treat of chicken and lamb chunks as we passed her by. Not too much so she still does her job mind! Each outdoor restaurant will have a couple of cats patrolling around. Not in and around your feet but around the edges or in the gardens directly outside. During the day you can see them sleeping under bushes around the pool.

We watched tonight's entertainment which was salsa dancing with a bit of street dancing and acrobatics thrown in. It was entertaining enough but I felt really sleepy tonight. I think because we had spent much longer in the sun today, plus we had started the cocktails quite early too.

I checked my WhatsApp to find the messages I had thought I was sending Hannah last night I had actually been sending the WhatsApp group for my work girls, so they had been sending me GIFs taking the mick that I had been having too many Pina Coladas. They were probably right!

We really shouldn't be allowed out 😳.

At least I didn't fall out of the bath tonight. Result.

So after a while in the lobby bar we decided it was early night time so we rounded up the girls who were just finishing a game of ten pin bowling in the arcade and set off home. The girls wanted food on the way so they went into the 24hr restaurant for cheese toasties and chips while Dianne and I stopped in the reception bar and Dianne had a jack n safari as a nightcap. I was all drank out by now and just needed my bed. By 11:30 I was tucked up sound.

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Old 18 Apr 18, 09:09 AM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 18 Apr 18 9:09 AM.
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Old 18 Apr 18, 09:10 AM  
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What a great day, the hotel looks and sounds just outstanding.

Hope you're having a wonderful time.

Dunx x

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Oh Look... Disney's SHUT :-( ...
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Old 18 Apr 18, 09:51 AM  
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Another fab day. This is just my kind of holiday! Extra sleeps, cocktails, sunbathing - bliss!
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Coast Starlight
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Old 18 Apr 18, 12:54 PM  
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The cocktails are really glowing well this week!
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First Time Cruising & NYC
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Old 18 Apr 18, 03:19 PM  
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Deck 4, Disney Wonder
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Pouty McPouty aka wonder woman
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Old 22 Apr 18, 12:53 AM  
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Another great day

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Old 4 May 18, 12:36 PM  
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I actually feel relaxed from reading the report! Sounds like bliss, another lovely day x
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Florida 2019
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Old 6 May 18, 08:34 AM  
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Jakey Neverland
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Wow that Pitta! <3
Natalie Xx
Don't wait for the Storm to Pass, Learn to Dance in the Rain..
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5 years later we finally go back Florida
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